You Can Stay In A Texas Airbnb That's Actually A Converted Boxcar

Wallace Ranch Boxcar Bunkhouse looks nothing like your typical Airbnb... because it's not! This vacation rental is a 111-year-old railroad boxcar that has been converted into a place for guests to stay while in Canyon, Texas. For just $175 a night, you'll enjoy a one-of-a-kind accommodation that transports you back in time when boxcars roamed the railways across the United States (with a modern twist). Boxcars were invented in the 1830s to transport all sorts of popular North American items, such as grains, heavy machinery, and eventually, livestock, C.H. Robinson explains.

Down the line, however, railroad boxcars became more and more obsolete due to a lack of interest from shippers. Additionally, the government requires shippers to cease using boxcars after 50 years of service. The future of boxcars is uncertain, but no matter what the future holds, you still have the wonderful opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend in one.

Wide-open ranch

As you approach the ranch, you're greeted with a homemade sign welcoming you to the Boxcar Bunkhouse, as seen in the Airbnb listing. The walkway features an authentic railroad crossing sign and lights to set the stage for what is yet to come. Following this pathway will take you to the front porch and sliding glass door — the boxcar's only entrance. If you have a furry, four-legged friend you'd like to bring along, feel free to do so, as the Boxcar Bunkhouse is 100% pet-friendly.

The secluded property ensures guests' ultimate privacy as you take in all the peace and serenity the ranch has to offer. Have a cookout on the BBQ grill, or take a relaxing dip in the private hot tub. While the railroad boxcar is an antique, it's been updated with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and in-unit laundry. As an added bonus, free parking is available on the property.

Rustic and cozy interior

With such a quirky exterior, you can expect an interior equally unique. The railroad boxcar was designed with a rustic feel, which is apparent as soon as you enter the space. The boxcar is meant to hold two people due to its tiny square footage. Traditional boxcars measure between 50 to 60 feet long and an interior minimum of 9 feet wide, Union Pacific explains. A queen-size bed sits at one end of the boxcar, and the shower on the opposite end, which you'll find in none other than... an ice chute.

Before the boxcar was converted, the shower acted as a space for storing fruits and vegetables to keep them from spoiling during summer trips across the country, according to Boxcar Bunkhouse's Airbnb description. The boxcar contains a glass two-top high table and a small kitchen area, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. It also has a television you can view from the bed or sofa.