How Much Do French Doors Cost?

When many people think of their dream home, they picture large exterior French doors that beautifully illuminate an impeccably-designed interior living area. However, investing in French doors might not be in every homeowner's budget. According to Fixr, the national average cost for buying and installing French doors is $3,500, but it will cost you even more if investing in high-end doors.

French doors can be utilized on a home's interior or exterior and come in various styles and materials. However, according to Modernize, double-hinged French doors are the most common variety people think of when contemplating French doors. Some factors that will determine the cost you pay for new French doors are the number of units desired, materials used, type of French door, and quality of glass. Additionally, installing this type of door is typically no walk in the park, so the cost and ease of installation are important factors to consider before deciding if you're ready to invest in new French doors.

Factors for cost

There are a lot of factors at play that will determine how much you pay for new French doors. First, you'll want to consider the type of French door you are interested in, such as a double interior center-hinged door or a single exterior in-swing door. However, the material, size, and glass quality of the French door can also significantly impact the price tag.

Type of door

When shopping for French doors, some homeowners will be surprised to discover how many different types of these magnificent structures are available on the market. From telescoping French doors to simple in-swinging French doors, the style that is right for your home will be a primary factor that determines how much you pay.

Interior vs. Exterior

According to Fixr, an exterior French door will almost always represent a heftier investment than a comparable interior French door. This is because exterior doors are designed much more ruggedly to be weatherproof and secure. As such, you'll probably end up paying thousands of dollars for most exterior French doors, while you should be able to find a quality interior French door for around $700.

Material of the door

While most entry-level French doors will cost you around $500 to $700 regardless of the materials used, high-end steel, fiberglass, and wooden French doors are considerably more expensive than comparable doors made from vinyl or aluminum. Per Fixr, you can expect to pay up to $4,000 for a high-end French door made out of premium material, whereas a premium vinyl French door will likely cost you $2,000 or less.

Size of the door

A casual glance at French doors at your go-to home improvement store will show that size matters when planning your budget. Naturally, oversized doors tend to cost more than similar doors that are smaller in size. If you're looking at the largest French doors in the store, don't expect to see any price tag below $1,200.

Type of glass

According to Fixr, premium double-pane and triple-pane French doors tend to be much pricier than comparable French doors with a single pane of tempered glass. For instance, premium double-pane French doors can cost up to $3000, while triple-pane options cost as much as $5000. Those on a budget will probably find some good deals on French doors that offer tempered glass or laminated glass, as these are more likely to be found for under $1000.


While some brands offer a wide variety of budget-friendly French doors, others specialize primarily in premium doors that will be outside the budget of many homeowners. If you're looking for a great deal, JELD-WEN offers many doors for less than $1000. Other brands, such as ProVia and Marvin, offer very few French doors suitable for homeowners on a tight budget.

Additional costs

Naturally, you'll run into additional costs even after finding the perfect French doors for your home. The installation will be the most expensive thing to look out for, but purchasing quality hardware for your new door will also drive up the total cost of your investment.


According to Modernize, the average cost to install a French door is about $1,200. However, many factors will determine the price you will pay, including the type and number of French doors you are installing, the location of your home, and whether or not your French doors need to be retrofitted. Installing French doors in a brick wall will cost between $2,500 and $6,000, while an existing doorway will cost between $750 and $4,500, via Fixr.


If the French door you choose doesn't come with any hardware, this will represent an additional cost. A simple lever is usually an affordable option, per Fixr, and can be purchased between $50 and $200. However, pulls and ceremonies tend to be much pricier and can cost up to $800 and $500, respectively, if you intend to invest in a premium model.


After getting your French doors installed, you may deem it necessary to add blinds, trim pieces, or other accessories to complete your new acquisition. While these will not be a significant investment compared to the cost of purchasing and installing your French doors, it's still worthwhile to consider any additional accessories that you'll need when budgeting.


According to Revolar, French doors are probably not the most secure option for homeowners who put a premium on home security. For this reason, investing in high-quality locks is usually a no-brainer. While budget-friendly French door locks can be found for under $50, more secure locks will fall in the $100 to $300 range.

Types of French doors

The type of French doors you decide on will likely be one of the most significant factors determining how much you will pay. The different varieties vary widely in terms of cost, as well as the average cost of installation, so educating yourself on the various types of French doors can help you set an educated budget.

