The Best Bedroom Color For An Energetic Vibe

Have you ever considered the impact the color of your bedroom walls has on your mood? If you haven't, it's worth taking notice. According to 99designs, certain colors evoke certain emotions, so choosing a color to paint your room is more serious than you think. For example, gray and blue are associated with feelings of sadness and depression, whereas warm colors like yellow and pink can significantly improve your mood. If you've noticed a negative change in your emotional state, you might consider switching up the color of your bedroom walls.

Pastels, such as lilac, are known to boost your mood by making you feel calm and relaxed, says X-Rite. Feeling down but aren't interested in pastel colors? Ditch the dark purple and opt for a vibrant red; however, keep in mind the downside of these stark, bright colors: the tendency to be harsh on the eyes. This doesn't mean you can't choose an energetic color to paint your bedroom — there are several options that don't require sunglasses to enter your room.

Paint your bedroom yellow

In feng shui, practitioners use yellow to draw liveliness to a room. The Economic Times explains that yellow is associated with the Sun, therefore encapsulating the Sun's energy, which is then passed on to you. Yellow brings happiness, joy, and confidence — the best combination for starting your day on the right foot. According to Martine Claessens, yellow raises our spirits and makes us feel alive. It has the power to evoke optimism and creativity and is known as the color that denotes wisdom and knowledge. Basically, yellow offers you everything you need to feel good and energized.

When using yellow in your bedroom, subtle yellows are preferred because they aren't hard on the eyes and won't interrupt your sleep. If you choose a bright, vibrant yellow, Shutterfly suggests using the color for an accent wall. It's bright enough to energize you but subtle enough not to blind you and can let you fall asleep without distraction.

Avoid blue

We've discussed the color you should choose for your bedroom walls, but let's talk about the color you should stay away from: blue. Blue has the opposite effect as yellow does on your mood and energy levels. Where yellow makes you feel awake and energized, blue will make you feel calm and relaxed, which is why it's often associated with sleep, Restonic says. The color blue represents the sky, tranquility, and peacefulness. It's also known to lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

If you're hoping to get a better night's sleep, then consider choosing a shade of blue for your bedroom; however, don't expect to feel alive and ready to start the day when your walls are painted such a serene and peaceful color. In fact, blue just might make you want to stay in bed all day and relax, Casper states. To keep yourself feeling productive, painting your bedroom yellow is the way to go.