The Best Bedroom Color For A Soothing Vibe

Your bedroom color plays a vital role in the energy and vibe of the space. It can have a huge effect on your mood, which is why you should want to go all out and give yourself the very best of the best. You want your bedroom to feel like your favorite place to be in the world, and that starts with choosing the best color for your bedroom: blue. According to Frieze, blue is considered the most relaxing color in the world. The data found is based on a study that took place by the British paper company G.F Smith and the University of Suffix in 2019.

More than 26,500 people participated in the study from over 100 countries. Many people favored blue more than other colors, and they find it relaxing, serene, and comforting. Not to mention, it's a unique choice for bedroom decor. If this was all the convincing you needed for a bedroom color change, give yourself an inspirational new bedroom transformation you've been longing for and get into all the feels of blue because there are a number of ways to incorporate it into your decor style.

You'll sleep like a baby every single night

According to Casper, not only is color capable of affecting your mood, but it can also affect how well you sleep. Different colors can affect whether you're happy or sad, so it's important to choose bedroom colors that make you feel good, safe, and uplifted, and this is where blue comes in. Think of the sky and the ocean. What emotion comes to you? More than likely, a feeling of calmness or peace. This is why it's the best bedroom color. Because blue promotes a sense of calmness, it's exactly how you want to feel in your bedroom before falling asleep at night. According to Our Sleep Guide, based on a Travelodge study done in 2013, people with blue bedrooms sleep the best compared to every other color. You'll sleep better, you'll wake up happier, and you'll have more energy. Get into the beauty of blue; you have a number of hues for your choosing.

It's more than worth it

Still not convinced? Well, you might be after this because, according to Travelodge, people who sleep in blue bedrooms get almost eight hours every night, with an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes. According to Our Sleep Guide, the average individual doesn't generally get 7 hours of sleep, so if you fall into this category and you're someone who only gets 6 hours or less of sleep every night, this might be a great option for you to consider. Sleep is extremely important, and your quality of sleep is something you can control. You'll have a number of blue tones to work with, and there are no rules. You can incorporate different shades of blue together or stick to solid colors only. This is your bedroom, your safe space, so be intentional about it. It's a fun DIY home decor project; you'll love your new space and sleep better than ever.