You Can Stay In A Washington Airbnb That Looks Just Like A Hobbit Hole

If you're looking to escape into the magical world of hobbits, elves, wizards, and warriors, this Airbnb located in Orondo, Washington is for you. The small town sits just off the Columbia River about three hours east of Seattle. As per Airbnb, with one bedroom and one bathroom, the Hobbit hole positioned on 6 acres of land is the perfect getaway for fans of the books by J.R.R. Tolkien and the subsequent films by Peter Jackson.

The rental property created by owner and Superhost Kristie Wolfe has been aptly named the "Tiny House in the Shire", says Lonely Planet. It is incredibly private, and an overnight stay currently costs $400 per night. The quirky Hobbit hole regularly books up quickly, so advance reservations are not only recommended, they are likely a necessity. It seems, however, that the price and wait are worth it based on the Airbnb's excellent ratings and reviews.

Every stay is comfy and cozy

To enter the fantastical 288-square-foot Airbnb, you'll first need to walk through the round door that looks identical to the one we're all familiar with from the movies. Once you get inside you'll be greeted by a large bed in the center of the main room, as shown on the Airbnb listing. It is outfitted with an earth-tone bed set and a wooden bed frame that aligns perfectly with the natural aesthetic of this rental. Above the bed hangs a unique chandelier made from a collection of old-timey lanterns which shows Wolfe's take on the light fixtures in the real Hobbit hole.

Through an interior arch near the foot of the bed is the living area. Even though it is small, it still manages to fit a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, an area for playing chess, and a traditional woodworking bench that doubles as a coffee bar for guests. The bench is adorably decorated with mushroom sculptures, a set of woodworking tools, some ancient-looking books, and more. The hot drink kit fits inside a wooden toolbox and comes complete with coffee, hot cocoa, and loose-leaf tea options.

The perfect Hobbit-themed amenities

The propane stone fireplace ties the entire unit together. According to the listing on Airbnb, because it is built into the surrounding hills, the Hobbit hole typically maintains a temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, which makes it a lovely hideaway from the summer heat. However, in the winter this fireplace will warm you right up. If you decide to visit during central Washington's snowy season, keep in mind that you'll need a vehicle with four-wheel drive. The chessboard and table made from reclaimed wood inside the living area will keep you entertained. Two comfortable red chairs allow you to work your game-solving brain while staying warm. Because the Hobbit hole has no Wi-Fi, this was a thoughtful addition installed by Wolfe.

The bathroom is the final room in the rental. Outfitted with wooden amenities such as a large soaking tub, vanity, and driftwood sink, it certainly has a natural feel. Guests can choose to rinse off here after exploring the vast property, or they can run a warm bath in the tub that is built for two.

Unbeatable views

When you stay at this Hobbit-themed Airbnb, you'll wake up warm in the bed, with a bit of sunlight filtering in from the living room window. From there, you can admire the interior side of the round door that was upcycled from an old cable spool and now features a custom metal design. Once you finally open that door to greet the morning, you'll be met by an incredible view of mountains, meadows, and the lake below, as described in the reviews of the property on Airbnb.

Finding the hobbit hole can be a little tricky as you must drive up some windy roads to reach it where your phone's service might be touchy. Past guests of the Airbnb suggest driving a sturdy vehicle that can manage these roads without any problems. They also warn that the walk from the parking area to the front door is somewhat long and challenging, suggesting to new visitors that they pack light in easy-to-carry luggage.