You Can Stay At A Tennessee Airbnb That's Actually A Converted WWII Train Car

If you're planning a memorable vacation and want to stay somewhere interesting, then you could always book a luxe Airbnb rental that has all the bells and whistles that you could dream of. Of course, if you're interested in a rental that's a little more unique, then you could spend a night or two in a fabulous treehouse — that's right, they're not just for kids anymore. Or, if you'd rather stay closer to the ground, then you might want to consider this Airbnb abode in Maryville, Tennessee, that's actually a World War II train car that's been converted into a stylish and modern home.

Now called Platform 1346, the owners originally found it in Florida where they snapped it up during a military surplus auction, according to Levi Kelly. A piece of what was once a troop train, it is now somewhat famous for its status as a stunning renovation project and unique rental home, which is why it has been featured on both the Travel Channel and NBC's Today show websites, just to name some of the coverage it's received in the media, per the Airbnb listing. Of course, one of the many reasons it may be so popular is the fact that along with the hosts, there's a pack of adorably fluffy and friendly white dogs that live on the property and will both greet you and hang out with you if you'd like. What a bonus! Now let's take a look at this incredibly unique home experience.

A look outside of this converted WWII train

It's no doubt that curb appeal is incredibly important in inspiring positive first impressions with real estate. At first glance, you may be taken aback by the facade of this converted WWII with its military green complexion and almost rust-like exterior. However, you learn quickly that this is just one part of the many charming details that the owners of this ingenious rental have spent in the over eight months it took to pull this renovation together, according to the Smith Family B&Bs. Along with the rustic demeanor, you will spot a clever sign reading "Platform" that is spelled out using old metal pipes as well as a rail crossing sign to get you in the right state of mind.

To welcome you to the secluded space, work your way up the gravel driveway, which has railway tiles to tie in the theme. Bamboo grows all-around to offer additional privacy on the property. Outside, there are plenty of things to do during your stay. Attached to the train car is a rustic wood porch with views of the surrounding treeline. For fun activities, you are welcome to an exciting game of horseshoes, or to take a long walk around the stunning property that has a nonintrusive small plane landing strip where you can watch the incoming planes. For a little relaxation, just cozy up by the gazebo overlooking a lilypad-filled pond or enjoy a fire by the stone-built fire pit.

Inside this luxuriously quirky Airbnb

The moment you step inside this converted troop train, you can immediately see where the time was spent turning the space into a cozy modern marvel. With almost cabin-like qualities, the living room is designed with wall-to-ceiling white-washed wooden planks and original richly stained wood flooring that looks to show some charismatic wear and tear, as seen in pictures from the listing on Airbnb. With room for up to four guests, the living room is quaint with a nice comfortable couch across from a small television that sits upon a simple wooden stand.

The unavoidably open concept is adorable as you look over to the wooden countertop dining area that nestles up to one of the many large windows overlooking the spacious property. The room radiates with natural light pouring through the original train car windows. An ultra-modern kitchen has a surprising amount of storage space behind the lovely wooden cabinets. A chopping board-style countertop frames the stainless steel sinks and is bookended by a large, thin profiled refrigerator and matching style oven. 

Although all of the updates lean toward modernizing the space, it has done a fantastic job of keeping to the original charm of the train car. The exposed steel beam overhead remains but is painted a matte smokey gray, and the light is made to look era-appropriate, albeit with new-age technology. Plus frames that contain what looks like train blueprints decorate the living room walls as a throwback to the roots of the home.

The bedroom and bathroom feature surprising additions

If guests who stay at this Airbnb rental need to get some work done during their getaway, then they can use the private area that's been set up like a study. Along with a chair and light that's been set up for the workspace, there's also a wood desk that you might not notice at first. That's because it can be lowered from the wall where it can also be folded back up when not in use, according to Levi Kelly. While that's a great space-saving idea, that's not the only one you'll find in the same room. When it's time to get some sleep, those who aren't using the sofa bed in the living room area can instead make use of the murphy bed. Just like the desk, it's available when needed but can also be tucked up against the wall and hidden away if you're not interested in taking a relaxing nap.

Of course, there are other ways to relax in this residence. The bathroom not only has a shower but also has a claw foot tub, which is the perfect place to soak in a bubble bath at the end of a long day that's been spent appreciating this unusual rental. Both the bedroom and bathroom also feature plenty of accents and pieces of decor that tie in with the theme of the train as well as give glimpses of when it was brought to its new home in Tennessee.