Design Elements From Lola's Bedroom In Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

The movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" follows the life of a spunky teenage girl who dreams of becoming a famous actress. In the film, she stars in her high school musical's updated version of "Pygmalion" called "Eliza Rocks," per Spirituality and Practice. Lola Steppe, played by the former teen queen and star of "The Parent Trap," Lindsay Lohan, is disappointed about her mother's choice to uproot her and her two siblings from New York City to New Jersey. Lola makes the best of her experience by befriending a shy girl named Ella Gerard, who shares a love of the band, SidArthur, and trying to one-up mean girl Carla Santini.

Due to its funky 2000s appeal, "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" bursts with style (via College Fashion). Lola is a style chameleon, including her punk-inspired New York outfit with black fishnets, the funky bohemian patchwork jacket, and her pink and orange pop star duds. Not only is Lola a fashionista, but her own bedroom is a work of art and shows off her flair for dramatics. Follow these tips and tricks to establish elements of her bedroom style in your home.

Decorate with florals

In "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," Lola prefers floral accents. Lola's bedding often sported floral prints. Her bedroom also had a flower-printed lampshade and fresh-cut flowers her mother picked for her. Want to incorporate florals in your bedroom? According to Ely Mattress, you can go contemporary by picking flowers in season and placing them in vases. If you prefer darker tones, find inky blue-colored flowers or vibrant violets to decorate the bedroom. Instead of picking flowers, go bold by pasting tropical flower wallpaper with wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, and toucans.

Look for cream and peach-colored flowers to spruce up a living room (via Balsam Hill). Green and yellow flowers are common and look excellent against simple white accents in a living room or bedroom. Place green and yellow flowers in a vase on top of a bedroom table next to white bedding. These flowers look elegant on a coffee table next to a white couch. Grab picked flowers and place them in a basket or watering can to keep near a front door to welcome guests.

Incorporate art mobiles

In the film, Lola has an art mobile with various shapes and designs on her bedroom ceiling. While parents may buy nursery mobiles to hang above their baby's crib, mobiles can be fun for all ages. According to Darcy Miller Designs, you can do a DIY art mobile project during a rainy day or a slow summer evening. Art mobiles are a suitable way to upcycle cardboard or unused construction paper.

To brainstorm designs, trace shapes and objects on paper with a pencil. Cut out the desired shapes, take a laminate paper to fold over the shapes as a protective cover, and use a hole punch to make a hole for string or yarn to tie on a rod or tree branch. Grab beads, feathers, and shells to decorate the mobile for extra pizzazz. Discover interesting photos from magazines and newspapers to add to the art mobile. When completed, tie a string around each end of the mobile's rod and hang it on a nail tacked to a wall or a ceiling.

Go wild with chairs on chains

Lola has a rattan chair hanging from a chain on the ceiling of her bedroom. Usually shaped like eggs, these bubble chairs were created by a Finnish designer in the 1960s, according to Treehouse. People who seek comfort and relaxation enjoy swinging chairs because the rocking motion puts their muscles at ease. There is a variety of swinging chairs on the market. Ceiling chairs have a seat hanging on a rope attached to a hook connected to the ceiling. Hanging chairs with stands remain stationary on the floor as the chair swings. Brazilian hammock chairs look like average hammocks but can hang indoors. Setting up and storing Brazilian hammocks is easy.

Decide where to place hanging chairs in a bedroom or living room. Smaller rooms can manage hanging chairs installed in a corner (via Limbo Imports). Larger rooms can have hanging chairs installed on a ceiling in the middle of a room. Hanging chairs provide a chill vibe favored by adults and teenagers alike (via miss mv). When searching for proper hanging chair materials, check out chairs made from rattan and bamboo. Throw fluffy pillows on the chairs for extra comfort.

Add some bedside tables

Lola has a bedside table with drawers and cabinet spacing. Why do people design bedside tables? Organise My House explains that having bedside tables on either side of a bed fills space and lessens the need for additional dressing units. With the bed as the room's focal point, tables on either side balance the area. Having tables on either side of the bed allows fast access to bedtime items such as sleep aids, water, and novels.

In contemporary bedroom designs, there's no need to match bedside tables with the rest of the room (via Inspired to Style). It's antiquated to have furniture, bedding, and room decor all the same color. Think of what kind of nightstand works best by preference. Bedside tables with multiple drawers are ideal for people who need space to store their pajamas and intimates. Put a spin on the average bedside table by placing a bookcase or desk on either side of the bed if room allows. Make sure there's enough tabletop space for alarm clocks, cell phones, and chargers. Play with the aesthetics of the bedroom and have fun.

