Why DIYers Are All Buying This Item At The Container Store

If you keep your closet door closed to contain the mess, then this item from The Container Store might be exactly what you're looking for. Let's be honest; keeping a closet organized can be incredibly difficult. Closets quickly accumulate clothes, shoes, and accessories without anyone realizing. And sometimes, the tips from professional organizers only help temporarily. But there is one tip professionals swear by, and that's to add shelving to provide space for sweaters and jeans, Jen Cazares tells The Moulding Company. Drawers and dividers are also ideal for keeping items contained.

Those simple organization ideas have DIYers buying the Elfa Classic 4' Closet Kit from The Container Store. When it comes to closet organization, the Elf Classic makes it easy. It has a quick installation, and at just over four feet wide, this closet system easily fits into tight spaces. The Container Store calls this a Grab & Go Solution, which means anyone can grab the closet system and begin installing it that day. The kit has shelving and configurations for both short and long hanging space.

Easy installation

It's heartbreaking to see a DIY idea and find out that pulling off the design is much harder than originally thought. DIYs requiring advanced tools and a few days to finish are not an option for many. But that's not the case with the Elfa Closet System. This closet system from The Container Store comes in a single box with all the components and only requires the basic tools.

First, you'll have to install the top track to the wall, the only step in the installation that requires tools, says Driven by Decor, and the rest of the installation is straightforward. Using drywall anchors or studs, install the top track using pre-drilled holes. With the top rack installed, you can then install the brackets and shelves. After that, you can customize your closet system. The total process can take just six hours for a total closet transformation and additional storage space.

Customizable design and configuration changes

Elfa's designs are completely modular, which allows you to customize your closet system to your needs and specifications. You can have room to hang short items like shirts or skirts and room to hang long items like dresses and pants. There are also six shelves for folded items or storage boxes, per The Container Store. You'll be able to use these components to customize your organizational system.

But by no means are you locked into this design. Because these aren't built into the wall, and the components are removable, you can easily change the components. Tamara Hubinsky Interiors says the Elfa system is great for children's rooms as you can change the system as they grow. The Elfa system doesn't only work to hold clothes. You can use this throughout the home to house things like toys, crafts, and storage. Crafters and hobbyists will love how it can accommodate all their tools and supplies. And the Elfa system can grow and change in ways that you need it to.