45 French Country Kitchens That You'll Want To Cook In

French country design is a timeless, popular style that is elegant, simple, and refined. The key characteristics of French country design are a mix of natural and whitewashed, often distressed, wood tones, airy design elements, curved furniture silhouettes, and warm-pastel color accents. Not to be confused with farmhouse, French country tends to lean more luxe and intricate rather than the simple, clean vignettes found in farmhouse homes. It also shouldn't be conflated with French provincial, which has more of the rich ochres and coppers typical of country-bound aristocrats in the 17th century, per HGTV.

Because French country design offers a deep love of the organic and the worn, plus its feminine but sophisticated leanings, it's a popular choice for many home designs, but it's incredibly compelling in the kitchen. Airy, bright, and inviting kitchens are a dream to cook in, and French country stylings fit beautifully. Read on to see some of the chicest French country kitchens that will have you seeing la vie en rose. 

1. Petite cottage kitchen

The stone wall, farmhouse sink, and curtained cabinetry give this French country kitchen an air of authenticity and comfort. Plus, the brass faucet ties in provincial styles seamlessly. 

2. Modern made classic

As seen here, even updated galley kitchens can be given a French country makeover. Plenty of cut flowers and labeled jars make this kitchen totally parfait. 

3. French country with a modern twist

While suburban homes can fall into the cookie cutter of modern design styles, you can personalize your kitchen to have a French country style with accessorizing alone. Think lots of toile and milk glass for that perfect French look.

4. Blue, grey, and white country palette

While grey isn't a go-to color in a lot of French farmhouse kitchens, it's actually a cozying neutral that can prevent the space from looking too sterile. Paired with bright whites and delicate eggshell blue cabinets, grey is an excellent choice for French country kitchens. 

5. White-on-white French country kitchen

If your home already uses a lot of white, build up its impact by layering other shades of white and off-white, making the room feel intentional rather than neutral. 

6. Mixing in natural wood tones

While that airy, ethereal white kitchen is sought after, mixing natural wood tones can ground a French country kitchen and separate it from American farmhouses. 

7. French countryside living anywhere

While you may be dreaming of stone cottages in Normandy, you can bring French country design to any home without creating an inauthentic style, as seen here. 

8. Bright whites, bright lights

If your home doesn't have much natural light, painting the cabinets white and using white lighting can make the space much breezier. We also love the stone pavers as a backsplash for a more rustic kitchen vibe. 

9. Renter-friendly French country décor

If you have limited countertop space but can't build onto your home, consider thrifting a butcher block or rolling island to give your kitchen a French farmhouse vibe without demolition. 

10. Shabby chic meets French country

While the heavy use of pastel blues and pinks make this kitchen lean shabby chic, the labeled metal food containers and wicker baskets still have echoes of the French country aesthetic. 

11. Pair down your palette

One of the best ways to make your kitchen feel distinctly French country is to use a minimalist palette. Sage green, black, and white are excellent choices, but you can also sub dusty rose or bluebell blues for green. 

12. The importance of food containers

While scoping out French country décor, you'll undoubtedly find ceramic and tin containers with labels. It's common to find flour, sugar, tea, and bread containers, or those words en français. These are cute and practical for open shelves when you don't want the kitchen counter to look like a grocery aisle. 

13. Embracing clutter

Unlike much French provincial design, the French country is meant to look very lived in. Decorate using vintage ceramic dishes, antiquated kitchen tools, and other thrift store finds to help your kitchen have a ring of authenticity. 

14. Curating your space

Often, it's not the hardware in the kitchen that takes the space from American suburb to French country. Rather, using décor, bric-à-brac, and kitsch give the kitchen that extra dose of coziness. 

15. Play with toile

Toile de jouy, better known simply as toile, is a classic pattern in French country design. It is typical to see these pastoral scenes in blue and white, but you can also find traditional toile in red and grey. 

16. Coastal meets French country

This kitchen shows how to combine French country with dreamy Hamptons coastal style, which involves a lot of blue and white. Check out our guide to beachy kitchens for more coastal inspiration. 

17. Copper show stopper

Even if you prefer a nonstick pan for your morning omelets, consider finding some thrifted copper cookware to keep on display in your French country kitchen. 

18. Don't fear dark wood tones

While open white kitchens dominate a lot of French country design, don't shy away from adding dark, heavy wood pieces to break the space up. These are especially helpful for giving the kitchen a more eclectic, antiquated vibe. 

19. Let windows do the work

Crisp natural light makes the kitchen feel warm and cozy, a break from more industrial modern kitchens. 

20. Poppin' produce

Part of the French country kitchen lifestyle is buying fresh produce on a more regular basis, rather than buying in bulk as many Americans are custom to. Instead of stashing your vegetables and fruits in the fridge, leave them on the countertop for a stunning vignette. 