Include flameless candles

When Lola's mom refuses to buy her tickets to see the rock band SidArthur, Lola goes on a hunger strike in her bedroom. She meditates and places candles around her bedroom. While some parents don't allow their children to have lit candles in their bedroom, they can compromise with flameless candles. According to The Glossy Nest, these candles don't need oxygen for flames and are not a fire hazard. Put flameless candles inside outdoor lanterns on porch ledges or hang them around the front entryway. Have flameless candles placed on top of candle stands on shelving around the home to produce height.

Another way to incorporate flameless candles in the home is by placing them along windowsills to add light and serenity (via Balsam Hill). Decorate the dining room table for a special feast with flameless candles in glasses, flutes, and containers. Be unique with candle placement. Place a flameless candle on the sink or along the ledge of a bathtub to liven up a bathroom.

Show your state or city pride

To show her hometown pride, Lola had letters that spelled "NYC" tacked onto the side of her wall near her window. Lola missed New York City and still had relics from living there. According to Our Kind of Crazy, gathering souvenirs from formerly lived states or vacations enhances room design and home decor. Collect maps from various cities and states to put in frames to hang along a living room wall in an art photo gallery style. Create a collage of different maps to tack on top of a bedroom wall above a bed. Finding magnets at gift shops is another way to decorate with items from your travels. You can place magnets on the surface of refrigerators or use them for the home office to hold reminders and announcements on a desk or cabinet.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, fill your scrapbook with photos and mementos and put it on a coffee table for visitors to enjoy. Place a city or state flag inside a frame to display in a garage or family room. You can tape small flag pendants representing towns onto bedroom walls. Buy shot glasses, coffee mugs, and coasters at gift shops to decorate the kitchen with souvenirs.

Embrace name personalization

Lola spells her name in blocked letters on the side wall near her door. According to Life As Mama, there are plenty of diverse ways to personalize a child's name in their bedroom with decor. Check online or in stores to find a wooden wreath with the child's name. Name wreaths made of wood and metal detailing produce a chic and rustic vibe that looks timeless. Another way to personalize a child's bedroom is by framing their name and hanging it above a dresser. For a unique idea, craft a string project that spells out the child's name on a plaque to display in a bedroom.

Think of ways to personalize a child's name and integrate it into the furniture. Search online stores to purchase blankets and pillows with the child's name. You can cherish these items for years to come. Purchase a wooden rocking chair for babies and toddlers and inscribe their names. To store games and accessories, toy chests and boxes with the child's name painted on the side or top of the lid would fit right in with bedroom decor.

Don't forget desk lamps and tables

Next to her clothing wardrobe, Lola has a swivel headlamp that rests on top of her desk. Having a spot to complete homework and remote work usually requires a desk lamp for proper lighting and a table to keep supplies. For those who prefer brass tones, match a brass desk lamp with a brass table, per Maison Corbeil. Utilize desk lamps and tables near the dining room. Place a desk lamp on top of a ledge or table to shine light onto a dining area's setting.

Need light in an office or a library? Place lamps on bookshelves to illuminate the room and shine on the decor within the space. Swivel head table lamps work effectively in tight spaces, and you can use them in the bedroom as reading lamps. Be sure to find a reading lamp that doesn't take up too much room on a bedside table. A reading lamp works wonders to promote an atmosphere of calmness and brightness.

Find funky, retro elements

While "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" takes place in 2004, Lola loves retro decor. Her room includes retro pieces like a classic car model on top of a set of drawers and a cat clock hanging on a wall. Both items would fit into the 1950s or 1960s home setting. Love the style of the 1970s disco era? Add bedding in earthy shades like moss green and pumpkin orange, per Home Design Lover. Toss rainbow-striped pillows onto the bed for extra color. For people who feel adventurous, cover the living room walls in yellow and orange swirl 1960s wallpaper.

Those interested in retro furniture can look for single-seated cushioned chairs for the living room and inflatable furnishings (via Mobelaris). Couches and love seats with bulky and chunky designs were aesthetically pleasing to the eye back in the 1970s. Establish details of vintage or retro motifs by gathering records, lava lamps, and old-fashioned telephones for different rooms around the home.

