What Does 'En Suite' Really Mean?

If you are ready to make the move into a new home, the real estate market is one that can get very confusing, especially with the language and wording that they use for rooms or items within prospective homes. But it is something worth learning about when you are going to look at houses or if you are building your own, that way, you will know what they are talking about when they tell you the features of the home. 

One term when tossed about in real estate that can often cause confusion is "en suite." This term can refer to both bathrooms and bedrooms. According to Architecture Beast, the word en suite refers to another room that is adjoining or connecting to the room. While there are en suite bedrooms, more often than not, the term is used when speaking of bathrooms. Typically, they are usually found in master bedrooms, although some homes may have en suite bathrooms in areas like an office or even in a guest room. 

They offer privacy and comfort

Having an en suite bathroom can provide plenty of privacy when owning a home with one. En suite bathrooms tend to stay much cleaner than other bathrooms in the home (because you don't want the bedroom smelling like a dirty restroom).

A bathroom need not be a full one to be an en suite. En suites can come in the form of half-baths as well. According to Architecture Beast, there are even some that can come in the form of just a singular bathtub in the room. There are a variety of options that you can look for if you are searching for or building a home with an en suite bathroom. 

While most of the time, en suite refers to an attached bathroom, there can be other en suite rooms in a home as well. Bedrooms may contain walk-in closets that are referred to as en suite. HomeEdit shares that there can even be en suite bars in a master bedroom. 

Benefits to having an en suite bathroom

When it comes to owning a home with an en suite bathroom, it offers up plenty of benefits. Perks that can be enjoyed include being able to get right out of bed and get in the shower with no wait time. Other benefits include having a restroom available next to the bedroom is the ease of access to the facilities without having to stumble around in a dimly lit hallway. It can even help when you are feeling under the weather, with the bathroom only a few steps away should you need it. 

It is hard to come by newer homes that do not have en suite bathrooms. If you intend on building your own home, you might want to consider adding an en suite bathroom to a bedroom or two. Not only are they convenient, but they provide safety to their users, too.