How To Decorate Your Home Like The House From Charmed

Whether you're a fan of the original or the reboot, there's no denying the Power of Three comes with a great sense of style. Why wouldn't you want to learn how to decorate your home like the ones on "Charmed?" The Halliwell sisters and the Vera/Vaughn trio lived in magnificent Victorian style homes with whimsigothic decor in different parts of the country. There's something magical about both of these houses.

Hooked on Houses explains that the original "Charmed" house — Halliwell Manor — is in the center of a pentagram. That, and being built over the nexus of evil, gave these particular women their powers. However, it was also a responsibility. The family lived there for generations, guarding a concentration of energy that could have gone either way — good or evil — and made them responsible for ensuring the forces of good outweighed those of evil on the universal scale. Vera Manor, on the other hand, had its own armory. It contained all the weapons the second-coming of the "Charmed" trio might need to avenge their mother's death and continue her fight against evil. Here are some charming ways to bring the Power of Three to your home.

Opt for bold colors

The Halliwell's Victorian manor was in San Francisco on the show, but Hooked on Houses reports that this historic home is actually in Los Angeles, just outside Echo Park. The Innes family lived there for 40 years before selling, but many neighboring houses fell into disrepair in the 1950s. The CW network selected the Innes House to serve as the exterior of Halliwell Manor (via Los Angeles Conservancy). It was similar enough to the famous Painted Ladies near Alamo Square in San Francisco to be believable.

Painted Ladies is a term used to describe Victorian houses that have been repainted in three or more colors to enhance their entryways (via The Color Concierge). Changing the colors of a home can make all the difference. Switching from neutral shades to brighter, more vibrant ones can do wonders for your home. You don't need to paint your house pink to embrace the painted lady theme. Bright blues, whites, greens, and brick reds can make your exterior look gorgeous while blending in with your more conservative red-brick neighbors. If trying to replicate one of the "Charmed" houses, opt for red. The exterior of Halliwell Manor was cranberry with white trim. Behr's Cranberry Whip from The Home Depot is an excellent choice to recreate the look.

Use stained glass for windows and doors

The next best feature of Halliwell Manor? The great stained glass front door. The good news is this is trendy at the moment, so there are quite a few places to find either full doors with stained glass or stained-glass panels you can add to existing doors. If you live in the UK, The Stained Glass Doors Company offers custom-built doors and a fitting service in London, Kent, Guildford, Surrey, Winchester, Southampton, and Sussex. The glass is glazed on-site and fitted into reclaimed and salvaged Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian doors.

If you want a design like Halliwell Manor, this find from Etsy is an excellent choice. It is painted white, not stained, but reclaimed from a similar period, and has a design like the one on the Halliwell's front door. You can find a matching pair of doors like the ones from "Charmed" on eBay. Of course, if money is no concern, you can always custom order your doors. Etsy has some excellent choices of both doors and door inserts that can help bring the Power of Three to your current or future home.

Brighten up your attic with windows

The attic is where the "Charmed" ones first discovered they had the Power of Three. It's where they kept the Book of Shadows, the Halliwell spell book, family history, and many other items former generations had collected over the years. You may have plenty of family memorabilia and storage containers in your attic already. If you don't, there are ways to add stylized pieces to create this effect. A Cottage in the City sells storage benches and trunks of reclaimed pine that will lead to incredible attic transformations.

Windows were a less common feature in the Halliwell and Vera Manor attics. The Halliwells, of course, had stained glass. Stained glass was one of the best things about Halliwell Manor, where many Millennials grew up wanting to live (via Buzzfeed). While often overlooked, attics are a wonderful place to add windows (via Forner LaVoy Builders). They bring light in, allowing you to do more with the space. Most of the spells, incantations, and other escapades the Halliwell Manor attic was known for could not have happened with the lighting most of us have in our attics.

Line your stairs in dark tones

There's an excellent staircase in "Charmed." Of course, installing a staircase is a significant project. However, if you already have one, there are some witchy ways for you to dress it up. Stair runners are a fantastic way to bring color and style to your steps. Both "Charmed" houses favor dark shades — red in the reboot and navy blue in the original. You can recreate this style in many ways. Opt for heavy fabrics in dark colors with floral prints if you want to imitate one of the manors. These accent the dark wood common in Victorian homes.

