Inside A $16.5 Million Tennessee Mansion That Looks Like A Dreamy Castle

Everyone has their own idea of what a dream home is. For some, that could mean their own private island with acres of land. To others, a dream home could be a sprawling modern beach home mere feet away from the lapping shores of the ocean. Wherever your fantasies take you, there is no limit to the imagination. However, when it comes time to tick off the attributes of your ideal home checklist, it might prove a little difficult to make that dream home a reality. That is until now.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, there is a mansion for sale that could be the fairytale castle you've been picturing. This opulent mansion is set on two-and-a-half acres of land right on the shores of Harrison Bay near the Tennessee River, which gives you boat access to the Gulf of Mexico. A castle-like design that was meant to highlight attributes of the Biltmore Estate — albeit on a much smaller scale — this mansion took almost seven years and an estimated $40 million to construct all the intricacies involved, according to the listing on Realtor. Although it may look like a throwback to the castles of long ago, it comes with all the modern conveniences of the 21st century, including smart home capabilities. It can be yours for $16.5 million. However, If that price tag is a bit steep for you, then let's at least take a look at this incredible property so that we can catch a glimpse of a real-life dream home.

The outside of this Tennessee mansion is a dream come true

This sprawling 20,500-square-foot Tennessee mansion will leave you with multiple mouth-gaping moments. Right from the private gated front entrance, you are led up a winding stone-paved walkway that takes you through a canopy of mature trees. As you stroll dreamily up the path, you pass colorful gardens and a babbling stream with a waterfall that is designed from large rocks and flat stonework, as per photos of the home listed on Realtor. To get across, you walk over the lovely arched footbridge and then continue on to the main home. 

Once you actually see the facade of the home, it is nothing short of breathtaking. From the back, eyes are drawn to the rounded edges of the turret-like structures that feature long window panes framed with white wood. There are multiple levels connected by freestanding steep limestone stairways that criss-cross along the many patio spaces. The infinity pool looks out over the sparkling river and has a European influence with intricate mosaic tiles and gold leaf embellishments. Complete with a two-story waterfall and separate pool cabana, this area is one of many where you could imagine yourself wowing guests with the luxurious surroundings. Encompassed by sculpted hedges and endless tall trees, the home remains private and secluded. With incredible rolling river views, each level brings forth a new perspective of the incredible sights. Outside of the home is so opulent that even the gutters and eves are molded from copper.

Attention to detail at every turn of this Tennessee mansion

Surprisingly enough, this massive estate is only listed as having six bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms. But for what it might slightly lack in sleeping accommodations, this mansion makes up for it with huge entertaining areas. The living room is kept airy with 30-foot tall ceilings that are designed with hand-carved black walnut beams and polished wooden floors. A raised seating area is encircled by decorated pillars and has a rounded window view of the water, according to the listing on Realtor. Rich mahogany doors are featured throughout the home, and at every turn, you can notice minute carved details in the sconces, door frames, wood beams, and window frames.

All four of the home's kitchens have cabinetry made by Clive Christian Furniture Co, a London, England-based award-winning designer, and the fixtures are plated with nickel and gold. Featuring walk-in pantries, a breakfast room, and multiple large marble countertops, which allow for many of your guests to sit comfortably even in the kitchen. Most rooms in the home have intricate wooden doors that lead to the many patio spaces that are featured on every level of this three-story home. To get to each floor, you can walk up the incredible staircase located in the open two-story foyer with a wall of large framed windows that light up the whole area. The staircase seems set right out of a period piece novella, with thick, polished walnut railings and inlaid with twisting black iron framework.

This Tennessee mansion has amenities galore

Throughout this opulent home, you are treated to exquisite detail especially when it comes to intricately designed wood furniture, shelving, and cabinetry with elements of elaborate carvings. These features follow you throughout every room from the multiple living rooms and bedrooms, but also into the huge theater room where a massive wooden entertainment unit frames the stretched viewing screen. A projector is cleverly hidden away up among the 30-foot ceiling so that modern conveniences are kept secret by the expensive natural framework, as seen from pictures of the home on Realtor.

There are so many amazing amenities in every corner of this expansive mansion it's almost overwhelming. From the many office areas with hand-carved furniture and thick plush leather seating to the enormous walk-in closets that would rival the master bedroom of most American households. However, there is also a full room dedicated to games and entertainment with views that could make any jaw drop. With a billiard table, shuffleboard game, and separate card tables all within steps of a grand piano made of matching stained wood, this floor alone could have you entertaining a party of 50 guests or more. Plus, no one will be left thirsty thanks to the 180-degree marble counter bar with views of the water. For added relaxation, you can lounge in the gorgeous glassed-in solarium where sunlight floods through enriching the vegetation that scatters around the tile-floored room. This castle-like fantasy home may just exceed your wildest dreams.