The Paint Color Almost 30% Of People Agree Is The Best Color For A Bedroom

If home is where the heart is, the bedroom is the inner sanctuary. It's a place where you can recharge, a private space dedicated solely to your comfort. As a result, it's no wonder that our bedrooms say a lot about us, from the overarching décor style to the trinkets that line our shelves or bedside tables. While the color of your bedroom walls might seem trivial, it can make a difference in your daily life. According to Psychology Today, the colors on our walls can impact how we perceive a room. Since you're presumably hoping to relax in your bedroom, it's no wonder that some choices are better than others.

That being said, while some colors might be better than others from a purely objective standpoint, all that makes little difference if we don't actually think that a particular hue should be in a bedroom. So which color do people think is best? House Digest surveyed 596 people to determine which color they prefer for their bedroom, and remarkably, nearly 30% of respondents agreed on one shade.

Cream bedrooms are the most popular

According to our survey results, 177 people, or 29.7% of respondents, said they would prefer cream in their bedroom. Considering the myriad of beige and tan interior design inspirations on social media, this might not be a big surprise. Plus, although cream is minimalist and goes with most furniture and décor, as seen on Houzz, it isn't so bland that the room feels unfinished.

Unsurprisingly, some of the runner-up options were also quite popular. In second place, 25.67% of people (153 responses) voted that they would prefer a sage green room — one of the most trendy interior design colors at the moment. Likewise, 20.47% of people (122 responses) voted for sky blue, 11.91% (71 responses) wanted a lilac bedroom, and 8.39% (50 responses) picked warm red. Surprisingly, although the color is relatively close to cream, only 3.86% of people (23 responses) voted for sunny yellow.

The psychology behind the top picks

Although cream may be the most popular pick, Psychology Today warns that it can be too plain, and the lack of stimulation may, in turn, lead to stress. One way to combat this may be to ensure that your bedroom has decorations or mementos that can supplement stimulation and function as a pleasant reminder of the things you love. While sage green may be one of the more popular interior design colors at the moment, there's good reason to leave it in your bedroom long-term. According to MyMove, green is a soothing color, making it ideal for a place where you want to relax — like your bedroom.

Likewise, Verywell Mind says blue tones are soothing and encourage relaxation. Curiously, Verywell Mind also notes that blue can lead to a lower heart rate and body temperature — which loosely mimics the pattern of your vital signs when you sleep, via WebMD. While we wouldn't go so far as to say that the color blue leads to better sleep, it's certainly an interesting coincidence — especially if so many people prefer blue bedrooms.