The Most Important Place To Use Parchment Paper That You're Probably Missing

Parchment paper is a well-known bakeshop item, and you've likely seen it used to package treats with twine or a ribbon. It's also helpful for baking at home, as it prevents cookies from sticking to the pan. If you don't like using cooking spray due to the mess or chemicals found in certain brands, parchment paper is likely your favorite wingman in the kitchen — especially over the holidays when there are plenty of cookies and other goodies to create.

According to The Washington Post, parchment paper is effective because of its lining, which makes it resistant to heat, grease, and moisture. It can hold up in ovens up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and comes in both rolls and pre-cut squares so you can quickly fit it into your baking pan and then easily throw it away with little to no mess when you are done. Best of all, in some instances, parchment paper is reusable.

Outside of simply cookie baking and avoiding doing extra dishes, parchment paper has some awesome uses that many are unaware of. In fact, you might be missing the most important places to use it.

Use as a candle wax remover

Parchment paper is great in the kitchen, but the fact that it's greaseless and non-stick makes it really useful in a variety of places. Sometimes, you can even use it to remove stubborn stains like candle wax. Of course, if there's ever a power outage, chances are the first thing you'll do is light some candles. Lighting a candle isn't spared for power outages, though. Even when you're trying to relax in an evening with one or several lit candles around you for a cozy atmosphere, the candle wax can get on clothing, tablecloths, and other fabric surfaces as it melts.

According to Cleanipedia, you should first scrape off as much wax as possible with a spoon and then place a piece of wax parchment paper both underneath, and on top of the fabric the wax is clinging to. Then, put a dish towel on top of the paper and iron over the affected area with a heated-up iron. In most cases, the remaining candle wax will stick onto the paper and lift out of the fabric.

Or to wrap gifts with

If your parchment paper roll has never ventured out of the kitchen, chances are you're missing one other important purpose for it — especially during the holiday season. It makes for awesome gift wrap in a pinch. We've all been there — you have one last gift to secure, and your wrapping paper roll turns up empty. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of running to the store, you can pull out your parchment paper instead for a quick and classy gift presentation.

According to Organic Authority, parchment paper is great for this purpose. You can leave it as is for a simple and slightly opaque look or make it fancier by placing some decorative embellishments between two pieces of parchment. For example, find some leaves, flowers, confetti, or small pieces of ribbon. Then, put an iron on low heat to fuse the two pieces together. Now you have a pretty and unique wrapping paper that no one cannot duplicate.