This All-Glass Oceanfront Malibu Home Is Selling For An Astounding Amount

If there is anything that is synonymous with Malibu, California it has to be bright sunshine, beautiful beaches, and extravagant living. A small contained community, Malibu is home to the social elite and celebrities of all nature. Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith are among those who reside within the beachside community, according to Forbes, and others are drawn to its close relationship to the ocean views and stunning surroundings. If you're thinking of making the move to Malibu, then now is your chance to live in a truly unique home that spares no expense when it comes to style and panoramic views. Designed by the late legendary modernist architect Pierre Koenig, this Malibu beach house is made almost exclusively using glass and steel beams. Koenig is famous for building his steel-framed houses that mix contemporary style with modernist touches, like his low-cost material, open concept home in Los Angeles that was up for sale for $4.5 million, according to Realtor. However, Koenig's Malibu creation that just hit the market is actually the last home that he designed before his death in 2004.

Although this stunning architectural marvel is not by any means the most expensive home that has graced the California real estate market in recent years, it does come with a hefty price tag of its own at $17.85 million. This might have your jaw hitting the ground, but the current listing price comes at a deep discount as the original asking price was a whopping $24.95 million.

A look at the incredible all-glass oceanfront home

Located on Point Lechuza Drive right on the shores of Broad Beach is the Koenig Beach House. The private and peaceful home is the epitome of modern living. It incorporates all the luxuries and style you expect of Malibu life but puts the emphasis on the beautiful nature around it. Encompassed by mature Cyprus trees and huge leafy palms, the residence is made of walls of glass in order to allow every bit of California sun to pour into the home, according to the listing on Realtor. Perched on a lot that is 7,218 square feet, this house actually has retractable stairs that can lead you right to the soft sandy beach front.

The smart home utilizes eco-friendly energy by harnessing solar power through rooftop panels as well as floors that are kept toasty through radiant heating. Converting easily from indoor to outdoor living, this property is jam-packed with sliding doors so that the whole home can be opened up in an instant. Perfect for entertaining guests, this space has all the makings of a tropical resort paradise. The outdoor deck with ocean views comes complete with a huge heated inground spa and multiple deck levels so that you can enjoy every aspect of sea life. A quick stroll down the retractable stairs will lead you to your own private access to the beach where you can let the ocean waves wash over you and melt your worries away.

Opulent living awaits you within this beachy escape

As you walk seamlessly from the outdoor deck area to the inside of this Malibu beach home, you are treated to 3,600 square feet of living space. Although, because of the huge glass walls that surround you wherever you go, it seems as though the space is endless. Constructed in 2011, the home was built using the last design plans from American modern architect Pierre Koenig, as per Realtor. Utilizing hard lightly colored steel beams to tie together massive panels of glass, this magnificently crafted home brings a whole new meaning to open-concept living.

In the ultra-modern kitchen, you see a large bright countertop that has seating for up to five guests as well as a separate dining table situated against a glass wall that overlooks the ocean. The ceiling is almost endless as it opens up completely to the upper floor of the home and sliding glass doors allow you access to one of the home's many balconies. Clever storage in the cooking area allows you to hide away your wares so that the area remains uncluttered. The flooring is a combination of tiles and stained concrete which is a perfect juxtaposition to the bountiful nature that hugs the home. A sprawling living room is awash in natural light and designed with a minimalist style so as to not distract the occupant from the ocean views. A classy fireplace sits in the middle of the room for added coziness.

It's hard to find a room without a view in this Malibu home

Complete with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one powder room, this beachfront home has no lack of open ocean views. Each bedroom is treated with bright white-colored walls mixed with natural wood accents. Rugs are carefully laid down in the master bedroom to offer soft cushioning amid the concrete flooring, as per Realtor. The style is modern simplicity meets natural abundance as light through the glass façade illuminates each room. Above the seating area in the main chambers there is a fantastic wooden wall display that is created using rough rectangles of a variety of shades of natural wood. Most bedrooms are also gifted with their own bathroom that is uncomplicated and functional with, of course, glass-paneled showers.

If the constant views of the ocean are just too much for your sun-strained eyes, and your skin needs a break from warming by the ocean, then you have the option of kicking back in the large entertainment room. It has room to be customized to your own preference for large-scale viewing and enough space to seat your guests or family comfortably. Also, for indoor exercise, this home is fitted with its own gym room for easy access to your workout equipment. For those looking for optimal views of the amazing California oceanfront and who want to be treated daily to the sound of the surf then this all-glass Malibu dream home is perfect for you.