According to Rugs, stair runners are not just a decorative addition to your home but also a practical one. They absorb noise and buffer wear and tear, which makes them great for homes with kids or pets. Professional installation is best when using rug runners on stairs. The good news is that there are some other areas where rug runners also look great, and you can put them in these places yourself — hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, and entryways. To get started, choose your fabric and colors, then measure. You want to leave 2 to 3 inches on each side of your runner wherever you decide to put it.

Dress up your windows with lace curtains

The heavy lace you're likely thinking of when you hear about lace curtains is closer to the style that hung in Halliwell Manor than Vera Manor. However, those sheer curtains hanging in the house in the reboot are the modern-day version of lace curtains.

According to Voila Voile, you only think lace curtains are out of style because you imagine those old-school versions. Lace is now known as sheer and comes in many varieties and different color options. Lace is also easy to clean and maintain (via Hindustan Times). You can hand wash, or in most cases, put it right in your washing machine on the gentle or delicate cycle. There are places besides curtains where you can use lace to turn up the Victorian vibe in your home. Use it as a runner on your tables or under dishes and vases on display.

Add wood beams to a room

In the traditional sense, the conservatory room was only in the original version of "Charmed." Only Victorian homes, and possibly mansions, have conservatories. Nowadays, we'd call this a sunroom, or maybe a greenroom. There is one of those in the reboot, located — not unlike the original — next to the dining room.

The primary benefit of this space in Halliwell Manor is lots of stained glass. In the Vera manor, the light filters through loads of windows. Other features make these rooms bright and airy too. For the Halliwells, this was whitewashed beams across a white ceiling. For the Vera/Vaughns, the ceiling beams are darker but narrower, making the room seem open and spacious. Have beams already, but they're too dark? You can whitewash them, per Maison de Pax. Don't have them? They're easy to add, and you don't need to use real wood if cost is an issue (via Instructables).

Show off your dishes with glass-faced cabinets

The glass cabinet style was widespread in Victorian-style kitchens. The manor was nothing if not traditional. Woodmaster Kitchens points out some reasons you might want these in your home even if you aren't a Haliwell hopeful. The glass can lighten up dark spaces and make your kitchen lighting scheme shine. While the girls kept potion-making supplies in their cabinets, you are welcome to showcase whatever you want. These items could be glasses, plates, or even decorations.

If you're not sure you want everyone to see everything in your cabinets, you have some options. Textured options provide visual interest to prevent them from being so see-through (via Kitchen Magic). Reeded glass features vertical lines in a repetitive pattern. These can hide all manner of sins and slapdash stacking following dishwashing. Water glass is probably a better option if you're looking for glass that isn't entirely clear but doesn't block out all your beautiful dishware. This non-linear and more complex pattern works with Victorian and more contemporary decorating styles.

Ditch the paint and hang up wallpaper

The Halliwell and Vera Manor feature their fair share of wallpaper. This style was trendy back in the day. The good news is that it's making a comeback. At least, according to The Washington Post. Be more careful with this than paint, though. It's more challenging to change, so you want to ensure you're not choosing a faddish or trendy option you will fall out of love with in a year or two. If you're looking for Victorian-style wallpaper, Spoonflower has you covered.

Another trend seen in Halliwell Manor is the wallpaper on the ceiling. Lulu and Georgia have some traditional styles that work well if you're unsure about adding wallpaper to this part of your home. They create the look of textured paint instead of going all out with a pattern or print. You will join a long line of successful ceiling decorators. Ceilings used to be extensively decorated — with plaster, gilding, and painted frescoes — before the more recent trend of simply painting them (via Old House Journal).

Decorate your dining room

Both the Halliwell and Vera Manor have designated dining spaces. This look was a common design aspect in Victorian homes. The Halliwells, however, had upholstered, armless chairs surrounding their table. The Veras had a more contemporary design with wooden chairs and fabric cushions. However, the good news is that vintage is in right now. You can get either type of chair at places like Front Gate if you're trying to recreate one of the "Charmed" manors at your home.

