60 Red Bedrooms That Will Make You Feel The Love

Red is a bold and bright color to use in interior design. Because of its connotations with blood and stop signs, the color red is subconsciously a reminder of danger. It's also a reminder of love and romance. According to Sensational Color, red can cause excitement and passion because it actually heightens body temperature and speeds up blood flow. It's also been discovered that people wearing red clothing seem more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Using red in your living space may give you an extra boost of confidence.

Because of its connotations with love, red can be a great color to use in the bedroom. It may make your space feel more alluring and exciting. Whether you're thinking about adding some minor red details or painting a red accent wall in your bedroom, you'll need some inspiration. Below are 60 red bedrooms that will make you feel the love. 

1. Gold accents

A red bedroom with gold accents will look expensive. This bedroom also mixes the jewel tone colors emerald green and dark blue with red, which looks extra luxurious. 

2. Bedding

Red bedding can be an easy way to add a fun flare of red to your bedroom space. You could keep the rest of your bedroom neutral and add a pop of color with red blankets and pillows. 

3. Unique lighting

This bedroom is completely neutral except for the red lighting emerging from underneath the bed. Red lighting can give a space a passionate vibe. 

4. Throw pillows

Red throw pillows are another easy way to add the color red to your space. If you just want a sprinkle of red in your room, this may be the way to go. 

5. Seasonal décor

Red is also a great seasonal color. Of course, red and green could decorate your bedroom in the winter, while orange and red can decorate your room in the fall. 

6. Exposed brick wall

For a muted red accent in your space, add a red brick wall. This brick wall adds an industrial flair to this modern bedroom. 

7. Throw blanket

A red throw blanket will add color to your space. This room uses lots of different colors but emphasizes red with a long throw blanket across the bottom of the bed. 

8. Vibrant red touches

If you're wanting to draw attention, choosing a vibrant red shade is a great idea. This gray space catches the eye because the red pieces are so bright. 

9. Deep red headboard

This deep red headboard looks romantic and classy in this neutral bedroom space. A darker red will emphasize romance and passion.  

10. Checkered throw blanket

You could add a checkered red blanket to your bedroom space. This is especially common during the fall and winter months, as it evokes the look of a checkered flannel. 

11. Mixed with dark bedding

You could paint your bedroom a deep red and pair it with dark bedding. This bedroom has a dark red wall with dark green bedding. 

12. Accent wall

Red can make a great accent wall color. This space uses red on the wall behind the bed and completes the design with a black and white gallery wall. 

13. Surrounded in red

Or, to completely surround yourself in love, you could paint all your walls red. This room not only has all red walls but also a red bed frame. 

14. Mostly neutral bedroom

For just a splash of red, layer a red throw pillow or blanket on your bed and decorate with beautiful red flowers. 

15. Paired with pinks

To create a feminine look, style red with different shades of pink. This room has coral pink bedding, a deep red throw pillow, and light pink artwork. 

16. Two-toned wall

You could also use red on a two-toned wall. This space has a half wood, half red wall behind a white bed. 

17. Gray bedroom

To tone down the vibrancy of red, mix it with cool-toned gray. This gray bedroom has muted red bedding and a deep red patterned throw pillow. 

18. Patterned accent wall

If you want to add more interest to your bedroom, try adding a patterned accent wall. This red wall has a fun striped pattern. 

19. Modern style

Red goes great with modern décor, especially when mixed with neutral colors like white, black, and gray. 

20. Match with wall art

If you have artwork that features the color red, make the red stand out by adding other red pieces to your space, like a vibrant throw blanket. 

21. Paired with natural wood accents

Red can also look great when designed with neutral wood accents. This gray, black, white, and red room has a wooden headboard. 

22. The primary colors

To take the attention off of red, decorate with all three of the primary colors — red, yellow, and blue. 

23. Interesting bookcase

If you really want to emphasize love and passion in your space, try adding the word 'love' in creative ways. This space has an interesting bookcase shaped into the four letters in the word love. 

24. Heart shaped pillows

Another way to emphasize the romance that red can bring is through heart-shaped pillows. Red pillows will really stand out against an all-white comforter. 

25. Vintage feeling

Using red along with the other two primary colors of yellow and blue can make a space feel vintage, especially when decorated with accents like posters and antique wooden furniture. 

26. Bright white bed frame

White will stand out against a dark red wall. This white bed frame looks extra clean and bright against the deep red. 

27. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Red floor-to-ceiling curtains can also make a space feel romantic. When the natural light filters through these curtains, it will cast a red hue over the space. 

28. Natural light

Large windows mixed with a red wall or red accents in a bedroom can also make a space feel more exciting.

