You Can Stay In A Wisconsin Airbnb That's Actually A Converted Sailboat

While hotels and cabins are the mainstays when looking at where to stay on vacation, sometimes a little something different is in order. Trips to Discover has some very interesting stay ideas, including igloos, castles, themed movie homes, and even trolleys. Treehouses have become popular for this reason, with many of them selling out and new ones popping up what seems like every day. If you are looking for something a little lower to the ground, and you're going to be in Wisconsin, how about a sailboat for your next stay?

Take your next vacation on the water at this unique and beautiful Wisconsin sailboat Airbnb. Docked and ready for visitors, it has earned a give-star rating from past guests, making this one a must-stay. Step inside "Clementine" and be greeted by the sound of seagulls on the deck. The views are breathtaking, and you'll feel like you are miles away from the everyday.


While other houseboats have access to a variety of amenities, this one has access to a heated pool and two hot tubs at the marina, perfect for a dip after a long day of sightseeing. While there is no shower on the boat, there are clean showers close to the slip, as well as laundry facilities if you need to run a load or two. In case you forget anything, the local store has everything you need. There is a reason the marina has been called a resort marina because of all it has to offer.

The boat itself doesn't have a stove or an oven, so it's the perfect excuse to go out to eat in the beautiful marina and downtown that is easily within walking distance. It is close to shops and restaurants for when stepping off the boat for a bite to eat or a shopping spree is in order in downtown Racine. The Reefpoint Brewhouse Restaurant is popular for both tourists and locals.

The Boat

The boat's interior is very comfortable and cozy, with two bedrooms and two beds to accommodate up to three guests. The bed in the main room can be easily transformed into a table with seating, a convenience that makes it a breeze to have breakfast or lunch inside when the weather isn't ideal, or if you'd rather hang out in your pajamas for the day. There is also a half bath with a flushing toilet, a convenience often taken for granted.

Air conditioning and heating are included, which is great for fluctuating weather, as well as wifi so you can post pictures of your beautiful sailboat stay. The colors and modern nautical decor inside the boat are beautifully done, with pops of pale teal and wood throughout, and white and gray for the bedrooms and walls. This sailboat has been upgraded with a contemporary design for the modern guest in mind.

The Location

If you'd like to venture out one day and see what the surrounding area has to offer, we suggest going to North Beach, a simple five-minute drive from the marina. Not only was it given the Blue Wave Award for cleanliness, but it's also one of the top freshwater beaches. You can spend the day here, shower at the facilities on the way back and watch the beautiful sunset from the deck on the sailboat.

Since the boat is unable to move and go out for a ride, it's a house on the water that is definitely different and a wonderful way to be on the water. It's a great experience for kids to stay somewhere different, feel what the boat is like when walking around and the rocking as they fall asleep. If you forgot a sound machine for the little ones, you can easily make the waves your new sleep machine.