The Least Expensive Sofas At Target

Target is most folks' go-to store when it comes to shopping for clothes, skincare, kitchenware, gaming, etc. It's also the perfect place to roam around when you don't have anything to do on a random Tuesday. Even when you go to Target without a list, you can still somehow leave with at least $100 worth of things. Insider states that people spend more money at Target because of their easily accessible products and organized setup. Their bright lights, vibrant colors, and wide aisles attract consumers, making them spend more time there than they need to. 

With the massive variety of products sold at Target, it should be no surprise that the retail giant has a range of furniture. Furniture can be an expensive investment, especially when it comes to sofas, so having various brands allows for more options at different price points. If you're looking for a new sofa for your living room or bedroom, here are a few options Target has at affordable prices.

Room Essentials futon

Futons can make for a great first sofa since they're simple and comfortable, or they're perfect if you're looking for something minimalist. Room Essentials is one Target brand that tailors to students but can be great for shoppers of any age. The Room Essentials gray futon with armrests is on sale for $159, which is $81 off the original price. This piece converts into a bed so you can have a guest or two stay the night and have a comfortable place to sleep. Customers who purchased the futon claim that it's a sturdy sofa that is easy to assemble, especially for those who aren't so handy with furniture.

If you're looking for something less expensive, Room Essentials has another futon for $97. It's an all-black sofa without armrests and has a black finish wooden base; its original price was $120. It can also convert into a bed by folding the backrests flat down. Customers also enjoyed this sofa claiming it was easy to put together, durable, and comfortable, all for a great price.

Kid's sofa

If you're unsure of whether it's a good idea or not to buy your little one a sofa, Kaplan claims that buying child-sized furniture will help kids become more independent. Setting up a space that is their own where they can access their books and toys will help them develop habits to keep when they grow up.

While this may not be the sofa you pick to be the centerpiece of your living room, it's sure to make your little ones happy as an addition to their playroom or bedroom. Target's Disney's Frozen 2 Marshmallow plush sofa is on sale for $64.99. Its original price was $83.74, so you save $18.75 for a good-sized sofa that seats two kids and has a pullout cushion that turns into a sleeper bed, per Target. The cushions are made of soft, lightweight foam, so when you receive them in the mail, they'll be compressed in their box but expand to normal size.

Foldable sofa chair

While we're not sure we would consider this a sofa, Target lists this Folding Lazy Gaming chair as one of their least expensive sofa options. It's on sale for $77.99, 13% off the original price of $89.99. The chair is made of flannel fabric with high-density foam inside it (via Target). It can be a great floor chair or, when laid flat, used as a spot to lay down and rest or seat more than one person.

It does come in various colors, like pink, black, and a light brown instead of the dark coffee brown, so if you think you have the perfect place for this sofa chair, you can try it out. There was one review on this item in which the customer who bought it claims they returned it after one day of having it due to the "mechanism not working out of the box," and even though it was easy to assemble, it wasn't the best quality.