Upgrade Your Sofa In 30 Minutes For Under $50

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Finding the right sofa is like finding your soulmate — it needs to fit your style, feel great to sit on, work with your square footage, and stay within the budget. That's no small checklist, and that's just the list of must-haves. Mansion Global even suggests building the entire living room area around the sofa. So when you find that sofa or loveseat you've been dreaming of, you want to make it last. But as time goes on, your sofa may start to look a bit worn, or maybe no longer goes with your home design style. There's no need to panic — with our easy how-to guide, you can give your sofa a makeover without breaking the bank. 

One of the best ways to change the look of your sofa is by swapping out the legs it came with. This painless process can totally transform your sofa's style and breathe fresh life into it. Plus, with a few staging tips, your sofa will look ready for a magazine photo shoot. 

1. Check out the specs of your sofa

Before you head to the hardware store or begin your online shopping search, be sure to see what you're working with on your sofa. Are the legs attached with a screw or some other mechanism? You can still complete this project either way, but if the hole your current legs are in doesn't use a screw or is damaged or missing, you'll need to order a receiving plate for each leg as well, per Good With Style.

Next, determine how many legs and potentially receiving plates you'll need to purchase. Most loveseats and mid-size sofas have four legs, but larger sofas and sections can have over six. We also recommend getting protective adhesive felt pads to stick onto the new legs. These prevent slipping and damage to your floors, are affordable, and are easy to apply, making them essential if you have wood, laminate, or linoleum floors, notes How To Hardwood Floors. Once you've covered all of that, it's time to start shopping. 

2. Choose a new set of legs

Onto the fun part — it's time to find your new pair of sofa legs. Spend some time on Pinterest to decide on your aesthetic, so you don't just buy the first pair you see and live to regret it. Some of the most popular design styles are Scandinavian, midcentury modern, bohemian, French country, minimalism, transitional, and traditional, per Foyr. And that doesn't even begin to cover the variety of styles out there, so take some time to really dial in on your own aesthetic. 

Then, once you've decided on a style, you can really start your search. Amazon is an easy choice given its nearly endless catalog of options, but you can swing by any hardware or home improvement store to see what they have on offer. If you've decided to go mid-century modern, hairpin legs from Amazon are a great choice. French country? Go for baroque with clawfoot wooden legs from Amazon. Keep in mind with wooden legs that you can stain them to achieve a unique shade — just be sure to order the stain along with your legs. 

3. Get ready to install

The easiest way to work on your sofa is by tilting it so the legs are facing outwards. Therefore, you'll first need to lean your sofa back. Be sure to get some help if you have a large or heavy sofa or sectional. Then, once your sofa is in the right position, it's time to remove the old legs. You can usually do this by simply twisting the old legs out — remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey. Use a gripping pad to help you get started if the legs are especially stiff. If your sofa doesn't have legs, start charting out where you'll be installing the new ones. 

Most legs on sofas are installed with a receiving pad, which is basically scrap wood with a metal screw thread. This makes it easy to screw and unscrew sofa legs. If your sofa's plates are damaged, or if it simply doesn't have them, you'll need to install them wherever you intend to place the legs, according to Maison de Pax.

4. Add your new sofa legs

Finally, it's time to add your new sofa legs. They should have an exposed, blunt-ended screw that will fit with the thread of the receiving plate. This step shouldn't require any tools. Don't tighten completely until you've gotten all the legs in place and positioned. Otherwise, it's much harder to adjust as needed. Then add the protective pads to the bottom of the legs to prevent floor damage, per How to Hardwood Floors. When you're done, gently tip the sofa back on its feet. 

And just like that, you've got a gorgeous sofa makeover in about 30 minutes and for less than it costs for a full tank of gas. If you still aren't completely in love with your sofa or just want it to look more magazine-ready, there are a few styling tips that can help you. The sofa is often the biggest piece of furniture in the living room and where you spend most of your time, notes Realtor, so it's definitely worth your while to give it some love. 

5. Play with throws

Whether you're hoping to stage your home like a realtor or simply level up your space, there are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to styling your sofa. To style your sofa like an interior designer, be sure to include some throw pillows and blankets. When it comes to pillows, you need to think beyond color and focus as well on size, texture, and number says Parachute. Parachute also notes that you should shoot for an odd number of pillows on your sofa. This makes the sofa feel organic and like a comfortable place to sit, unlike a stuffy parlor room chaise. 

You can also do this with throw blankets — be sure to have clean blankets that are seasonally appropriate so folks will actually want to use them. Save the furry blankets for winter and fall, and opt for a light cashmere blanket in spring and summer. Layering pillows and blankets will help a sofa feel lush and inviting and can help you infuse the sofa with your personal style. So even if you're tired of your old sofa, don't toss it out just yet. Instead, give it some TLC.