Should You Add A Kitchen Bump Out To Your Home?

As the heart of a home, the kitchen tends to be one of the most common areas for property owners to run out of space, especially with a growing family. If you spend most of your time there and bump elbows too often with everyone else sharing that space, you may be thinking about expanding it.

You don't need to tear it out and start over with a full kitchen remodel – instead, consider a kitchen bump out. A kitchen bump out is a type of minor addition to your home, often as small as two or three feet, that expands the side or back of the home slightly, according to Forbes Advisor.

Unlike a massive home addition, bump outs give you a bit more space by just extending the wall a bit further into your backyard or side yard. It sounds like a great way to add space to your kitchen, but is it really worth the work?

What could a few feet do for you?

Numerous reasons exist to invest in a kitchen bump out. It could help to improve the flow by allowing you to add more walk space between your island and cabinets. It may provide more space for added cabinetry to create storage or even make room for a walk-in pantry. This minor addition could be a fantastic way to add more overall space to the kitchen, letting you add a bigger table or more counter space. Sometimes just creating more floor space enables you to enjoy a better overall level of comfort in your home.

Bump outs also create the opportunity to add visual elements, such as creating a new breakfast nook with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. Bump outs like this don't require new foundation work, as noted by HGTV, but instead, hang out (safely) over the existing wall structure.

Then, there's the concern about costs. Is it worth it to add a few more feet of space like this?

It's more affordable than you think

Ultimately, only you can decide if adding a kitchen bump out is going to be beneficial to you and the way you use your home.

Costs will range significantly based on the type of bump out, the size, and the overall scope of the project. HomeAdvisor states it costs anywhere from $85 to $210 a square foot to add one of these spaces to a home. If you plan to add beautiful windows or significantly more space, that's likely to add to the cost.

A kitchen bump out could add value to your home, but it really depends on the workmanship and the amount of square footage it adds to your space. It's also important to consider what the homes in your area have to offer — from what size the home is and how big the rooms are inside — and how well yours compares. Not all renovations add value to the home.

Because the scope of the project, honestly, defines costs, it's often best to get a home improvement estimate from a few general contractors. Be sure they have experience with kitchen bump outs, specifically in homes like your own.