Single in-swing

Single in-swinging French doors are often used as interior doors, per Fixr, and usually cost around $300 to $1,000, making them the most affordable French door for most homeowners. These doors open inwardly and have an interior glass section, allowing you to see into the next room or another area of your home.

Double in-swing

Double in-swinging French doors tend to be what most people think of when imaging these units, and they open inwardly and thus are ideal for interior use than an exterior installation. According to Fixr, double in-swing French doors typically cost $400 to $4,000, so the material, size, glass, and design of the door will have a significant impact on how much they cost you.

Double out-swing

Double out-swinging French doors are priced similarly to double in-swinging models and are more commonly used in exterior installations since they require less interior clearance. Like double in-swinging French doors, these units do not need a frame or stile between them, creating a wide area when opened simultaneously.

Single sliding

Single sliding French doors are an excellent option for homes with minimal interior clearance. Per Fixr, these doors cost between $800 to $2,000 on average and feature one sliding section and one stationary panel. Since one area of the door is fixed, single sliding doors don't give your home the same feel as other French door designs.


According to Fixr, center-hinged French doors tend to feature an in-swinging design and cost consumers between $1,000 to $1,500 on average. Like single sliding doors, center-hinged designs only feature one side that opens. These are rarer than other French doors but are an excellent choice for those who want to maximize sunlight coming in from a home's exterior.


Telescoping French doors combine multiple doors and a sliding mechanism to maximize the open space between a home's interior and exterior. Costing $4,000 to $6,000 on average, via Fixr, this French door variety is still relatively rare but a staple for modern homes with a touch of extravagance. This door style tends to require a larger space to be installed and thus allows in more sunlight than other types of French doors.

Why you need new French doors

While most homeowners tend to buy French doors for stylistic reasons, there are also some practical benefits to owning these units. Whether you are creating your dream home one upgrade at a time or seeking to maximize your home's value, purchasing new French doors might make a lot of sense.

You're building your dream home

Most homeowners don't purchase a home that has every single feature that their heart desires. As such, it's sometimes necessary to upgrade your home to enrich your everyday life. If that means modifying your upstairs balcony with beautiful, out-swinging double French doors, it's unlikely that you're going to regret an investment that brings you joy.

To increase home value

According to Realtor, the right set of French doors can significantly increase your home's resale value well beyond the cost of your investment. If you're looking for home upgrades that give you the best bang for your buck, adding aesthetic French doors usually pays off when all is said and done.

Maximize energy-efficiency

If your current doors let in drafty breezes that have you cranking up the thermostat, upgrading to energy-efficient exterior French doors can help save you money every month on your utility bill. Per Modernize, French doors are often an energy-efficient option, especially when speaking of properly installed fiberglass doors.

Reinvent your home's layout

French doors can even divide a room into two separate spaces, via Modernize. The classic design of a French door will still leave the rooms feeling larger and more open than a dividing wall and will also allow parents to keep an eye on their children in the next room. As such, French doors, when utilized this way, are an excellent option for reinventing smaller homes.

Benefits of French doors

French doors have an uncanny way of connecting one with outdoor spaces and other areas of the home. Their classic design comes with several essential benefits that are well worth investing in; let's explore a few. 

Enjoy some sunshine

Many homes remain quite dim throughout the day due to poor interior lighting and minimal access to outdoor light. Adding an exterior French door to your favorite room is a surefire way to brighten the place. You might even find that letting in the sun brightens your mood when you spend time near your French door.

Easy access

According to Next Door and Window, exterior French doors are an excellent choice for spaces where homeowners like to have social gatherings since they make it easier for guests to transition from interior to exterior spaces. Therefore, they are an excellent option for patios, balconies, and anywhere else that people naturally flow to and from during an event. 

Pleasant viewing

If there's a scenic view or beautiful garden outside your home, French doors will allow you to incorporate these exterior features into your home's interior. They also allow you to keep an eye on your children as they blissfully play in the backyard.

Let in some fresh air

If you live in a location known for fresh air, French doors are the perfect way to freshen up the air circulating inside your home. According to PJ Fitzpatrick, a French door expertly installed by your home's patio will allow you to do just that. This can also help you naturally cool your home without running up your energy bill.