Furniture Pieces You Can Sub For Expensive Anthropologie Finds

Few things beat the rush of walking into the serenely curated stores of Anthropologie. The combination of sumptuous scents from the candle and fragrance department, crisp linen shirts, and heavenly furniture displays make it a must-stop on any mall venture. But as lovely as it is to look at, the prices can leave you with gut-wrenching sticker shock. So what should you do if you've got Anthropologie taste on a discount budget? Find a dupe!

While we love gathering our inspiration from Anthropologie's catalog, website, and storefronts, we also don't want to drain our savings just for a single (amazing) armchair. So to give your home that uniquely curated vibe, it's important to find dupes. Dupes are not so much tricks as they are bargain-friendly alternatives that keep your style and your decor budget in mind. And there's no shame in finding a great dupe. Nearly half of 13 to 37-year-olds have purchased a dupe, according to YPulse. We've collected some of the best Anthropologie dupes to help you design your home with unique, luxe pieces without having to freeze your credit card. 

1. Fern Storage Cabinet Dupe

Just because you don't have built-in bookshelves doesn't mean you can't create gorgeous displays in your living room and kitchen. Display cabinets are a great choice for homeowners and renters as they are practical for storage purposes but can also be an opportunity to show off your nicknacks and objet d'art. 

The Fern cabinet from Anthropologie features a unique arched display and convenient drawer space but runs $2,498, while Urban Outfitters' comparable Mason Storage Cabinet comes in right around $1,700. If you're in love with the metallic accents from the Anthropologie cabinet, keep in mind that you can easily spray paint the existing knobs or add your own hardware affordably and easily. With nearly $800 in savings, you can easily afford any modifications you desire. If you're going for more of a neutral modern style, the Mason Cabinet also comes in a plain wood option that will go with any interior. 

2. Heatherfield Bed Dupe

The grid-patterned cane wicker material is reaching new heights of popularity. This natural material helps a room feel airy, bohemian, and natural. Combined with the lush velvet bed frame that gives it an extra edge of sophistication, it's no wonder why the Heatherfield Bed Frame from Anthropologie is such a hot item right now. But starting at $2,000, the Heatherfield is out of reach for many folks.

For a similar look that combines the beautiful cane headboard, opulent velvet frame, and metallic capped ash wood legs, check out the Aaliyanah bed from Kathy Kuo Home. It runs about $1,000 cheaper than the Heatherfield and definitely isn't lacking style. It is available in both queen and king sizes and comes in a modern grey-lilac velvet fabric. Unfortunately, it is not offered in multiple colors, and there is no option for customization, unlike the Heatherfield. But at 50% of the cost, the Aaliyanah makes for a tempting and truly gorgeous alternative. 

3. Velvet Elowen Chair Dupe

Velvet is an extremely chic and functional fabric that can make something like a dining or office desk chair really pop. Especially when combined with pointed midcentury-styled legs and ergonomic armrests. The Elowen Chair from Anthropologie can be used at the breakfast table or as an accent chair in the living room. However, at roughly $400 per chair, the Elowen likely isn't a great option to fill out a dining space. 

Everly Quinn's Travontae Chair from Wayfair offers similar shades, an ergonomic design, plush seats, and tapered legs. The metal legs on this design are given a black powder coating, but if that's not your taste, you can easily spray paint them in bronze, gold, copper, or silver or just swap the legs out altogether. The Travontae comes as a set of 2  for about $295, or $147 per chair. That's over $250 cheaper! And because of the tight weave of the velvet fabric, these chairs are super easy to clean and maintain, making them a great budget-friendly option for the dining room. 

4. Vienna Chair Dupe

Accent chairs are one of the best ways to breathe life into a living space. They can be funky, a little out of step with your usual color palette, and be a great place to get a little creative. A plush armchair is a space-friendly alternative to a large sofa or sectional if you're in a small living space. You can also incorporate an armchair in your bedroom if you have space, and it is a great way to make it feel like a chic hotel room. 

The Vienna Chair from Anthropologie comes in a variety of rich shades, has a unique shape, and doesn't sacrifice comfort for looks. But at a starting price of $1,400, this chair is not a practical buy for many people. Instead, check out another Anthropologie dupe from Everly Quinn on Wayfair. Their boxy Souheil Armchair has a similar silhouette and design style to the Vienna but is just a fraction of the cost at $430. As always, remember that armchair legs can easily be modified to fit your aesthetic easily and affordably. 

5. Swirled Drum Reclaimed Coffee Table Dupe

A coffee table can completely change the look and vibe of your living room, so it can take a long time to find the perfect one for you. Whether you're going for coastal chic, boho glam, or midcentury modern, it's important to really narrow down what you're looking for. However, the versatility of Anthropologie's Swirled Drum Reclaimed Coffee Table makes it an amazing choice for most design styles. The bleached wood, sturdy, solid base, and marble-like patterns make it a great fit for many living room designs — its $1,300 price tag, however, does not. 

If you love the smooth yet rustic features of the Swirled Drum table, check out the Rodrigues coffee table by Rosecliff Heights on Wayfair. It's crafted from mango wood and has natural variation from table to table, lending a comforting organic quality many big box sellers don't have. It runs for $600, and while it has a tapered design, it is still super sturdy and stable on the ground, making this a practical option if you have little ones or pets in the house.