20 Rooms That Showcase The Perfection Of Pink Marble

In the past, the color pink has typically only been seen as feminine. Now, different shades of this beautiful color are being incorporated in modern, contemporary, and sophisticated designs. It's not just a color for women, as men can also enjoy this color as well in whatever style they please. We're lucky enough to enjoy different mediums of this color, such as paint, fabric, and tile. But pink marble is something on a whole other level that is capable of truly elevating our living quarters.

If you're a fan of designing with marble, maybe choosing one of a pink variety will give you the new, chic look you've been searching for. It's a very versatile color, and can complement a variety of other colors, such as brown, black, green, gold, silver, white, or even navy blue; these different color combinations create different moods for each space, per HGTV. Let's take a look at some wonderful pink marble designs you may be able to incorporate into your own home.

1. Mixture of texture

This bathroom design does a wonderful job of mixing different textures, such as the smooth, pink marble on the floor, and the same marble material seen in a grid pattern behind the sink. They also added a pink, concrete texture on the back wall for contrast and interest. This overall design is bright and relaxing.

2. Kitchen backsplash

This kitchen design is tied together with two complementary colors, pink and green. The mint green cabinets stand out, as the pink, tiled marble backsplash creates a beautiful yet soft background.

3. Mixture of color

The pink marble on the floor of this bathroom blends well with the rest of the space. The strokes of black complement the black marble on the wall, and its pink shades pop out when next to the pink vanity.

4. Bathtub surround

This pink marble bathtub surround is elegant yet simple. This tile is most likely ceramic or porcelain as the pattern goes in just one direction, while the veining on real marble goes in all directions. However, this is a great budget-friendly choice for those who want to incorporate the pink marble look into their bathroom.

5. Herringbone

Marble nowadays comes in all types of sizes and shapes. Mosaics are also available to purchase, such as this pink marble herringbone pattern, which makes stunning backsplashes for bathrooms or kitchens. The white, glossy countertop is also an awesome touch because of its ability to reflect the pink marble.

6. Table top

You can easily bring pink marble into your bedroom or living space by purchasing furniture with a pink, marble top. This designer pulled out the pink tones from the marble by placing pink flowers on top, with complementary colors of gold as the vase.

7. Beautiful colors

This marble floor is a beautiful stone mixed with pink, blue, and other dark hues. It creates movement throughout the space and matches perfectly with the black cabinets and pink, brick backsplash.

8. Herringbone backsplash

This marble is similar to the previous marble shown but is instead formed into a herringbone pattern for the backsplash. It is beautifully offset with the black paint, which really pushes all the colors in the marble front and center. The lighter pink tone of the cabinets has also created the subtle contrast necessary for a balanced space.

9. Marble blocks

This room mixes pink, white, black, gold, and a touch of green, creating a harmony of colors. The pink marble blocks located in the back and front of the room add a level of sophistication due to their simplicity, but they also add enough interest to ensure the room doesn't become bland.

10. Marble countertop

Having a pink marble countertop in your kitchen or bar space will create an elegant display. Having the perfect dishware and decor set on top will only add to its beauty, while it creates a warm and welcoming design.

11. Marble ripples

This bathroom is a mixture of two marbles that complement each other. The white and gold marble is perfect behind the pink bathtub, and the color scheme switches nearby with a white vanity and pink marble behind. This creates an overall feeling of harmony and balance.

12. Light and dark

Here, they've designed the bathroom with both light and dark pink marble. This is a perfect way to create a monochromatic design with a bit of contrast, and the gold accents add a perfect touch of class.

13. Great substitution for white

You may be sick of entirely white bathrooms, but love the bright, simple, clean look of them. You can still accomplish that look with soft shades of pink, such as in this bathroom with blush pink walls and pink marble flooring. It's bright and also a fresh new look for you to enjoy.

14. Complementary colors

This marble tile does a great job of mixing together complementary colors: green and pink. It's a naturally harmonious design that is easy for you to work with. 

15. Side table

This pink marble side table is created beautifully with black, metal legs — a complementary color of pink. It's a great piece to make a room feel more mature, especially when paired with silk drapery.

16. Fireplace

This eclectic space is tied perfectly together with this pink marble fireplace. The mixture of pink and purple is retro, but the marble helps elevate the overall design.

17. Pink room

Although the entire room is covered in pink marble, from the floor to the wall, as well as the shelves, it does not feel overwhelming. The color is bright and the veining is simple, and it looks beautiful when contrasted with dark wood.

18. Subtly pink

This type of marble is great for those who don't want something that is too pink. The base is gray, but it has a tinge of pink that is easily pulled out when surrounded by pink objects. If you want the pink to constantly be visible, you can set up some pink decor around and on top of it.

19. Glossy finish

This glossy, pink marble countertop stands out beautifully against the black cabinetry. It also goes well with the pale, pink subway tile that sits nicely in the background to allow the marble to truly shine front and center.

20. Enjoy the outdoors

Pink marble can be enjoyed outside as well. Having it as your outdoor table can create a magnificent focal point that you later can design your whole aesthetic around.