Bryan Baeumler's Expert Advice For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Bryan Baeumler has made quite a name for himself as a host of many of HGTV's Canadian TV shows. As a former handyman and businessman, he has developed television programming that has sealed his reputation for reliability when it comes to advice for everything related to home building and ownership. According to his website, he is a Gemini award recipient and has dual degrees in Political Science and Business. He has also written articles sharing the best way to keep a home energy-efficient year-round, and the answer might surprise you. 

While solar panels and whole house fans are great ways to keep your bills down, there's actually an even more efficient way you likely haven't thought of: investing in a smart thermostat. While it certainly isn't free to install one, it's a much more affordable option than other processes like the big price tag found on the aforementioned solar panels. A smart thermostat is reasonably priced and can make a big difference on your future energy bills. 

The upside of a smart thermostat

A lot of homeowners realize quickly that maintaining a thermostat can be challenging when you're coming and going each day. That's where a smart thermostat comes in — not only can it be scheduled to fit your family's regular routine, but it also can be controlled remotely. As Bryan Baeumler recently wrote in a piece for HGTV, if you turn your heat down at bedtime and then up at the start of the day, your thermostat will learn this pattern and start to automatically do it on its own, eliminating the need for manual controlling. 

Your smart thermostat can be controlled from virtually anywhere, making it even more convenient. All of them come with an app that allows you to make adjustments via your phone or tablet, too. This is especially valuable when mistakes happen, like being out of town and realizing you forgot to turn the air conditioner off. You could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars each month by having this remote access to your thermostat, while helping to save the planet, too.