You Can Stay In A Dome-Shaped Tennessee Airbnb With A Grass Roof

Ever dreamed of glamping in the wilderness or wishing you could stay in a home that looks straight out of The Hobbit? Well, Johnson City in Tennessee has an Airbnb that could make your dreams come true. The Sassafras Dome Earth Home is hosted by Danielle and is actually in the shape of a dome, according to Airbnb. The place is located on top of a rock cliff that is part of Waterstone, a 34-acre wedding venue. So it's a great two-in-one if you decide to have your wedding at Waterstone and stay in the Earth Homes for the night to get the full experience.

Even if you're not planning on getting married in the near future, it's still a gorgeous palace to visit. There are three cottages on the property, so you can always go back and stay in each one since they're furnished and decorated differently. It's a great way to spend some time doing nothing and being one with nature. Take a look at the views and what the cottages have to offer.

Nature all around

The dome earth homes are surrounded by nothing except nature and hiking trails. They're completely covered in grass with large glass windows that peek in. They have mahogany wood trim on the windows with massive double entrance doors. In front of the domes, there's a lounging area with white lounging chairs surrounding a gas fire pit. The patio overlooks a gorgeous quarry pond with endless trees and a beautiful waterfall, per Only In Your State.

Various hiking trails lead you throughout the wilderness for you to explore. It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery. There's also a stone soaking tub you can bathe in for a few hours, per the description on Airbnb. The interesting thing about this rare find is that even though trees surround it, it's not too far from the highway. It would feel like you're thousands of miles from people, but in reality, you're just a few minutes away from them.

Luxurious white interior

These hobbit homes are stunningly decorated on the inside. Walking through the French doors, you're met with an elegant living room that gives you views of the natural scenery through the half dome windows. This place is decorated with a massive white sectional couch, a glass countertop with a wood base coffee table with two gray velvet armchairs by it all on a gray patterned rug, per Airbnb. There's a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It's the perfect spot to hang out with your roommates for the time being and talk all night.

Next to the living room is the kitchen, which is filled with beautiful abstract colors. There's a full wooden breakfast bar with various colored textured wood on one side, and according to the description, the room has multiple bar stools to sit and have your meals. It also has stainless steel appliances and gray cabinets to store snacks you take with you.

Spacious rooms with natural lighting

Down the hall, which has an accent wall that matches the front of the breakfast bar, leads you to the bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is decorated simply with stone flooring like the rest of the home, a bed for two, and multiple half dome windows allowing natural light in. There's a small chandelier hung just above the foot of the bed. It's the ultimate space to relax and enjoy your time in the wilderness, states Only In Your State.

The bathroom is just outside the bedroom, which has more of a wooden and stone design to it. The walls are all white with wood trim doors and a stone walk-in shower. An oak wooden vanity holds the sink, and the wooden shelf under the sink meant to store toiletries makes it practical. There's a beautiful glass textured mirror hung just above the sink, making the space appear larger than it is. Overall, the entire area will bring you peace and make you feel relaxed.