You Can Stay In An Oregon Airbnb That's In A 40-Foot-Tall Tower

Located 40 feet off the ground in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest lies Summit Prairie, a one-of-a-kind Airbnb. The Summit Prairie Lookout is a lookout tower that was inspired by the ranger service towers used in many forests across the United States, Only In Your State explains. According to The Orange County Register, the state of California originally contained 625 fire lookout towers, but that number has since dwindled to a mere 198. Out of those 198, only 50 are still in use. The Summit Prairie Lookout sits on a platform that is accessible by-way-of four flights of stairs (but trust us, the climb is absolutely worth it).

While the Airbnb listing does say that you'll get the precise location once you have booked your stay, a search on Google does pop up an address that appears to be for a check-in point, perhaps. It seems the exact whereabouts are strictly non-disclosed. Also, keep in mind that the only means of getting around the property are hiking or mountain biking.

Hot commodity

It's no surprise that this Airbnb is a hot commodity. From the unique space to the abundance of privacy, you'd be one of many people interested in booking a stay. According to the Airbnb listing, the 40-foot-tall tower currently has a booking notification list of 1,600 people ... and counting. The hosts explain they can only book 65 reservations per season, so we wouldn't recommend you start packing anytime soon. However, cancellations do happen, so there's a chance you might get to visit sooner than you think. We suggest joining the waitlist, if this is a dream destination of yours, so you can be notified immediately should a booking open up.

Before you even decide to join the waitlist, it's important to note that each guest is required to stay a minimum of four nights, which are only available Thursday through Monday. If you are lucky enough to book a stay at the tower, be mindful of the hosts' extensive instructions regarding your reservation.

Breathtaking views

When you reach the property, you're immediately immersed in tranquility. Summit Prairie offers guests complete privacy, so you are free to enjoy your stay without interruptions or noise. As seen in the Airbnb listing, you'll notice windows adorn the entirety of the tower for tons of natural light. You'll find an outdoor shower on the deck, which offers a breathtaking view as you lather up. Due to the lack of indoor plumbing, guests will use the available pit toilet placed near the tower's base (you are in the middle of a forest, after all).

On a happy note, the property includes a wood-fired hot tub for ultimate relaxation. Wood-fired hot tubs are typically located in rural areas, says Northern Lights Hot Tubs and Saunas. The cedar wood perfectly complements the rustic aesthetic. For those of you that enjoy wildlife, you might get lucky and see some deer grazing in the meadow down below.

Cabin-like interior

Upon entering the fire lookout tower, you'll notice a cabin-like feel with the wood paneling, flooring, and ceiling. The Summit Prairie Lookout has a total of three beds and can accommodate four guests. However, there is only one bedroom. The bedroom is on the second floor of the tower and contains a queen bed, which you can reach by climbing the ladder in the center of the room. Down below lies two single beds on either side of the room, which you can see in the Airbnb listing. Each bed frame is equipped with drawers for storage.

If you look along the top shelf that wraps around the tower, you'll notice plenty of books and board games for your entertainment. There is a small dining table near the kitchen area that you can extend to make more room as well. The best part is the magnificent 360-degree view of Umpqua National Forest.