Here's How To Incorporate Trendy Checkered Print Into Your Home Decor

It's important to stay on top of what trends are in and out of style in the home décor realm. According to Imm Cologne, checkered prints, such as plaid and checkerboard, are going to be all the rage again this season. While checkered patterns can be seen everywhere from fashion to beauty, they're making an impact in interior design as well. Mugs, rugs, cushions, and flooring are just a few interior design elements that incorporate checkered prints. 

While dual-colored fabrics have been a popular interior design choice for generations, checkered flooring only became common during the European Renaissance. Later, in the 1920s, black and white checkered flooring made a comeback in kitchens and bathrooms. The classic pattern is now making its way into many design aspects, providing a style that is both timeless and chic. So how can you incorporate it into your own home? We have a few ideas you might like.

Keep it simple

If you want to start using the checkered trend in a small but noticeable way, Aesthetic Roomcore suggests adding smaller items such as tapestries, art, bedding, or desk accessories. They are a relatively cheap and temporary alternative to a more expensive and permanent design commitment. They also explain that this trend can complement a wide range of different aesthetic choices, such as vintage, indie, and grunge, so it's definitely something we can all try.

Decoist adds that checkered print can be a little risky, so it's important to be careful when you incorporate it into your home decor. Adding smaller touches is the perfect way to avoid a disaster. They recommend throw-blankets, accent pillows, or even lamp shades. Another way to keep it simple is to go for checkered patterns in muted colors as opposed to bold and bright colors. Taupe, off-white, or power blue make excellent, understated options.

Make a statement

If you're feeling especially bold, you can try making a statement with a checkered print. According to Melanie Jade Design, a little goes a long way. They suggest using it in smaller rooms like a home office or bathroom. Kitchen tiles are another great option to incorporate a checkered theme into your home for a daring yet subdued design. Checkered flooring, for example, is a great way to make your home chic and glamorous. If, however, retiring is out of your budget, you could opt for a DIY painted checkerboard pattern on your floors using chalkboard paint.

Storables also recommends adding checkered furniture to make a statement. It would go best with modern furniture. You could also opt for carpets and area rugs with a checkered print for a daring and dynamic look. Checkered wallpaper is also an option, while a less permanent but equally eye-catching alternative are checkered curtains.

Mix and match

Blending checkered prints with other prints is another underrated but quirky interior design hack. According to the Washington Post, mixing patterns is a risky business, but it's not impossible to get right. They recommend geometric checks and patterns with a more organic look, such as florals, in similar hues for a cohesive yet peppy feel. Plaids are another variation of the checkered print that can add a sophisticated yet modern feel, especially when used in fun colors such as pastels. They also recommend mixing checks with chinoiserie.

Ballard Designs emphasizes that two of the best strategies to keep in mind when mixing patterns are to maintain balance and to use patterns in similar shades. For example, a bold pattern pairs well with other patterns that are either smaller in scale or have a solid color. This will maintain balance without the risk of the room being visually overbearing.