Here's Where You Can Visit The House From The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

Whether you're a fan of a television show or a movie, it's always exciting to learn and see every aspect of it — especially where it was set. This is especially true if it's a film you've seen in your childhood or early teens. To that end, one movie that has touched many hearts is "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." This movie was released in 2012 and is about a couple who have tried numerous times to have a child, according to IMDb. After planting a box of all the characteristics they'd want in a child, a little boy suddenly appears in their garden.

In "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," the family lived in a large and beautiful house that's an actual residence. The home is now valued at around $1,047,400, according to Zillow. Plus, the exterior of the home is quite beautiful, as you can see on Redfin. However, you won't be seeing the same farmhouse as you did in the movie, as it's been transformed into a gorgeous Victorian home at 155 Greenville St., Newnan, Georgia. But, just being on the property and seeing where little Timothy Green popped up is definitely something to enjoy. Let's take a look at the design of the home, as well as what amazing features are present.

A magical exterior that's full of charm

The residence featured in this heartwarming film now has the appearance of a home from the Victorian era, according to Redfin. The home was painted with a medium gray, which is brightened with a couple of large windows with white frames. This is a very decorative house — which matches the creativity of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" — especially in the front of the home. The entryway has a large canopy with decorative patterns and a pointed top, and there are also two patios where the simple pattern continues as it borders the top.

There are also hints of red designs on the front: a red diamond shape on the top of the home and red and white decorative motifs seen throughout. This residence is 5,459 square feet in size, and there are four bedrooms and five bedrooms. Those who live here enjoy 3.8 of land where there is a carriage house, koi pond, pool and cabana, and plenty of greenery to host a picnic. This property is also only a short walk to town. The beautiful design and features of this home may be just as magical as the movie, and fans can enjoy walking by to admire its charm.