Does Home Depot Offer Shade-Matching Services For Their Paint?

Whether moving into a new house or redecorating a forever home, the colors you choose to use around your residence can be increasingly important. Marylou Sobel Interior Design claims that the color around your home is crucial to the comfort and styles you wish to express in your living spaces. A lack of color and texture can cause a room to lose its livelihood, taking the warmth and comfort away from the place meant to feel like home. Not picking the right colors can also cause significant issues regarding colors clashing within a room and a lack of flow throughout your household.

So, when it comes to picking the right paint colors for your home, what can you do? Home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowe's, have extensive selections of colors in nearly every shade you can think of. Although this gives you plenty of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming when trying to match a specific color. Luckily, the most popular home improvement store in the United States, Home Depot, offers shade-matching services that provide you with the exact color and texture you need for your home, per Querysprout. Let's take a closer look at these services.

Home Depot's paint shade-matching services

The great thing about Home Depot's paint shade-matching services is that there are several different methods by which they can do it. The two most straightforward ways involve taking to the store either the old paint can, a paint chip, or any other type of object that may be painted with the specific color you want to be matched. When the pigment is brought into the store, they place it under a spectrophotometer, which scans and connects it to an identical shade in Home Depot's computer database of paint colors.

QuerySprout states that Home Depot's paint shade-matching services also work without a physical sample of the paint. The same computerized process can be used with a printed image to find the exact color you would like. However, depending on the condition in which the shade was photographed, the color balance may be off and cause a different color outcome. To surpass this issue, smartphone apps are available for both Androids and iPhones to help you determine a specific color. These apps can also give suggestions regarding paint colors that best fit a particular room in your house from a simple image of that space.

Home depot paint

Despite the vast amount of paint color selections Home Depot may have in stock, there is still a possibility they may not carry the specific color and brand you are looking for. When using their paint shade-matching services to find a particular color, the results will remain inconclusive if the paint is not in Home Depot's database, as stated by QuerySprout. This means you will need to go through the process again with another home improvement store that may have the paint you desire in stock. Fortunately, the odds of this happening are very rare.

Home Depot stores are not only packed with a wide variety of colors but also some of the best and most popular paint brands you can choose from. According to QuerySprout, Home Depot sells brands like Behr Marquee, Rust-Oleum, PPG Diamond, and Glidden Premium. Along with colors and brands, they also offer several paint types, which include oil-based, primers, lacquers, and more.