20 Ideas For The Beachy Kitchen Of Your Dreams

While the coastal grandmother aesthetic is trending in fashion, per Style Caster, you may be wondering how to infuse this elegant, refined, and luxe style into your home. This Hamptons-esque design fashion has long been a favorite of city-fleeing coastal elites and, of course, the queen of coastal kitchens, Nancy Meyers. If you aren't sure what a beachy kitchen looks like, take a look at any of Meyer's movies — "It's Complicated," "Something's Gotta Give," and "The Holiday" are prime examples of this aesthetic.

These dreamy coastal kitchens are typically defined by their white cabinetry, blue accent pieces, and impressive stove ranges. But there are a lot of ways to get this style into your kitchen, and they don't all involve bright white new cabinetry (but we admit, that doesn't hurt). This guide will walk you through 20 unique ideas, both big and small, for a beachy kitchen fit for the Barefoot Contessa herself.

1. Tie in different wood types

Various light, neutral wood tones and types make the kitchen seem breezy and natural. Thanks to all the white paint, it can also warm up spaces that may otherwise seem sterile.

2. When in doubt, shiplap

There's nothing beachier than shiplap — this panel was mainly used to make boats, so it's a great way to add texture and history to your coastal kitchen.

3. Put your produce on display

Don't let your beautiful produce go unnoticed in the fridge — limes, lemons, oranges, and other fruits that can be kept at room temp make a space feel truly lived-in and provide tantalizing pops of color.

4. Don't go cheap on the hardware

Changing out the hardware on your cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen an instant facelift. Metallic, white ceramic, or matte black pulls and handles are a great choice for achieving a classic coastal vibe.

5. Clutter can be classy

One of the things that makes the kitchens in Nancy Meyer's movies so appealing is that they look-lived in — like you could step in and whip yourself up a meal. Your coastal kitchen can do the same by leaving out a few of your carefully curated, go-to items.

6. Keep fresh-cut flowers on the counter

You don't have to live in the Hamptons to have fresh-cut flowers a few times a week. Stop by your grocery store and snag a single-variety bouquet. The bouquets with only one type of flower are typically less expensive and look very classy and chic.

7. Over-the-counter lighting is a must

You want guests to feel like they can pull up to the countertop and relax in your dreamy beach kitchen, so be sure to include over-the-counter lighting. 

8. Go unique on light fixtures

Lighting is one of the best ways to warm up a space, but the fixtures should also be unique. For example, you can give your kitchen its own flavor with funky overhead lights and sconces.

9. Add open shelving

Open shelving is a gorgeous trend in and out of coastal design, but it works especially well to give the look of an effortless, just-so kitchen. And because you don't have extra wood, the kitchen typically feels airier and lighter.

10. Use unexpected thrifted finds

While coastal kitchens typically look modern and white, tossing in some antique objects can make the space seem more relaxed and authentic. Bonus if you can use them in unexpected ways.

11. Add a backsplash

Don't underestimate the power of the backsplash. Whether you're choosing dreamy aqua blue mosaic, classic white subway, or bold graphic tiles, the backsplash makes a huge impact in the kitchen. 

12. Stay true to blue

Blue paint and kitchen accessories do a great job of making a room feel like a day at the beach. You can choose from richer hues or breezy sea foam — no matter what shade you go for, blue is an essential element in any coastal kitchen.

13. Don't shy away from patterns

Patterns are a great way to break up the monotony of the kitchen; just don't choose hard geometric patterns that will make the space feel less relaxed. Blue and white toile and French provincial patterns are a great choice.

14. Add a countertop herb garden

Not only are herb gardens super useful and cost-effective, but they also add a vibrant color pop to the kitchen. Plus, fresh herbs enhance any dish you're cooking up.

15. Store decor in a tray

If you worry about clutter just looking like, well, clutter, then consider adding a serving tray to the vignette. This often makes displays feel more intentional and put-together.

16. Use natural fabrics

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are super beautiful and airy and have the added benefit of breathing well. Curtains, cushions, and tea towels in these fabrics make a kitchen feel very beachy.

17. Bring the ocean inside

Bring in little nods to the wondrous waves with some carefully chosen ocean art, like this acrylic lazy suzan. High-definition photographs, sea shells, and sea glass are also great dcor ideas.

18. Show off baked goods

Adding baked goods to a basket or pastry stand makes a home feel like a luxury resort. But, even if you're not a champion baker, grabbing a few muffins at the grocery store bakery will have a huge impact on your kitchen design.

19. Organize your cooking essentials with jars

Put your go-to spices and baking essentials in glass jars and let them stand on display in your kitchen. This makes the kitchen feel truly lived-in and adds subtle color.

20. Paint it white

If you're wondering how to make your kitchen look as breezy and light as a Hamptons beach house, consider the benefits of a few coats of white paint. You can use white on cabinets or give discount glass vases a more classic, farmhouse look.