How To Decorate Your Room Like Rose's Quarters In Titanic

From the iconic theme song to the love between characters Jack and Rose, "Titanic" is a classic 1997 film that has won the hearts of millions, per IMDb. In the movie, Rose and her fiancee Cal occupy a first-class stateroom aboard the infamous Titanic. The duo shared one of few suites on the large ship and lived in the lap of luxury during the voyage. From the plush fabrics to the wall moldings and upholstery chairs, the first-class suite was nothing short of elegance. This room included sitting rooms, dressing rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Everyone wanted to travel across the ocean in this level of comfort and class.

You can recreate the first-class sophistication and style in your home by finding inspiration in the film and decorating with a modern twist. With elements like wallpaper, fresh flowers, and rugs, your interior can be as lavish as it appears on the big screen. For all the ways to decorate a room like Rose's quarters in "Titanic" and to create a contemporary vintage vibe at home, continue reading.

Embrace wallpaper with large floral prints

For a dramatic room alteration, dress up the walls in your space with wallpaper. One of the most noticeable changes you can make to your interior that reflects Rose's quarters on the ship is decorating with wallpaper. "The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever," interior designer Martyn Laurence Bullard told Vogue. "Too small of a pattern in a large room can become fussy and annoying, too large can overpower the space." Wallpaper is known for being eye-catching, whether it's a bold or subtle pattern. The right design can impact a room's atmosphere and dimensional texture.

Choose a wallpaper style that reflects the early 1900s. The selection of wallpaper styles can be overwhelming, but none capture Rose's room better than a damask printed pattern. Damask wallpaper in dark hues, as pictured on the cabin walls above, captures the room's essence in your interior. These vintage-inspired patterns are a trending wall decoration (via Livingetc). Incorporate a peel-and-stick or traditional style wallpaper in the bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room.

Upcycle vintage furniture

Next time you rewatch "Titantic," notice the wood designs and intricate details on the furniture. Throughout various scenes, you will see furnishings with ornate details. Replicating these furniture pieces isn't as difficult as one may think since vintage furniture has found its footing in interiors today. You can incorporate these timeless curves and edges in your home for the perfect stateroom look with a twist.

While you may keep the look classic with a traditional wood appearance and drawer pulls, consider upcycling your old piece of furniture with some paint for an old-world vibe. Paint the furniture piece with your favorite bold dark color like Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams available at Lowe's, or stick to neutrals. When working with wood furniture, prep the piece properly since you want the paint to adhere correctly for a long-lasting finish. Lightly sanding will prepare the wood for primer, paint, or stain, per Upcycle That. Upcycle old furniture and give it a new look and purpose in your home.

Add ornate accessories around the room

Who says small decor can't be statement worthy? It's all about the small accessories when recreating a movie scene at home. Recreate the aesthetic of Rose's room by decorating with small objects around the interior from the era. Find inspiration from the decor on the mantel from Rose's quarters on the ship. The mantel has antique vases, flowers, small dishes, and old clocks. These elements are perfect for creating a vintage vibe on the shelves, table tops, nightstands, and mantels around your home. Other vintage accessories like these opera glasses from Amazon are ideal for a coffee table or bookshelf in the office. Make it personal by displaying family heirlooms, old china, or fancy tea sets.

Accessories that look and feel old can create a welcoming feeling of nostalgia. Even if it's alluring, too much of a particular style can overwhelm the space. Not everything needs to look old to achieve the vibe. Try blending a mixture of vintage decor, like porcelain vases, with contemporary furniture, like an oval coffee table. The combination of styles will create a modern-day aesthetic.

Consider a bed skirt and canopy

If you're looking to add a bit of glam to the bedroom inspired by Rose's room aboard the Titanic, consider adding a canopy above the bed. While elegant to gaze at, they were once primarily intended for warmth and privacy. According to The Bedding Mart, canopy beds were once a symbol of royalty. The fabric was draped across the top of what were typically four post beds in a luxurious way and often had tassels to tie back the panels. In the image above, you can see Rose is holding onto one of the bed posts in her first class suite. Canopy beds are not uncommon and give a regal feel to the bedroom.

No posts, no problem. You can recreate the canopy look in your bedroom using curtain rod ceiling brackets like these seen on Amazon. Properly secured, these fastened brackets will begin to tailor the draped canopy look around your bed. Find your favorite curtains based on light filtration from sheer to total blackout, and hang the curtain rods with the panels to surround the bed frame. Tie them back for a beautiful silhouette, or let them hang loose to shield the room from prying eyes and daylight.

