15 Craft Room Ideas That You'll Want In Your Own Home

If you're the kind of person who appreciates interesting ideas when it comes to how to decorate a lantern or would find yourself making Christmas wreaths, then you would likely also love to have your own craft room. This is, if you don't already have a special space set aside in your home that's dedicated to your DIY endeavors.

Of course, in order to put together a dream craft room or take it up a notch, you'll need to make sure that it's both functional and caters to your creative needs, according to Toll Brothers. That's why you'll want to consider whether or not you need a certain kind of chair or a specific sort of surface to work on. You'll also want to ask yourself if you need a room that's easy to clean, offers space for your devices, or keeps you comfortable. Plus, you'll need proper storage that suits both your practical requirements and your style preferences. That might mean large shelves, plenty of drawers, or a spot for bins to ensure your materials, tools, and finished items stay organized. At the same time, you'll want to create a space that also offers inspiration and sparks creativity.

With that in mind, be sure to check out the following craft room ideas that you'll want in your home.

1. Add an adjustable desk

If you tend to work on different projects, then you might find yourself standing at some times and sitting while tackling other tasks. Although you could have more than one surface to work on, you could also add an adjustable desk to your craft room that will let you change up your work surface as needed.

2. Take advantage of multi-functional pieces

If you want to make the most of the space in your craft room, then you should take advantage of multi-functional pieces. For instance, choose a work table that has drawers and shelves, as well as a calendar board that has hooks and a magnetic board that has a cabinet to tuck things neatly away.

3. Use antique jars for storage

Add extra charm to your craft room by using antique jars for storage. Ideal for holding everything from liquid paints to dried flowers, they can also hold buttons, yarn, markers, and so much more. If you opt for clear jars, then they make it easy to find what you need since you can see inside.

4. Use a pegboard in a creative way

Putting a pegboard up on your wall is a great space-saving option. You can also use a pegboard in a wide range of ways. Along with popping up shelves, you can use hooks to hang items and clips to hold things tight, as well as display a plant and put up a clock.

5. Opt for convenient but creative shelves

It's important to have storage with enough room for your supplies. However, you'll also want something that's both convenient and stylish. Try to go with an option that makes it easy to access what you need and reflects your aesthetics, such as shelves that have a design that's just as creative as you.

6. Store supplies in an apothecary cabinet

Using an apothecary cabinet is a fabulous way to add style to your craft room while also storing plenty of supplies. If you're worried about not being able to quickly find what you need, some cabinets offer a spot on each drawer where you can display a label that lets you know what's inside.

7. Roll around a cement floor

Make it easy — and oh-so fun — to move around your craft room without the need to stand up by grabbing yourself a chair that has wheels on the bottom of the legs. If you're able, you might also want to put down a cement floor which will provide the perfect surface to roll around on.

8. Set up an indoor swing

Part of being a creative person is giving yourself time to recharge, as well as giving yourself space to allow inspiration to strike. You can do that while in your craft room by setting up a cozy indoor swing. As you sway, you can let your mind wander and indulge in DIY-related daydreams.

9. Put in a sink for easy clean-up

When it's time to put your projects away for the day, you may be covered in paint, glue, or glitter. If you'd like to avoid leaving sparkles on your hallway carpet or getting stains on your bathroom walls, then you might want to put a sink in your craft room for easy clean-up.

10. Install ideal lighting

When it comes to the lighting in your craft room, you need to have something that's more than just attractive. You also need to choose lights that will properly illuminate whatever you're working on while being easy on your eyes. Beyond that, you might want to opt for professional lighting to capture your crafts looking their best.

11. Paint a chalkboard wall

Painting a chalkboard wall in your home can be a wonderful way to add a creative touch to any room. However, when added to your craft room, a chalkboard wall can be a place for you to jot down reminders, brainstorm project ideas, sketch out plans, display inspirational messages, and show off your artistic talents.

12. Install extra windows

If you're up for a bit of a renovation, then you should consider installing extra windows or a sunroof in your craft room. Along with letting light flood in, windows can offer you an inspirational view as well as ventilation which can be important if the products you use to create your projects let off dangerous fumes.

13. Set up a change room and clothes rack

Keep your fashion-focused projects organized and in great shape by setting up a clothes rack in your craft room. You can also opt for a rack with various shelves for any accessories you've whipped up. Take things a step further with a changing room where you can try on your stylish creations.

14. Use affordable options

Whether or not you have a sizable budget for craft room upgrades, it can be a good idea to seek out affordable options when it comes to storage and décor. One way to do so is by repurposing objects like spacious and sturdy wood crates that can be painted to match your room or left bare.

15. Set up a display case to show off your crafts

Once you've finished each project that you've made in your craft room, you might want to have a place to show off some of your favorite creations. That's why you may want to set up a display case — ideally with spacious shelves and flattering lighting — to exhibit your handmade treasures.