You Can Stay In A Retro Florida Airbnb That's Actually A Converted Airplane Hangar

If you've ever wanted to stay in an airplane hangar, you're in luck. Danville Inn gives guests the chance to spend a vacation in an airplane hangar-turned-Airbnb. The 3000-square-foot hangar was converted into a tiny town, known as Downtown Danville. The design is similar to that of a 1940s small town, according to LATF USA. The owners, Dan Shaw and his wife, Deborah, turned their private airplane hangar into an Airbnb guest home, but with a unique design twist.

Danville Inn is located in Geneva, Florida — just 40 minutes from Orlando — and runs about $160 a night (plus tax). Being so close to Orlando gives guests the chance to explore all that Orlando has to offer, including beaches, shopping, and theme parks, as noted in the Airbnb listing. That's quite a steal for the opportunity to spend a night in a quirky Airbnb like this one. Let's take a look at the rest of this one-of-a-kind inn.

Plan your special events

Because of its picturesque design, Dan and Deborah offer Danville as a venue for all sorts of events — the most popular being weddings. Couples will wow their guests with this eccentric wedding venue with photo opportunities at every turn. The wedding ceremony takes place inside the gazebo that sits within Danville's beautiful garden, but couples have the option to marry under the garden's old oak trees instead, says Danville B&B. Wedding packages start at $600 for a one-day rental, but couples can purchase the luxury package at $3900 for an all-inclusive weekend affair.

Additionally, the happy couple has the opportunity to spend their wedding weekend at Danville Inn and enjoy all of the amenities Danville has to offer. Couples can have a drink at Downtown Danville's O'Shaw's Irish Pub. O'Shaw's is a fully-functional pub inside the airplane hangar, complete with a 10-foot antique oak bar, barstools, and high-top table.

1940s style exterior

The exterior of the hangar was designed to look like a normal, run-of-the-mill home with a wraparound porch. With its door closed, Dan and Deborah's airplane hangar doesn't look very special, but as the automatic door opens, you're introduced to the wondrous Downtown Danville that is anything but ordinary. From afar, you have a panoramic view of the entire downtown, from the barbershop and City Hall, to the telephone booth and popcorn machine. As you move in closer, you'll notice how realistic Downtown Danville actually seems.

It's important to note you are only renting Danville Inn — the rest of Downtown Danville and the outdoor patio are common areas for other guests and Danville's staff, according to the Airbnb description. As you walk around Danville, you'll find a yurt, a hot tub created out of the cowling of a DC-10 engine, and you may even stumble across a couple of alpacas and baby goats, Jenny In Transit states.

Elegant and spacious interior

Now, let's explore where you'll actually be staying — the Danville Inn. Guests are given the entire two-floor house, with two beds, and two baths. The inn holds up to four people, per the Airbnb listing. On the first floor, you will find the elegant living room and kitchen. There is a small dining area in the kitchen, as well as an island for extra counter space. Adjacent to the living area is a bedroom that offers a view of the gorgeous courtyard. The first bathroom is also located on this floor, which contains a large walk-in shower and basin-style vanity, according to Danville B&B

As you ascend the stairs, you'll find Danville Inn's master suite, accessible through its beautiful French doors. The suite includes an incredibly spacious, private bathroom, complete with a walkthrough shower and double vanity sinks. Guests who stay in the master suite will have the comfort of a king-size bed, a small seating area, and Direct TV.

If staying in this unique Airbnb isn't enough, there are tons of other options you can rent for a one-of-a-kind vacation