What Is A Hand Chair And Why Are They Popular?

The hand chair has been a popular accent for furniture decor since the 1960s. You may have seen this style of chair from time to time, but all old trends eventually become new again and this is one decor trend that really never fully went out of style. The hand chair is a chair with the palm of a hand as a seat with fingers pointing upwards as the back support of the chair.

The hand chair now comes in many forms and materials, evolving over time from the original wood style, designed by Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg in 1962, according to Architectural Digest. Although Friedeberg designed the chair, House Beautiful explains that he first hired skilled carpenter Jose Gonzalez to carve it from mahogany. Today, the hand chair is recognized as one of Pedro Friedeberg's most legendary and inspiring pieces. Per House Beautiful, the hand chair is always in demand.

Hand chairs are a versatile investment

Regardless of whether it's for indoor or outdoor seating, modern hand chairs come in many variations now like vinyl, plastic, concrete, wood, and even as a bean bag chair, according to HomeQuestionsAnswered. The beauty of its variation is that you can style a hand chair in a number of ways in your home depending on the theme or decor. You can use hand chairs for your backyard patio, living room, or office. Maybe in a bedroom. It all depends on the style and vibe you're going for in your home.

Don't forget that hand chairs come in multiple sizes, too, even for kids and teens. A major plus of the hand chair is that no matter what decor it's styled with, whether the vibe is formal or casual, it looks fresh and new. It's retro and contemporary yet so clean and modern. It can function as decor, furniture, or a work of art.

Look for hand chairs locally and online

As Architectural Digest explains, if you're looking for a hand chair, it's not too difficult to find one today due to their chair's newfound popularity among home designers. Hand chairs are seemingly everywhere in stores and online, especially on social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest. The price range for hand chairs varies based on who's selling and the chair's quality, so it's important to keep in mind that prices will differ from one seller to the next, but you don't have to completely break the bank in the process.

You can get what you want at an affordable price. You'll find more than enough hair chairs online, but if you're looking for any local stores with a possible small selection of hand chairs, HomeQuestionsAnswered recommends trying your nearest Target. However, if you're looking for a Friedeberg original creation, that'll set you back $20,000 to $30,000 through online auctions and vintage stores, according to House Beautiful.