20 Colors You Should Paint Your Home Office

Your home office should be a place of both productivity and serenity. What you prioritize most probably depends on your specific career, but balancing both these qualities is ideal. Creating a home office space that makes you feel more productive and also calm is primarily dependent upon design choices.

If you're renovating your home office, take a moment to consider the best paint color for your space. Certain colors can promote feelings of zen, while others may get your blood pumping. The best colors mix these two elements by creating serene vibes without making you fall asleep. Behr says that before choosing a color, you should consider what your job entails. Are you in stressful conference calls all day? If so, a calming color may be the best choice. Or is your job tedious? If that's the case, a vibrant color that will keep you awake may be ideal. Once you've narrowed down your specific needs, here are 20 home office color options that you could choose from.

1. Bright white

Bright white is a simple and classic color to paint your home office. Because white is neutral, it isn't distracting, which will help you focus while working from home. 

2. Warm taupe

Another neutral color you could choose is warm taupe. Taupe in a home office will promote serenity and peace, so if your job has you feeling stressed, this may be a great wall color option. 

3. Dark gray

For a sophisticated look, paint your home office walls dark gray. Dark gray is a cool-toned color, so adding warm elements like wood and plants can help make your home office space feel cozier. 

4. Dark blue

Dark blue is another cool-toned color that looks elegant. Pairing dark blue with natural light and wood elements can add warmth to the space. 

5. Emerald green

For a bolder color choice, try emerald green. Emerald green is vibrant and promotes more energy without being distracting. To make your space look modern and chic, mix emerald green walls with antique furniture and gold accents. 

6. Pastel blue

If you can't decide between a neutral shade and a bolder color, you could choose a light pastel tone. This will add a bit of color to your space without it feeling overwhelming. The above home office has pastel blue walls that are so light in color that they almost look white. 

7. Light gray

Light gray is a versatile paint color that can be paired with many different accent colors. To keep your space neutral and calm, you could use white and black accent pieces. Or, to give your space more energy, you could pair light gray with a vibrant color, like orange. 

8. Dark teal

Dark teal could be used in a home office space as well. Teal is a mix between green and blue that promotes calm energy. However, it's also pretty vibrant, so it may give you more energy. Teal is a great color for an accent wall. 

9. Muted green

Muted green is another great color to choose if you're torn between neutrals and colors. Muted green will add a little bit of color to your space without feeling overwhelming. It's a calming and warm color. 

10. Chic blue-gray

For a cooler-toned space, choose a chic blue-gray wall color. To keep the space feeling extra cool, only use black and white accents. 

11. Moody black

Black can also balance feelings of productivity with peace. It's a neutral color that goes with everything, but it also makes a bold statement. 

12. Dark forest green

Dark forest green would look elegant in a home office space. It's best paired with gold, brown, and wood accents for a luxurious feel. Dark forest green isn't distracting, but it's also not boring. 

13. Tan and gray

Mixing tan and gray can give you the perfect balance between warm and cool tones in your office. The warm tan will promote relaxation, while the cool gray will keep you alert and focused. 

14. Muted blue

Muted blue balances vibrancy with simplicity. It doesn't make a dramatic statement, but it's not as basic as a neutral wall color. Muted blue is a great tranquil color for a home office space. 

15. Blush pink

If you love warm-toned colors, you may want to choose blush pink for your home office space. Blush pink will add interest to your space while also making it feel cozy and inviting. 

16. Mint green

Mint green is another relaxing color that will keep you alert. Mint green perfectly balances the serene feeling of being in nature with the energetic intensity of looking at a bold color. 

17. Mustard yellow

Another color that promotes both serenity and productivity is mustard yellow. This color will pop in a neutral room, but it's not super bold, so it won't give you a headache, either. 

18. Lime green

Lime green is an exciting, energy-inducing color. For those with tedious jobs, a bold color like lime green may be the best option. Mixing this color with neutral whites and wood tones can give the space a feeling of peace. 

19. Bright lilac

A unique color to choose for a home office is bright lilac. A lilac wall will definitely make a statement. Lilac promotes positivity and productivity, two things you'll need when working from home. 

20. Navy blue

Navy blue, when mixed with whites, grays, wood tones, and blacks, can look extra attractive in a home office space. Navy will keep your interest without feeling overwhelming.