A $924k Oregon Home That Has It All - Including An Unexpected Visitor

If living out in the woods surrounded by towering trees and plenty of natural beauty sounds appealing, you won't want to miss an Oregon home that takes full advantage of its stunning surroundings. Per the Realtor listing, the property is located in Estacade, Oregon, and was built in 1982. The home has been on the market for 85 days now, with a recent price decrease of $25,000, bringing the listing price to $924,900, and you get quite a bit of room for that amount. The home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with 3,194 total square feet of living space. 

The primary residence isn't the only building you're getting with this property. There's also a guest house, so visitors can enjoy the picturesque Oregon woods while everyone still has plenty of privacy in their own living quarters. For those who need a bit of extra space for their hobbies or other pursuits, two barn spaces could easily be transformed into whatever suits your needs. One of them even features a paved area nearby for outdoor parking, with landscaping work that makes it a separate space from the rest of the property. Read on to learn more about this Oregon space with scenic views and a surprise visitor that you'll be able to call your own if you purchase the property.

Evergreen trees as far as the eye can see

You may be wondering how exactly a property can comfortably fit a 3,194-square-foot home, a guest house, and two additional multi-purpose outbuildings. Well, it's because all those structures sit on a 6.68-acre lot, as the Realtor listing specifies, meaning there's plenty of space to enjoy the natural beauty all around you. You get a hint at what's to come as you drive down the winding paved driveway towards the front of the home, a narrow road flanked by all kinds of greenery. The property's grounds are packed with mature trees, including an abundance of towering evergreen species that offer shade, privacy, and natural beauty.

The land features rolling hills, a few fenced portions, and according to the listing photos, what appears to be a small pond, making it the perfect spot for anyone who loves to explore nature. For those who want to venture further out, there's lots of room for RV parking, so you can station the recreational vehicles you need to enjoy your outdoor adventures. If you prefer to stick close to home, there's an ideal spot to enjoy the views and the Oregon sunshine — a massive wooden deck stretching the entire back of the house. There's also a private deck off the primary bedroom, so the homeowner can enjoy waking up with some fresh air and gorgeous views.

Pale wood and plenty of natural light

The Oregon home's interior is light and bright, with pale wood flooring, cream-colored walls in many of the main living spaces, and soft wood trim along the doorways and baseboards. Combined, it creates an ambiance that is airy yet cozy. One of the most eye-catching spaces is, without doubt, the living room, which features soaring ceilings over 20 feet high, per Realtor. Several of the walls in the area are almost entirely covered in massive windows that allow the natural sunlight to flood into the room and permit anyone relaxing indoors to enjoy the gorgeous views of nature. The sloped ceiling adds even more height, and a small balcony area overlooks the living room from the upper floor. There's even a small wood-burning heater in the middle, perfect for keeping the room cozy during Oregon's chillier seasons.

The kitchen features a similar color palette, with pale wood cabinets and muted gray speckled stone countertops. Wood planks stretch across the ceiling, adding a homey, rustic feel. And, just off the kitchen is a breakfast nook with a large window and sliding French doors that lead out onto the deck, so you can wander out and enjoy your meal in the sunshine if you so choose. All the spaces seem designed to make the most of the natural surroundings, allowing inhabitants to pop in and out of the home, creating a bit of an indoor-outdoor feel.

The unexpected visitor

Given all the woods encircling the property, there's a good chance you'll be surrounded by plenty of creatures enjoying their own homes in the great outdoors, from bugs to various birds. However, there's one particular visitor you're guaranteed to see — after all, the Realtor listing names the creature specifically. Anyone purchasing the Oregon home will likely receive frequent visits from Jerry the Peacock.

The listing doesn't mention much about the creature, except that he comes with the property. In one of the listing photos, Jerry struts along the paved area near the front of the home. Another sees him standing near the plants lining the walk to the front door, and in the last, he's featured close-up on the home's grounds. There's no area on the property that Jerry is afraid to venture into. While you may not associate Oregon with peacocks, Jerry is likely not the only colorful fowl wandering around in a scenic rural home in the area. In 2008, The Seattle Times reported that the Oregon Zoo decided to put its peacocks and peahens up for adoption to secure their homes on rural properties.