The Best Way To Wash A Fleece Blanket

We all hate those certain fabrics that are particularly difficult to wash. It can be quite annoying when your fabrics end up looking worse after you wash them than they did before all that hard work. For example, fleece blankets can look drab if you don't use the correct washing technique. Denali Home Collection says if you don't wash items made of fleece correctly, then the color can quickly fade, and eventually, it will become unusable.

Luckily there are a few easy steps we've found that will help wash your fleece blanket. This is especially important to those who haven't washed their blanket after purchasing it possibly months ago, as it could be hosting a colony of bacteria, according to Better Homes and Garden. Washing your fleece blanket won't take up much time or effort, so stop covering yourself in whatever germs are living in your fleece blanket and take a look at these effortless tips.

It's time for some soap and water

If your fleece blanket is dirty, then the rest of your space might also feel gross. So from time to time, you'll need to wash your blanket — correctly. Many people don't wash their fleece blanket because they're worried about what could possibly happen to the texture, such as pilling or matting, according to Better Homes and Garden. However, it's quite easy to wash your fleece blanket without causing damage if you follow the correct steps.

You'll first want to separate your fleece blanket from other items and place it in the wash. Use cold water and a small amount of detergent to ensure the fibers of your blanket don't become sticky and hard — which could take away the softness that originally made it so desirable. Also, it's important to stay away from using bleach as it can ruin the color and cause your blanket to fall apart. After washing your blanket in cold water, you can either let it dry naturally or place it in the dryer; either use low heat or no heat. Always avoid using high heat because your fleece blanket could shrink or even melt.