Bring in the flamingoes

Since Lola's style was eccentric, her bedroom style was also quirky. Nothing says quirky like decorating with flamingos, like Lola. According to Sampleboard, a plastics company in the 1950s made flamingo lawn ornaments. Soon after, homeowners wanted to show off their charming yard decor by purchasing these plastic hot pink oddities. In the 1960s, the interest died down due to environmentalists and hippies protesting the overabundance of plastic while favoring natural-made products. Flamingo decorations became prominent in the 1970s as a status symbol for kitschy art.

Decorating with flamingo prints doesn't have to be tacky (via Aliz's Wonderland). Go online to check out flamingo wallpaper in a variety of colors and styles. Hang framed photos of flamingos along front entry hallways. In the living room, add a homey touch by having flamingo cushioned chairs and flamingo printed pillows to relax on. For kitchenware, add moxie by collecting flamingo-shaped measuring cups and flamingo-shaped ice cube trays for an exquisite design effect.

Spruce up your bed with throw pillows

Lola has decorative throw pillows in unique designs and textures on her bed. Dressing up a bed with intricately patterned blankets and sheets is a way to show off your personal bedroom style. When it comes to staying neutral, adding neutral-colored pillows is an effective way to keep things simple, per Lily & Val. A way to add dimension to a bed is by placing four pillows of the same size on top of the bed to create a sense of harmony.

For those who get overheated when sleeping, try to buy a cooling mattress (via Chrissy Marie Blog). Blankets with woven patterns tend to be made of lighter materials and won't cause the feeling of being overheated. Look into purchasing down-filled comforters when frosty winter weather hits. For extra fluffiness, place a duvet or blanket in the dryer to prevent flatness. Keep a throw blanket at the end of the bed just in case another blanket is needed for personal use.

Look for an artistic panel room divider

Lola has a decorative panel room divider with paintings of artistic faces. Since Lola has an extensively stylish wardrobe, she can use the decorated panel to change behind when needed. Panel room dividers work well for those who need privacy when changing in a small room, a cramped dorm, or a room shared with a sibling, per Room Dividers Ideas Blog. For those who are minimal maintenance, panel room dividers are easy to move and set up without complicated tools or extensive instructions.

Panel room dividers are ideal for hiding messes around desks or beds. You can use them to redirect foot traffic or prevent people from disturbing a particular space. Find ones with printed or hand-painted images for an artistic effect. Panel room dividers aren't just for bedrooms. They can also work as decor in home offices. Check out local stores to search for panel room dividers with built-in cork or chalkboard frames to tack notices or reminders. Perfect for the office and staying organized.

Hang up some string lights

Flamingo lights decorate the bedpost of Lola's bed. Stringed lights have gained popularity over the years due to their no-frills way of placement and lovely appeal. Decorate with stringed lights by grabbing mason jars and placing wadded-up LED lights inside, per The Bragging Mommy. Once the lids are tight on the mason jars, place them along the porch ledge. This look is fanciful and cheery during the nighttime. Create a celestial effect by painting the ceiling or the walls of a bedroom black and line LED string lights around the ceiling's border. String LED lights around the mantel of a fireplace for a touch of shine.

Think of ways to add string lights in areas of the home that could require light. Try to design with globe-stringed lights by placing them around a kitchen (via The Shabby Creek Cottage). To spark self-motivation at work, place stringed lights around the wall of a desk in an office. Decorate the front hall entryway of the home by stringing lights from the ceiling to add sparkle and glimmer to an otherwise plain space.

Get inspired by Y2K and McBling era aesthetics

Teen movies like "Confessions of a Drama Queen" are regaining popularity due to the resurgence in early and mid-2000s clothing styles, movies, and television shows. Y2K aesthetics play on the turn of the millennium with metallics and innovative technology. McBling aesthetics focus on brand names, pink, and accessories designed with gems. Take note of Lola's Bratz doll bag hanging on her bedroom wall for inspiration.

For those who desire a 2000s bedroom aesthetic, establish key elements by decorating inflatable furniture and mini storage lockers with era-specific stickers, per The Other Aesthetic. Beaded curtains above a bedroom door and glow-in-the-dark sticker stars on the ceiling add to the mystique. Be playful with checkerboard, butterfly, and heart prints. Create elaborate collages with printed pages of actors and cartoon characters. Exposed clothing racks showing off Y2K and McBling era fashions are prominent in bedrooms. Find bedsheets in zebra and leopard prints with faux fur and velvet trim. Look for eye-catching patterns and colors. There are no limits to designing a 2000s-inspired bedroom.