29. Wall art

Red could also be incorporated into a bedroom through wall art. This space has wall art that mixes red, pink, and orange. 

30. Mixing with turquoise

Red could be paired with turquoise in a space. This bedroom has red and turquoise wall art hanging above the bed and incorporates the two colors into the bedding and furniture. 

31. Patterned wallpaper

Installing red wallpaper on an accent wall can add intrigue to your space. To make your bedroom look cohesive, pair it with red pillows and curtains. 

32. Unique décor pieces

Unique red pieces can also make your space look more eccentric. This red, white, and black bedroom has a bold red bike that acts as art in the space. 

33. Accent wall across from the bed

Instead of painting the wall behind your bed red, you could paint the wall across from your bed a bold red. This will allow you to see the romantic red shade while in bed. 

34. Rainbow bedding

To add lots of color to your bedroom, choose a rainbow comforter. Emphasize the red in it by adding red pillows or other red decorative accents. 

35. Cozy vibes

To add cozy vibes to a mostly white or neutral bedroom, add a red pillow and checkered throw blanket. 

36. Unique furniture

Adding unique red furniture can also make your space more exciting. This bedroom has a velvet red lounger. 

37. Knit pillow

Around the holidays or in the colder months, adding knit red pillows can make your bedroom more inviting. 

38. Patterned rug

This boho bedroom incorporates bold red through a patterned rug. Red doesn't always have to be the focal point, as demonstrated in this space. 

39. Paired with gray

This gray bedroom has a red accent wall. Both these colors look cohesive because the bedding has both gray and red accents.  

40. Deep burgundy bedding

For an extra romantic vibe, choose to use a deep burgundy red shade in your space. This neutral room has burgundy bedding. 

41. Red roses

Many recognize red roses as a symbol of love. Adding fresh roses on your bedside table can add a passionate feeling to your bedroom. 

42. Accent wall next to the bed

You could also choose to paint the wall next to your bed red. This will allow you to see the red paint while still in bed. 

43. A solid red rug

This dark space has a solid red rug underneath the white bed frame. The red serves to break up the dark flooring and to emphasize the white bed. 

44. Styled with blue and yellow

This room has the three primary colors — red, blue, and yellow. It mostly utilizes blue and yellow but also has pops of red in the throw pillows and lamps. 

45. Green and red all year long

While green and red are mostly recognized as Christmas colors, they could be paired in your bedroom space year-round. The key is to use a mint or teal green and a pink-red shade. 

46. Styled with orange

Red can also be paired with orange in a neutral space. This is a fun color combination. 

47. Specks of red

To add the smallest sprinkle of red to a space, consider adding speckled bedding or wall art. This space is mostly styled with neutrals and pretty pastels but adds extra boldness with red and navy blue specks. 

48. Light pink and gray accents

Light pink and red are a great color combination. These similar colors both have romantic connotations. Mixing these two colors with gray will give your space a cool vibe. 

49. Paired with white and black

White and black will make a space look simplistic and modern. Adding red can also make your bedroom feel luxurious and chic. 

50. Romantic bedroom

When decorating with pink and red in a white or neutral bedroom, set the mood with some dim lighting. 

51. The primary colors in a neutral room

To add interest to a neutral room, add the primary colors. This room balances red, yellow, and blue together nicely. 

52. Mixed with blue-gray

Red can really pop in a blue-gray room. This bedroom has mostly dark tones but adds some fun color with red and pink bedding. 

53. Velvet bed frame

Velvet is a romantic material. Combining velvet with red screams love and romance, especially when used for a bed frame or bedding. 

54. Red lamp

Turning on a red lamp will cast a love spell over your space. This red bedroom has a red floor lamp that, when turned on, would give the space an exciting feeling. 

55. Patterned bedding

Adding fun patterns to your space can make it more interesting and add a fun texture. This bedroom has a red floral comforter. 

56. Paired with navy blue

Instead of using all three of the primary colors, you could just use red and navy blue. 

57. Industrial bedroom

Red can also look amazing in an industrial-looking space. This space pairs rustic elements and a brick accent wall with bright red bedding. 

58. Styled with pastel pink

Pastel pink is calming, while red is exciting. Mixing these two colors together can balance your space and help create a place for both rest and excitement. 

59. For the holidays

Of course, red and green can be paired during the holidays. To make red really stand out in your space, focus on these two colors, not on obvious Christmas décor. For instance, this space doesn't have a Christmas tree but still has a holiday feeling because of the use of green and red. 

60. White minimalist

Add red to an almost all-white space for a super simple and minimalist-looking bedroom. This space has a red chair, pillows, and an accent wall.