You Can Stay In A Peaceful Tennessee Airbnb That's Shaped Like An Ark

Staying in a hotel just isn't cutting it anymore and many travelers are searching for unique vacation experiences. Shortterm Sage says that vacation-goers are looking for the most one-of-a-kind stays available, preferably in secluded areas with lots of property to explore. These days, unusual stays are very popular on Airbnb. If someone has renovated a barn, windmill, cave, or even a train car, it's sure to book up quickly. Others are building interesting getaway structures from scratch, like treehouses, hobbit houses, and yurts. But have you ever considered an ark?

If you want to stay in a unique Airbnb in Springhill, Tennessee, check out this ark-shaped Airbnb. Those familiar with the Bible may be drawn to this structure because of the story of Noah and his ark full of animals. However, even those who aren't familiar may still be intrigued by the eccentric architecture and the private location, which includes over 50 acres of nature to discover.

The location

The ark is located on over 50 acres of sprawling, lush Tennessee landscape. This property is shared with a number of other unique stays, per Airbnb. If you're a history buff, perhaps staying in a Civil War cabin sounds intriguing. Other options within the same property include treehouses, a log cabin, a country cottage, and a riverfront bungalow.

There are plenty of prime hiking trails to enjoy. It's also home to a fishing pond and a beautiful, flowing creek. Another unique feature is a labyrinth maze, located right on the property. All guests staying on the property have access to a shared hot tub overlooking the creek. But an additional perk of staying specifically in the ark is a private two-person hot tub. This Airbnb is a great choice for those who want to spend time in nature or those simply desiring a quaint weekend away from the city. Reviewers on Airbnb praised the secluded location and family-friendly atmosphere.

The unique structure

The main reason people book this Airbnb stay, of course, is the unique structure. The ark has a rustic appearance with lots of beautiful wooden details and a red metal roof. The bottom portion of the structure is shaped just like a boat, with points on either side and small hexagonal windows, or portholes. Above that is a second level complete with a deck and a wraparound porch, making it the perfect place to watch the sun rise or set. At night, the deck is surrounded by cozy exterior lighting. Climb the wooden staircases all the way to the perch at the top of the ark to take in the property from a higher vantage point.

The ark looks especially stunning in the winter. If you're lucky enough to book the stay after a snowfall (which we know is pretty rare in Tennessee), you'll see just how beautiful this structure is. In the winter, the ark transforms into a cozy cabin, perfect for a couple's retreat.

The interior

Per Southern Living, the ark Airbnb is perfect for couples looking to enjoy a romantic getaway. The inside of the structure has a very similar vibe to a rustic cabin, with exposed wooden beams. However, the light colored wooden floors look very modern and updated. The glass doors and hexagon-shaped porthole windows allow in delightful beams of sunlight that naturally illuminate this small, comfortable space. 

According to Airbnb, the ark comes with one king bed. Other amenities include a kitchen, washer and dryer, television, and WiFi. It also has an outdoor grill for all your barbecue needs. The property allows pets, so your furry friends can enjoy the ark, too. Airbnb says that this location is suitable for events. If you're looking to throw an eccentric party, this could be a great place to host it. Guests on Airbnb praise the ark owners for keeping the property clean and well-maintained.