Top 3 Ways To Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Resort

Want a tranquil escape that you can enjoy every day? Step into your own backyard and imagine the possibilities. From lighting to décor, there are a few main ways to transform your backyard into an idyllic haven without leaving your house. Resorts are model destinations that travelers visit on occasion for optimum rest and relaxation. They offer you a luxurious place to stay and may also include specific features like casinos, shopping, spas, sports, recreation, and restaurants. The first known hotel (or inn) goes back to ancient Japan, while some other original resorts that were developed along the east coast of the United States centered around spas, per Catalog Images.

What's your ideal retreat — modern, rustic, tiki, or other? According to, there are at least four main types of resorts that people often visit: beach (golf), island or lake, mountain (skiing), and spa. Whether it's through decorating with earthy elements like fountains, plants, or rocks, there are many ways to approach establishing your own backyard as a fresh way to escape. Knowing your style and interests will help you determine what kind of atmosphere your domestic refuge will ultimately encompass. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to design your personalized resort!

Create ambiance with light

There are numerous ways to decorate your backyard patio or space with lights, including several types to choose from, like accent, spotlight, string, or pathway. Placing lights in a variety of locations, both high and low, is key to creating an atmosphere of opulence and intrigue. For example, you might decorate several perimeters with string lights, including a canopy, fence, patio, or pool screen rim.

Infuse a natural glow in corners with lanterns or make focal points with spotlights upon trees or other pieces of interest, like a statue, sculpture, or piece of artwork. Depending on your setup, you might also position tiki torches in designated areas to light up the nights. According to Tiki, you should place these 6 to 8 feet apart for the best coverage without situating them nearby trees or other fire hazards.

You can also light up the path with lights. Wherever there's a brick pathway or trail, consider the ambiance of soft, captivating lighting to lead the way as you saunter through the garden to your outdoor oasis. You might consider solar lights, which are low-maintenance to install without the need for additional plugs and wires, per Popular Mechanics. The possibility of light is endless, including candles and lamps as well. If you have a pool, create a magical setting by adding floating luminaries in a candle, lily pad, or globe style.

Personalize it

While the indoor living space is often created to be a sanctuary, the outdoor patio area is also equipped with the potential to become the ultimate den. Make it complete with various chairs, couches, pillows, and tables. Many pieces of alfresco-style furniture are made both appealing and comfy yet durable enough for various types of weather. Some of the best types of outdoor furniture are water-resistant, like acacia, aluminum, powder-coated steel, and teak, among others, per Gardeningetc.

From long lounge couches to circular daybeds, you can set the tone for a posh party by the furniture alone. Set the scene by implementing multiple dining and entertaining areas to choose from. You might include a cozy, elegant spot that offers room for company with dining chairs and a bench, while another area has room for congregating around the fire pit.

Envision your favorite escape — maybe it's a rustic cabin in the woods, a tropical hideaway, or a swanky nightclub. Whatever your style is, personalize it with all necessary essentials like a bar or tiki bar, luxe furniture, or exclusive amenities like a hot tub or massage table. If you have a pool, you could add several classy, cushioned chaise lounge chairs around the blue water border, including small tables and chairs with umbrellas. For added entertainment, include a swim-up bar, game area (like a mini putt-putt), or water structures like a small waterfall or fountain. Whichever way you relax best, implement it.

Dress it up with plants

Once you have your lighting and scheme established, fill the area with an assortment of flowers and plants. Besides offering their beauty and serenity, the versatility of these natural oxygen givers provides us with endless energy and inspiration. Consider the boundless ways to incorporate landscaping in the backyard and pool areas like encompassing planters and various sizes of shrubbery to add privacy.

If you're focused on a rich, tropical essence, plant a variety of green verieties, including trees and shrubs. According to Peoples Flower Shops, growing green plants of various shades and sizes adds both depth and texture to the overall landscape. Think hibiscus, mandevilla vine, Hawaiian Tis, and palm trees. For the more exotic, enhance the vibe with birds of paradise and red ginger. Additionally, opt for fragrant favorites like gardenia, jasmine, and stargazer lily.

Whether your backyard is utilized for leisure or entertaining, a variety of plants will add to your motif. From flowers and palm trees to succulents and grasses, plants are friendly hosts, and guests are always welcome at the party. Rocks also make a calm and serene setting, especially when mixed with florae, stones, and small water features. Consider creating a private zen garden with a small bridge amidst the route through your restful backyard resort.