The Most Important Place To Use Window Cleaner That You're Probably Missing

Many items have multiple uses; we just need to know exactly what to do with them. It'd be a shame to buy a dozen of household cleaners and articles when you can just use one for a plethora of activities, saving you money and time. There are many examples of this, such as using aluminum foil to clean rust off a metal item, using dryer sheets to repel various bug types, baby oil to clean vinyl floors, and more. However, there's one item most of us have in our home that also has multiple abilities.

According to The Not Perfect Housewife, the window cleaner has a convenient alternative: removing carpet stains. Instead of just using it to wipe off your windows or other shiny objects in your house, you can quickly use it to lift stains, which can be a lifesaver if you're out of your usual carpet cleaner. The steps to make this work are also easy and effective, making window cleaner an effective and versatile cleaning staple.

Try this new stain removal trick

According to The Not Perfect Housewife, window cleaners can remove not just regular stains but also some of the most difficult marks, such as pet urine or blood. So if you're dealing with any type of annoying carpet stain, all you need is the window cleaner, lukewarm water, a bowl, a spray bottle, and two dry cloths. For stains that have just spilled, use the dry cloth to lift up as much of the liquid as possible. Then use a 1:1 ratio of window cleaner and lukewarm water to dampen the other towel, and dab the stained area until the smudge has lifted.

If some time has passed and the mark is now dry, you'll then have to use a soft brush to gently rub your window solution into the stain. Your job is complete once you rinse out the area on the carpet with some clean water, using the exact same method as described before: Dabbing the solution onto the spot until it is completely clean.