21. Look for genuinely distressed furniture items

While some DIYers took to distressing new objects for a shabby chic vibe, it is usually quite clear what is naturally distressed versus intentionally worn down. 

22. Kitsch is in

While you want some key vintage pieces to tie your room together, don't shy away from a bit of kitschy décor. Whether that's a porcelain chicken, souvenir salt and pepper shakers, or other tiny thrifted treasures, bring them out. 

23. Dine as the French do

The French make a much bigger deal of mealtimes than many other Western nations. To give your kitchen and dining space that authentic French country feel, set the table lovingly for each meal, not just on special occasions. Think flower vases, cloth napkins, and placemats. 

24. Vamp up the moodiness

Incorporating wrought iron and more edgy elements, like dark portraits, make the kitchen feel unique and original, even while you're borrowing from a classic design aesthetic. 

25. Skip the light switch

Opting for candles in the daytime makes the kitchen dreamy, so don't always reach for the light switch while cooking. 

26. Create your own shelving units

While you don't always want to build new cabinetry, you can use à la carte pieces to create your custom kitchen storage. Go to antique malls to find unique pieces, then stack and get creative for a great French country vibe. 

27. Boho twist on French farmhouse

Instead of keeping to the usual French country style, infuse it with your favored aesthetic. French country is highly adaptable and meshes well with more boho modern designs. 

28. Get creative with displays

Storing kitchen twine over the sink, displaying your specialty cookware, and even drying a few flowers on the counter make a French country space feel whimsical and breathtaking. 

29. Stoves that steal the show

If you're looking for a focal point of the kitchen that makes it stand out, consider a vintage-style stove like the one seen here. Aga stoves are also a popular choice for French country homes. 

30. Embrace brick

While it can be tempting to reach for everything white, including getting rid of your red brick, consider leaving it as is for a gorgeous, rustic warmth. It's also impossible to remove paint from brick, so you may live to regret the whitewash trend. 

31. Bring the elements in

This lovely cottage leaves delicate textiles, amber glass, and copper pots out for a French take on feng shui — who wouldn't want to spend the day cooking in this dreamy kitchen?

32. Cottagecore meets French Country

Chicken wire-covered cabinets and plenty of dreamy white give this French-style kitchen a cozy cottage echo. Plus, the many shades of white help natural light bounce beautifully. 

33. Cuisine naturelle

While you may be used to seeing fresh bouquet arrangements, in French country kitchens, you can let them be more wild and unkempt for a relaxed, natural charm. 

34. But first, coffee

In France, you don't start your day until you've had your coffee. Arm your kitchen with a classic French press or Moka pot (stovetop espresso maker) to do as the French do. 

35. Mellow yellow

French country does not mean all white all the time. While the mustard yellow cabinets seen here lean into English-colonial, the blue and white plates and black hardware make this kitchen feel distinctly French. Stay true to your favorite palettes even while decorating in French country style. 

36. A toile order

Give the white subway tiles a break, and instead, opt for these classic blue and white toile backsplash tiles. Also, note the labeled containers for all your cooking and baking supplies on display. 

37. Give old objects some love

Don't feel the need to buy only distressed items or even make new things look aged. You can also restore old cookware with a little elbow grease and care for stunning display pieces. 

38. A French corner

Even if you aren't able to take on a full kitchen renovation, when you're struck by inspiration, carve out a space in the kitchen where you can let your francophile flag fly. 

39. Moody French kitchen

If your palette tends to lean more muted and moody, you can still play up French country and provincial design with metallic accents, like copper jelly molds. 

40. Believe in style over function from time to time

One of the reasons the kitchen can feel so difficult to convert to the French country style is because the appliances and fixtures are often very modern. This nonfunctioning farmhouse sink brings charm and warmth to the kitchen, even if it isn't actually being used for dishes. 

41. Mismatch away

Don't get too caught up finding complete sets of anything in a French country kitchen. If you see two or three types of chairs, you love at an antique store, embrace the eclectic nature of this design style. 

42. Curtains on and off the windows

Using linen and cotton textiles in either a solid light color or print is a great way to give your kitchen that countryside cottage vibe. Just be sure to work with a washable material because spills will happen in the kitchen. 

43. Checker print is in

The checkered print is a classic pattern for a reason. You can put it on the floors if they require updating or on the backsplash. Black and white are the quintessential color duo, but blue and pink are also great alternatives to black. 

44. Look for old builds

It's true what they say — they just don't make them like they used to. Old-style kitchens with low ceilings, wood beams, and aged brick and stone floors are not common in new builds, and going for older builds is essential if you really want that authentic French country feel. 

45. Sage advice

Pale sage and mint greens are perfect complements to French country design. It's a stunning shade that looks modern and reminds you of a verdant meadow.