This TikTok Hack Will Show You How To Get Your Tupperware Under Control

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Few things are as uniquely frustrating as an unorganized food container drawer or cupboard. Ever wondered why it's so difficult to maintain an organized and functional area for your food storage containers? One of the biggest reasons is buying or combining multiple sets that come with different lid types, shapes, and odd sizes says Smallish Home. This will leave you with some sets that fit perfectly inside one another, while others may have tapered bottoms that make stacking impossible. Whoever first said, "it's like fitting a square peg in a round hole," almost certainly battled their at-home container drawer. 

When you're trying to get dinner put away or pack a lunch to go, and you can't find a lid that fits any of the containers without causing an avalanche of glass and plastic, it's time to give your Tupperware drawer a little refresh. Thanks to this hack by StephPase on TikTok, you can get your cabinet or drawer a refresh in just a few minutes with some time, patience, and one super handy accessory. 

Declutter the Tupperware drawer

Before you can organize your food container drawer or cupboard, it's time to take stock of your inventory. Between taking our Tupperware containers to work, moving in and out of houses, joining our kitchens with a new roommate or partner, and everything in between, there's a good chance you've lost a lid or container along the way. To get started on organizing your Tupperware storage, you must first declutter. While decluttering is different from organizing, as noted by Andrea Dekker, it helps to simplify the task at hand and its long-term maintenance. 

Take out every piece of Tupperware and lay it out on your floors or countertops, per Smallish Home. Make sure there is a matching container for every lid and vice versa. If you have too many containers of the same shape and size to the point that they are creating clutter, consider donating these items. Once you're done with that, you are ready to move everything back into its drawer or cupboard. 

Up your stacking game

How you choose to put your Tupperware back into place will depend a little on what sets you have. Essentially, try to nest small containers in their bigger, shape-matching counterparts. You may have to play around with these to find the right configuration, depending on if you've got matching sets, different shapes, and so on. Do not put any lids on top of the containers while placing them back into their drawer. 

Here comes the genius tip, courtesy of StephPase on TikTok. Instead of just storing those lids in the cupboard or a separate drawer, consider a humble desk accessory — the folder organizer. Typically used to hold folders and envelopes, these handy organizers can hold lids in perfect order. These are especially helpful for drawers or lazy susans where lids are more likely to slide around. Choose from a traditional metal folder organizer like this one from Amazon or a more minimalist bamboo dish rack holder from Amazon for easy, hassle-free Tupperware organization.