16 Free Shed Plans Anyone Can DIY

Whether you have too many tools, mountains of storage boxes, or clutter you're trying to minimize in your garage, then perhaps you're in need of a shed. Even though your garage can offer plenty of space for your things, they can easily get lost among themselves if it's unorganized. Sheds can be a great addition to your backyard and be used for a plethora of things. Backyard Discovery lists a few reasons why you should add a shed to your backyard such as: decluttering your living space, preventing items from getting stolen, increasing the value of your home, or just generally improving the aesthetic of your yard.

Summer is always the perfect time to get creative and start planning outdoor activities. Building a shed can be part of that; there are various styles and sizes of sheds that can be built at a low cost. Building your own shed by an enjoyable DIY project for the family, and there are several free online plans you can follow. Depending on the size of the shed and how many people are helping, a shed can be completed over the course of a few weeks. The plans have step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow, but it helps to have some experience in construction.

Garden shed

If you're starting your own garden and don't have a place to put your gardening tools, a shed is perfect. ShedPlans.org describes everything you need to build a gorgeous shed. You'll need various materials such as plywood, concrete, bricks, pressure-treated lumber, building paper, etc. The difficulty is somewhat advanced, should take about two weeks to complete, and could cost up to $2,200. Once it's finished, you can paint it or stain it any color you desire.

Gable shed

A gable shed can be used as a room for kids to play in which is useful if you're doing yard work. HomeTips explains how to build one. You'll need plywood gussets, anchor bolts, roof sheathing, concrete, and cedar channel siding. This shed is for advanced folks who enjoy building things, and could take up to three weeks to complete.

Saltbox shed

A frequently used shed is a saltbox shed, which can store anything you need to keep safe. HowtoSpecialist does a great job explaining how to build one. They have a three-part series where they break down how to build the foundation, roof, and door.  Some materials you'll need are lumber, plywood, joist hanger, miter saw, drill, and tape measure. This is a beginner-friendly free shed plan anyone can do and will take up to three weeks to complete.

Large storage shed

A large shed allows you to store items you can't fit anywhere else such as a tractor or an extra car. You could also use a large shed as a workshop space to do other fun projects. My Outdoor Plans give a simple layout with the materials you'll need and instructions on how to build it. They also have three different in-depth sections where they go through how to build the base, roof, and door to make it easier. 

Bike shed

Bikes are space consumers, so building a bike shed can free up room within the home. They're smaller in size as well, so they won't take up too much of your backyard. ShedPlans.org offers an easy step-by-step overview of how to build a bike shed in just a couple days. It's perfect for beginners who want to start an easy and quick project that costs less than $2,000.

Barn shed

If you have a few farm animals such as pigs, goats, or chickens but don't have enough space for a full-size barn, building a barn shed is the next best thing. My Outdoor Plans gives the plans to build a stunning barn shed in just a weekend. They have an in-depth three-part series that will show you how to build the foundation, roof, and doors, perfect for intermediate skills.

Lean-to shed

Lean-to sheds are possibly the most distinctive sheds you can build since it's meant to be attached to an already existing wall. While you can build one free-standing, it'll last longer against a wall. DIY Pete has an easy step-by-step shed plan you can follow to build your own lean-to shed that can be finished in a little over a week and can be built by anyone. He goes over how to build a 10x10 shed which costs just over $2,500 for the materials.

Storage shed

A solid storage shed can hold any of the unwanted items you have in your garage easily while freeing up space. This storage shed can get done over a couple of weeks, and Family Handyman has the step-by-step instructions to show beginners how to build it, especially those on a budget. You can replicate theirs or make any small changes to fit your needs.

Firewood shed

Having a backyard fire pit can mean having logs laying around, so a firewood shed can keep them all organized in one place. Pretty Handy Girl has a straightforward firewood shed plan for beginners to advanced builders. She goes over the materials you'll need and gives useful tips to get your firewood shed completed in a day.

Metal shed

A metal shed can give your shed an elevated look and make it sturdier if you live in a place where the climate is extreme with strong winds. Dreamland Design claims that building metal sheds are tedious, but they're more reliable. This project is more advanced than the others and can take up to a week to complete. With the step-by-step plan from Dreamland Design, you'll have your own metal shed in your backyard.

Tool shed

Storing all your tools in your garage can take up so much space and won't leave you any room for your other belongings. A tool shed can be perfect to store all of them and My Outdoor Plans has an easy shed plan for you to follow. It's made for beginners to advanced builders and it can be done in a day. Some materials you'll need are lumber, plywood, screws, wood glue, etc.

Office shed

Having an outdoor office shed will give you the ultimate peace and quiet in order to focus on your work away from the chaos inside. Dwellito has an amazing beginner-friendly step-by-step plan that could cost up to $3,000 for a 12x12 shed. The shed can be built over the weekend once you gather all your materials and have everything organized to get started.

Vinyl shed

A vinyl shed is simple to build since it's a basic shed with vinyl siding that can be applied to an existing shed or made from scratch. ThePlywood.com claims that it's easy to use vinyl siding at a low cost and will last you a long time. They offer every step to how to apply vinyl siding to an existing shed or if you're building a new one that could all get done over the weekend. 

Board-and-batten shed

A board-and-batten shed is a stylish shed that will give you more storage. BuildEazy provides step-by-step instructions on how you can build your own shed and give diagrams as well so that you don't get lost. This project is for advanced builders that can get done over a few weeks. You can design it to your own style when you purchase the materials.

Schoolhouse shed

A schoolhouse shed is exactly that, a schoolhouse, and it's used as a learning space for kids. If you hold a daycare in your home, having a schoolhouse shed in your backyard can be a great extra space for the kids to play in. Family Handyman has a shed plan for advance builders that can be completed over multiple days that could cost up to $1,000.

Vehicle shed

Having an extra storage unit to place a car, a ride on lawn mower, or jet skis can free up space in your neighborhood and garage. ShedPlans.org provides an overview of how to build a 12x24 shed that could cost a little over $5,000. The project is perfect for moderate to advanced builders and can be completed in a week. You'll have an extra parking space for your guests and a more organized garage.