6 Easiest Ways To Clean A Jute Rug

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Unarguably, interior decors are some of the features that make a house a home. Some do it more, and even better than others, creating a lasting cozy, rich and homely effect. One such house props are rugs. According to The New York Times, a rug binds the home together, literally. Be it in the center of your living room, right by the side of your bed, or in the leisure room, the feel of soft bristles against your feet is simply amazing.

Not sure whether you should get a rug, you could check out our previous piece on 15 tips for choosing rugs. If you want to pick out a natural rug like the jute rug or already have one, we have some tips on how to clean it. Essentially, cleaning a jute rug isn't that difficult. It is very easy to clean, depending on the level of stain, and on a maximum, you should expect to spend only five hours cleaning one. Finally, all you need are everyday materials like a vacuum, brushes, and vinegar solution.

Vacuum the rug

Cleaning a jute rug can be quite technical because of its make, but in the same vein, it's very easy. We'll explain. You see, the jute rug is made of natural fibers, which form one of the best and strongest rugs out on the market. In a nutshell, the use of spot cleaners or chemicals could cause reactions and retain themselves as spots on the jute rug, says Sisal Rugs. We don't want that because it defeats the whole purpose.

According to My Fair Cleaning, it is important to vacuum your jute rug twice a week or more if you can afford the time and energy. It is best if you use a suction vacuum above others because this helps to get out all of the dirt, says RateMyCleaner. If your rug is braided, you could always use brush attachments to bring up all of the dust to the top. Finally, make sure to vacuum both the top of the rug and beneath the rug with care.

Use a bristle brush

More often than not, the vacuum wouldn't take all of the dirt away. That's just that. However, you could always circumvent this problem by using a bristle brush. Your bristle brush should have wide teeth so it can come in between the strands of the jute rug and thus, get all of the icky dirt out, says Southington Carpet Cleaners. A good recommendation, if you do not already have one, is the Viking Heavy Duty Brush which retails on Amazon for only $8.49.

To use the bristle brush, the first thing you want to do is to hang up your rug and secure it in place such that it's dangling vertically. Afterward, you can then use the brush to comb the brush from top to bottom. This is a surefire way to get all the dirt out because not only are you being proactive, but gravity also comes to play. 

Avoid spot cleaners — vinegar and water do the trick

As highlighted earlier, because of the chemical make-up of the jute rug, using spot cleaners that you would otherwise use on other rugs like Italian and Moroccan rugs are a no-no for the jute rug, according to Clean Fax. There's no verified product that claims to be good for cleaning jute rugs, so better safe than sorry. Of course, there is still something you can do to get out those spots.

What then do you use to get icky visible stains out of your lovely jute rug? Well, as usual, good ol' granny's recipe of one part water and one half part vinegar works like charm. According to Rugs USA, you could always use this mixed solution with mild detergent to get the stains out of your jute rug. However, when it comes to moist cleaning, you don't want to dab. 

Blot at the spot and air dry

You do realize that we didn't ask you to get a sponge or a scrub, did we? Yeah, we had our reasons. Because of the make of the jute rug, getting stains out should be done only and solely by blotting at the spot with a piece of cloth, says Natural Area Rugs. To work this out, simply get a piece of absorbent cloth, like organic cotton or microfibre, dip it in the solution and then dab away at the spot without rubbing it in.

When you're done with the dirt, you'll most likely have a wet spot on your jute rug. And, since moisture stains could cause dirt and even attract more stains (via PlushRugs), you must dry it out as soon as possible. AngelDry's recommendation is that you either use a blow drier or your hair dryer. And you'll be good to go.

Scoop up solid stains with a butter knife

For pet owners who haven't successfully potty trained their animal yet or for those that are living with furry pets with disabilities, a little bit of number two on your rug is most likely not a new occurrence. Here's how to get rid of the stains. According to Sisal Rugs, the very first thing to do is to pick up the solid bits. Under no circumstances should you rub in the stains to clean them. To pick them up, grab a rubber glove or old plastic grocery sack and pick it up, then roll it into to bag or glove and throw it in the nearest trash.

If the stain is solidified, Rugs USA says to use a dull butter knife to help scoop or scrape it up and then use the other method of bagging. Follow by vacuuming up the bits.

Hire a professional

As you already know, the jute rug is quite selective in its cleaning methods. It doesn't like moisture, can't be cleaned with chemically procured carpet cleaners, etc. So, where all the tips and tricks we've shared on how to clean your jute rug don't work, it is time to call in a professional. Sometimes, if the stain or dirt is bad enough, you may want the pros on hand from the start.

Even dry-cleaning doesn't work on jute rugs, according to Rug Knots. So, your best bet at this point is to get the services of a professional. Now, the service costs for a jute rug cleaning are dependent on where you live. However, if you reside in the United States, you can always get a standard cleaning done for about $4 to $7 per square foot, says Fixr. This might also be dependent on the level of damage done to the rug.