You Can Stay In An A-Frame LA Airbnb Right Next To The Hollywood Sign

Built in 1923 as the burgeoning film industry began to take off, the Hollywood Sign is one of the most well-known and sought-after sights to see, especially in the United States. That said, the sign itself isn't accessible to visitors. According to Signs, Los Angeles city officials are worried about being sued over potential dangers, including falling off the hill it's perched on, getting bit by snakes or attacked by other wildlife, as well as the potential of brush fires.

But those who have always wanted to get close to the sign are fortunate because there's an Airbnb just under the sought-after landmark. The LA vacation rental costs $599 a night and is referred to as the Hollywood Sign Chalet; the A-frame home is gorgeous, rustic, and well known. The rental description notes its presence in popular culture, including featured on the show "Staycation!" and mentioned in "Sixties" by Linda McCartney. It also used to be owned by the '60s band The Association.

A look at the Hollywood Sign Chalet

This one-of-a-kind Los Angeles Airbnb has four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and can accommodate up to eight guests, or 12 if you include the futon and couch space and an extra fee. The A-frame was built in 1963, just 40 years after the famous sign above it. While Los Angeles County law doesn't allow guests to visit the Hollywood Sign, renters will have a stunning, one-of-a-kind view of it from the bottom of the hill. 

There's more to do than just stare at the sign, though. The rental lists other features, including an outdoor jacuzzi spa, an outdoor dining area, and a built-in barbeque grill with stunning views of the surrounding hills. Griffith Park also has 4,000 acres of available hiking and horse riding trails. Similarly, many other popular tourist destinations, such as Griffith Park and its observatory, are very close.

Inside the Los Angeles vacation rental

The home's inside is vibrant and colorful with a unique southwest-inspired theme. The Airbnb listing describes it as having an indoor-outdoor feel that is very rustic and earthy, both in colors and aesthetics. The home has three total floors; the lower level includes a king-sized bedroom, another queen-sized bedroom, and one of the bathrooms. The king-sized bedroom also has an office area, an outdoor shower, and patio access. There is also a partially outdoor living room that includes a fireplace to enjoy in the colder months.

The majority of lounging, though, is reserved for the very top floor, which is lofted in the peak of the A-frame. The main living area has triangularly vaulted ceilings with exposed wood paneling, orange stucco walls, and terracotta tile floors. The window goes from the bottom to the very top of the vaulted ceiling, providing gorgeous views of the hills outside. There is also a massive couch for relaxing or, for an extra guest fee, more sleeping room.

More of mid-century vacation destination

A further lofted area above the living room has unique signs of the home's historic music lineage. A staircase leads up to a small music media area, which has a desk with built-in shelves for various purposes, the Airbnb page noting how ideal it is for business travels. There is also a massive television with an extensive collection of DVDs, perfect for enjoying the magic of Hollywood just feet from the famous sign. More interestingly, though, is the vintage audiophile system. There's also a 100-year-old, re-stringed grand piano in the living room. 

This home is ideal for music lovers, but the listing notes that there are strict noise ordinances in place by Los Angeles county. There are also multiple on-site conveniences. For instance, there's a washer and dryer in the primary rental home. The rental owners also live in an apartment on the property far removed from the main house, available to help with any issues but far enough to give renters privacy.