Tour An Eclectic LA Home With Hollywood Sign Views On Sale For $6.5 Million

Los Angeles is known for its lavish celebrity-owned properties. From Zendaya to Pharrell, these homes can feature unbelievable crystal clear pools, floor-to-ceiling windows, secluded luxurious views of the city, and extra amenities we could only imagine. Being the epicenter of entertainment, this bustling city can attract actors, musicians, writers, and anyone willing to chase a dream of making it to the big time. However, maybe you don't have a flair for the dramatic or are not particularly musically inclined, but you still want to live the rock and roll life like some of the industry's elite. Well, now is your chance.

The '90s birthed some of the most timeless alternative and grunge rock that the music scene has ever witnessed. From Nirvana and the Cranberries to Pearl Jam, some of their songs still remain classics. Athens, Georgia group R.E.M was right up there with the heavyweights of rock with 15 albums under their belts and over 65 million albums sold to date, according to Chart Masters. If you are or were a superfan of the group and their songs "Everybody Hurts," Losing My Religion," "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" and "Man on the Moon," and happen to have a few spare dollars, you can now live just as they did. Bassist Mike Mills has just put up his Los Angeles mansion for a whopping $6.5 million, according to the New York Post – and it boasts a property like no other.

Outside of R.E.M bassist Mike Mills' L.A. home for sale

Built in 1959, this 3,952-square-foot California home is one of only two houses to have a birds-eye view of the legendary concert venue, The Hollywood Bowl; the arena has seen the likes of Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder, and Ella Fitzgerald grace its stage. But this is not the only sight to be seen from the many observation points that lay on this incredible property. From the patio or multiple balconies, you can catch a glimpse of the iconic Hollywood sign, Sofi Stadium, Sunset Strip, and many other Los Angeles cityscapes, according to the New York Post.

Apart from the obviously amazing views, this home has a wonderfully unique layout. Built along the side of a sprawling hill, it is designed in an almost elongated fashion so it remains tucked right beside this natural land feature with its picturesque walking trail. A huge solar-powered grid is located on the back of the property, offering green energy to the mansion. To get to the residence you take a lovely secluded bricked trail that will lead you to a sparkling outdoor pool that glows radiantly blue in the evenings. At the end of the pool area is a protruding curl of deck space with plenty of room to seat and entertain guests. This also acts as an observation point for unbelievable sightseeing opportunities and surely stunning glimpses of the west coast sunrises and sunsets.

Eclectic style at every turn of this unique California home

Within the walls of Mike Mills' Los Angeles home is a style and sense of décor that seem to mirror the work he created with his legendary alternative rock group, R.E.M. Looking at the spacious living room you are immediately drawn into the neon glowing 400-gallon fish tank that is illuminated with colorful coral and framed by wooden panels that match the glossy hardwood floors, as per Zillow. The fireplace is completely covered in stacks of natural stone, bringing forth controlled chaos when framed by a simple white background. Beside it is an entire wall of windows and sliding glass doors that give you full views of the city and the adjoining patio. Jumping off the creamy white painted walls are a burst of framed pop-art images that bring to mind the vibrant screen prints of Andy Warhol. Like R.E.M's grunge-disco rock album "Monster," this room is a harmony of sleek style that meets head-on with delightful dizzying bursts of color.

Around the corner is the kitchen that has taken on more of the natural wooden elements that are found throughout this glorious home. The grainy wood cabinets shine with a high-gloss coat that seems to reflect the sunshine. An exposed brick pizza oven joins modern stainless steel appliances that balance natural and factory-made elements. Tucked in the corner is a cozy breakfast nook with plush seating next to a door leading to the patio.

The bathroom of this LA home is a nod to a famous painting

There are many extravagant personal touches that run through this magnificent Los Angeles property. Every room has its own style and character, which help to add to the overall eclectic aesthetic of the home. Each of the four bedrooms has massive windows or sliding glass doors that lead to the outside. The main bedroom is decorated with simple elegance. White painted walls take a backseat to the rich wood features around the room. Hardwood flooring, door frames, and the wooden organizer in the huge walk-in closet are all able to stand out among the pale backdrop, as seen on Zillow. The bedroom is surrounded by windows that give you unparalleled views of the L.A. cityscape and there is access to a private balcony for peaceful reflection as you take in the sights and sounds.

The real star of the main bedroom is the ensuite bathroom which has a life all on its own. In contrast to the subtlety of calming tones in the bedroom, this bathroom makes up for it in a vivid expressionistic style. The bathroom is designed with the inspiration of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh's 1889 masterpiece "Starry Night." With wisps and waves of rolling blue and white paint that flow wistfully across the walls, up to the speckle-painted ceiling, and into the marble of the deep soaker bathtub, this bathroom is almost a piece of art itself.