50 Farmhouse Bedrooms That You Will Want To Spend The Night In

Farmhouse is an expansive design style that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last 10 years or so. Made famous in large part by Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, notes Kaitlin Madden, farmhouse style is comfortable, practical, and cozy. Though it has echoes of French country and shabby chic decor, farmhouse design tends to have cleaner lines, less clutter, and more polished surfaces, with a heavy nod toward Americana. Since its inception, it has been modified to fit many aesthetics, like modern, boho, and cottage-core. Look for plenty of wrought iron bed frames, natural wood tones, shiplapped walls, and airy color palettes with punches of green. 

Because farmhouse is deeply cozy, fresh, and classic, there's no wonder it's become one of the most popular styles of all time. And there's no room better suited to farmhouse styling than the bedroom. To bring you inspiration as you design, redecorate, or daydream about your bedroom, we've gathered 50 farmhouse bedrooms that are so inviting, you'll want to ask to spend the night. 

1. Style for all ages

Often, we forget to bring chic style out of the primary bedroom. Here, two twin beds with toasty, textured blankets are the perfect backdrop for a shared children's room or guest room. Plus, the hanging headboards offer warmth and visual interest. 

2. Easy breezy farmhouse

You don't need to live on the farm to make a bedroom feel airy and pastural. Bring in wicker elements and a few plants, and try to let as much natural light in as possible with sheer curtains. 

3. Change with the seasons

Because farmhouse style is so clean and simple, it is an excellent canvas that you can change up with the holidays. That means you can easily incorporate festive winter holiday decor all around the house, even in the bedroom. 

4. Embrace the old

By pairing natural wood and a few distressed pieces, even modern white bedrooms can take on a classic farmhouse look. Present a variety of wood tones and paint finishes for a balanced look. 

5. Level up with accent walls

Batten boards have become a popular design trend within the farmhouse aesthetic. They can be DIY'd and are typically quite affordable, relying on plywood, wood glue, and paint, and add a ton of visual interest to the room. 

6. An English twist on farmhouse

This bedroom combines modern farmhouse principles with Regency-era details, like the four-post bed, old-fashioned doll, and wooden horse statue. This old English twist is perfection if you want to wake up in an Austenesque bedroom. 

7. Knotted wood has its day

While wrought iron bed frames are trendy in farmhouse decor, don't shy away from warm wood tones, like seen here. This saturated knotted wood is warm and toasty and the perfect backdrop for lush bedding. 

8. Airy, serene farmhouse

Using delicate floral patterns and incorporating cozy textiles like a knit blanket into your bedroom give the modern farmhouse look a feminine twist. 

9. Never too many pillows

While farmhouse stylings can often be a bit sparse, it is still meant to be principally cozy and warm. Even if you are sticking with a monochromatic palette, stack plenty of pillows on the bedding to make it a perfectly inviting nest. 

10. Contrast is key

To give your farmhouse bedroom a little drama, use contrast to your advantage. If you have a dark headboard, use white bedding and pops of black throughout the room, and vice versa. 

11. Don't paint over history

It can be tempting to create a totally white-washed bedroom, or take out rustic, historical touches in your home. Consider leaving them intact for a more authentic space. Multiple wood tones can still be a part of a cohesive design. 

12. Incorporate vintage furniture pieces

While you may not want a second-hand mattress, using thrifted furniture pieces is a great way to cut your budget while supporting sustainable practices. Plus, like the wooden bench seen here, they can add so much character to a bedroom. 

13. Navy is gravy, too

Black and white make up a lot of farmhouse color palettes, but navy blue is also considered a slightly less heavy, more neutral alternative to black. It also adds a touch of Americana.

14. Make the bed the heart of the room

Comfort is key when it comes to farmhouse style, and your bed is likely the space you spend more time in than anywhere else in your house. Stack it with plush duvets, down pillows, and toss a quilt or throw for additional texture. 

15. Consider carpets

While carpeting has become less popular over the last few decades, it can actually be a luxurious addition to the bedroom and is much appreciated in the wintertime. If you want more texture and pattern on the floor, you can always put an area rug over carpeting. 

16. Embrace antiquity

Even though farmhouse modern has taken popular design by storm, it doesn't mean you should do away with the Victorian and shabby chic cottage decor you love so much. These classic touches make a room truly uplifting. 

17. We ship shiplap

Shiplap adds texture and character to any room and is a much-loved trend set by the Gaines. Instead of a harsh white, a pale sage green gives the space a delicate air. 

18. Keep it playful

Farmhouse and rustic modern decor is a great choice for kids' rooms you want to look styled but still childlike. Save the delicate tea sets for your primary bedroom, and create a space that has plenty of whimsical touches. 

19. 50 shades of white

With plenty of nice neutrals to choose from, stacking shades of white, ivory, and off-white can make your bedroom feel brighter. You can pair these shades of white with other neutrals, dusty rose, or sage green. 

20. Plant mom meets farmhouse

While farmhouse is typically a fairly neutral design aesthetic, it does embrace plenty of greenery, often through natural and faux plants. Add monstera and eucalyptus plants to the bedroom for a verdant twist. 

21. Play with pattern clashing

Part of the provincial take on farmhouse design is the use of many patterns. Florals, paisleys, and botanical prints are a natural fit with this style — but don't be afraid to mix and match.

22. Use the whole space

No matter the size of your room, ensure you're thoughtfully styling each part. Tiny accent walls can be given wallpaper treatments, fireplaces can be staged, and empty spaces are a great place for armchairs. 