Both dining rooms also had Victorian chandeliers and wallpaper. Lights Online recommend using a streamlined design to avoid competing with other design elements. Full, "Charmed"-level Victorian decor has an abundance of glitz. If you're looking for a more modern version, try pairing frilly options on your lamps with plain walls or couches. Alternatively, opt for simple lamps with intricate couches and ornate walls. That should help balance out your room.

Add comfort to the sitting room

Most houses now have living rooms, which the Halliwell Manor also had, but in their home, the sitting room was separate and used much more often. And in both the Halliwell and Vera Manors, these rooms are where the staircase starts. Staircases are a significant part of a home, even when they don't lead to enchanted attics and the Book of Shadows. A staircase is an entrance into its deeper realms.

In the original "Charmed," this is where the chandelier hung. In the Halliwell Manor, there were also velvet armchairs. Hipcouch recommends using them to add a bit of glamour to your home. You can also use a velvet couch if you have space or add some soft cushions or curtains. Add some contrasting jewel-toned pillows like bright teals, purples, and oranges for some fun. Pairing pillows is simpler than you might imagine (via Bobby Berk). Stick to two to three colors and choose one large and one small scale pattern. This way, you won't overdo it.

Make your floors inviting

Parquet and Persian rugs are on the floor of the Halliwell foyer. This style looks beautiful in Victorian homes. However, there are still some things to consider, even when your elements are this simple. According to Catalina Rugs, the texture is as important as color and style when choosing a Persian rug. They recommend decorating with mid-century modern styles even if you have a Victorian home. Several Persian rugs in the Halliwell Manor have this style, including the home's exterior. It features bold pops of color and geometric designs that make a statement, and they look lovely with wood flooring.

You'll want parquet if you're trying to live like the characters on "Charmed". This flooring is typically in a herringbone pattern, but you can arrange it in many designs or variations (via goodworksfurniture). Feel free to get creative with your color options. If you're looking to lighten and brighten the appearance of your foyer, you can whitewash your parquet. Like wood beams on a ceiling, this can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your home. You can also go dark and glossy if you prefer a more classic look.

Keep bathrooms bright and airy

In the Halliwell house, the bathrooms featured a variety of styles, colors, and designs. One of the bathrooms had a corner shower, while another had a tub with a surrounding curtain. Anyone who watched the original show knows the house had three bathrooms. Whether the third was a full or a half bath is debatable.

It seems like it would be a half bath, like most downstairs locations. However, anyone who saw the episode where Prue cloned herself remembers that all three Prues claimed to have used up all the water in the house with their long showers. So, unless there's some witchy way to shower in a half bath, we are left to believe there was a full one downstairs. Decorate the walls with wallpaper to create a vintage-inspired bathroom in your home, per 21 Oak. Opt for simple floral prints or pastoral scenes. If wallpaper isn't your thing, choose light blue, mint green, creamy yellow, or dusty rose shades of paint for some vintage flair.

Make a big statement with oversized headboards

Oversized headboards are an essential decor element in all the bedrooms at Halliwell Manor. While the bed style is different in each room, the beds were big enough to fit three women. There is a sleigh-type bed in the Vera Manor, not unlike the one in Piper's bedroom in the original. MattressNut suggests adding fabric and upholstery to make heavy wood pieces seem lighter. This tip works whether your style is Victorian or more modern.

One of the easiest ways to dress up or update a sleigh bed is by adding fabric and foam batting over the traditional wood. You can cover the wood frame with this fabric and leave it smooth or add accents, like buttons and tufting. Adding stylish accessories, like those jewel-toned pillows you used in your sitting room, can also help brighten a room if you are overwhelmed by a dark sleigh bed but don't want to deal with the task of upholstering it. Many of the beds in Halliwell Manor had pillows of some sort piled on them. The room's occupant determined the type and color. You can do the same in your home, filling each room with unique style and personality.