23. Moody meets farmhouse

Farmhouse decor doesn't always mean all-white walls and gauzy curtains. Dark walls and moody spaces can make for interesting and cozy rooms just as well, so bring your personal style to the aesthetic. 

24. Secret garden/Farmhouse chic

Natural wood bunk beds are already unbelievably cute and stylish, but adding a floral garden vine gives them a special touch that little ones will go nuts for. 

25. Four seasons of farmhouse

By simply swapping out a few pillow covers, you can totally transform the vibe of your room. That is one of the best parts of neutral farmhouse decor, especially if you are a restless designer. 

26. Romantic linens

Curtains aren't just for windows. Anchoring linen curtains (or even sheets cut to hang like curtains for a budget-friendly alternative) give the room a romantic touch. 

27. Get creative with wall treatments

Look, we can't get enough of shiplap, but if you're looking for a fresh update, consider a natural wood herringbone accent wall. 

28. Waffle quilts for the win

Waffles aren't just for the breakfast table. Waffle quilts are an amazing, light take on classic quilts and have all of the texture of a knit blanket but are endlessly easier to wash and maintain. These are perfect for neutral farmhouse bedrooms. 

29. Très tray chic

One of the ways the catalogs make rooms look so lush is with tray styling. Trays can sit on your bedside table, foot of the bed, or foot bench if you have one. They are a classy way to show off old books, vintage pieces, and bric-à-brac. 

30. Keep the curtains drawn

As blackout curtains have become more popular, folks are losing out on the benefits of natural light. Try to include curtain hooks so you can easily pull thick curtains back during the day and evening and draw them back come night. 

31. Don't run from wallpaper

Popular farmhouse design has definitely embraced white walls and shiplap, but intricate wallpaper still has its place within this aesthetic. If you want a little more pattern or drama, consider a dark, floral design like the one seen above. 

32. Shabby chic is here to stay

Trends are cyclical, so even if you feel like you just put your shabby chic and French country decor away, you can safely place it into your more streamlined, farmhouse home. 

33. Hang a barn door

What says farmhouse like a barn door? You don't need to live in a restored barn to get one, either. You can DIY a set or have them made by a professional carpenter. These are perfect for a closet door — sliding barn doors are also a great space-saving solution for small bedrooms. 

34. Victorian meets shaker

This gorgeous bedroom shows off some of the best things about farmhouse decor — it can help seamlessly blend so many styles, like Victorian and shaker/classic American. 

35. Boho and beyond

Boho chic is another popular design trend focusing on layered natural textiles, eclectic decor, and comfortable, unstructured spaces. It is gorgeous in all its forms, but especially when paired with some rustic farmhouse elements. 

36. Add a pop of color

Set against black, white, and beige, colors will pop beautifully in a quilt, throw pillow, or statuette. Consider jewel tones like mustard yellow, emerald green, and eggplant purple. 

37. Look for exposed walls

Exposed brick and stone walls are considered a treasure for home buyers. They add character, history, and texture to any room. So if your home has any exposed wall features, leave them uncovered and coordinate your decor around them so they can shine. 

38. French provincial twist

For an affordable and super stylish French provincial lean on farmhouse, head to your local thrift store and look for patterned plates. Maroon and off-white or blue and white toile china can be a stunning wall display. 

39. Give your guest room a boost

A welcoming sign and tray on the foot of the bed, accompanied by a neutral, cozy farmhouse design will make any guest feel right at home. 

40. Add a blanket ladder

Ladders are evocative of an old-timey barn, so using one as a display and storage solution for blankets and quilts is ideal for styling a farmhouse bedroom. They're also vertically stored, so they won't take up much precious space. 

41. Adorable ash wood

If you're looking for something in between super warm, saturated wood and wrought iron bed frames, consider using ash wood in your design. This wood wash gives a distressed, aged effect that makes for a nice, rustic vibe. 

42. Toss in some English countryside

This bed frame from Magnolia is a modern twist on countryside Edwardian bedroom furniture. It's regal but can be dressed down with natural linens and a neutral color palette. 

43. Check mate

A few other great pattern choices for your modern farmhouse are plaid, buffalo plaid, and gingham. These are quintessential classic Americana patterns and are available in endless color options. 

44. Put the pasture in paintings

While you may prefer a more modern-contemporary aesthetic, you can still have nods to the countryside in your artwork. Pastural oil paintings can frequently be found in consignment and thrift stores for an absolute steal and often come in vintage frames you can't find anywhere else. 

45. Striking stripes

Putting both vertical and horizontal stripes on the bedding creates a subtle pattern clash that adds a ton of visual interest to an otherwise deeply neutral space. 

46. Look for black light fixtures

Black overhanging or bedside lamps and sconces are a trademark of farmhouse design. Add them to your bedside table, or, as seen here, install them directly into your headboard. 

47. Modern farmhouse bedroom, vintage touches

We love farmhouse because of its simple principles that can be applied to almost any style. Even if you want the super clean lines and pared-down palettes, keep your vintage finds out, as these small details build the home's character.

48. Boho glam? No problem.

As you can see from this gallery, farmhouse loves a black and white room, but you can bring your love of color to the aesthetic. Choosing a monochromatic scheme with varying shades of pink and bright pops of buttery yellows makes this room totally original and stunning. 

49. Welcome in the wood

Even though furniture flippers have taken it upon themselves to paint over antique dressers, doors, and even floors, don't take this decision lightly in your home. Instead, consider re-sanding and staining wood pieces to breathe new life into them. 

50. Don't forget the pillows

In addition to having many layers of pillows, try to find throws with embroidery, texture, and other 3D elements. These pillows are meant to be looked at, not necessarily laid on, so you can add a lot of texture to a space with them.