Decorate with millwork from the ceilings to the walls

The walls in the most luxurious rooms of the Titanic were intricately detailed and often one-of-a-kind. Wallpaper wasn't the only decoration for these flat surfaces. The image above shows just how elaborate the walls could be aboard the ship and what look you can achieve in your home. Consider adding moldings with corner embellishments, wall trimmings, and gold coloring to mimic the walls of Rose's quarters. All of these wall elements aren't necessary for the full effect. Incorporating even one will instantly elevate the vertical space in your home.

Dress up the walls and ceilings by enhancing these areas in the interior of your home with molding designs that seemingly go on forever. One tip is to carry the millwork designs from the walls onto the ceiling. "This draws the attention up, making your ceilings feel taller than they actually are," interior designer Farah Merhi told House Beautiful. This sort of impact is ideal in small or large spaces as the continuation of the molding blends edges. Continue the design on the backs of doors for a truly seamless look across the entire wall.

Play with materials and fabrics

The walls were not the only luxurious attribute in Rose's quarters on the ship. The furniture was equally impressive, with wood carvings and upholstery fabrics in different materials and designs. Consider adding upholstery chairs to your interior with materials and fabrics that mimic Rose's quarters in the movie.

Decorate your room for the suite life by incorporating lush materials like velvet for a lavish look. According to Kathy Kuo Home, velvet is a weaving of yarn combined with different twists, fabrics, and techniques. Velvet textures vary in style, sheen, color, design, and pattern from crushed, silk, embossed, linen, and velveteen. Other materials such as leather, silk, wool, and cotton are ideal for your everyday seating arrangements. This fabric is ultra chic and durable, but synthetic materials, cotton, linen, and woven fabrics add texture and dimension to a space. Consider mixing a few seats with different upholstery materials for an authentic atmosphere.

Include lighting fixtures on the walls, ceiling, and tables

For a simple addition that makes a statement on or off, try changing the lighting fixtures in the room or adding a few new ones. Rose's suite features multiple lighting sources, from wall sconces to lamps and chandeliers. Don't hesitate to incorporate any one, if not all, of these fixtures into your home. Mix up the metals and lampshade silhouettes for an authentic arrangement of fixtures in your space. From the walls to the tables and ceilings, light fixtures are diverse. The differences are what give the room its classic appeal.

There are light fixtures for different tasks, but one of the most notable is a wall sconce. Allow light to cascade down the walls in your home and decorate with sconces. Consider room size when shopping for the perfect wall sconces for your place. You want the fixture to serve as a secondary light source at the very least. Ensure to factor in light direction for the placement, no matter where you hang the fixture. Upward-facing light should be at least 12 inches from the ceiling, per YLighting. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and table lamps should be a part of the decor since they break up space and add charm.

Lean vintage mirrors against the walls

From the parlor to the bedroom, you can capture a glimpse of a vintage mirror leaning against the walls in Rose's quarters aboard the ship. In the image above, you can see Rose checking her dress in the reflection of a mirror resting on a table. If you have a blank wall above a table in your home, consider decorating it with a vintage-style mirror in a gold, black, brown, silver, or brass finish.

Leaning mirrors are trendy and stylish in every interior. Add style to your home by layering an ornate mirror at the entryway, a bed, or a fireplace to add style to your home. "Large mirrors are a classic focal point above living room fireplaces," interior designer Zoe Warren told Good Housekeeping. "Traditional wooden, metal or gold-leaf frames are ideal for this, but they can be weighty. So, hanging them correctly is essential." Open your space and reflect its beauty by decorating with mirrors fit for first-class affairs. The best placement for mirrors around the home is where they maximize light. These highly purposeful elements make a statement in any home.

Get creative with vintage artwork in modern frames

Decorate your walls with a vintage art collection like Rose's or DIY a beautiful drawing that mimic's Jack's natural talent. The way you obtain the art is your choice. Ensure it fits the vintage vibe, and you get it on the walls in style. Curating art that stacks up to a collection of Picasso and Monet is often a significant financial investment that takes time. However, there are other means to achieving a vintage vibe on the walls of your interiors. You can always make it yourself, purchase a vintage-inspired piece from a local market, or find a duplicated masterpiece.

Whether thrifted, handmade, remade, or collected, update the vintage-inspired art with something new. Consider putting it in a modern frame for a contemporary twist on a vintage classic. "You can easily mix-and-match vintage paintings with updated frames," interior designer Mikel Welch told The Zoe Report. This way, the collection doesn't appear too dated in your interior. Vintage-inspired pieces throughout the home will enhance the old-world feel and elevate the otherwise flat surface, while contemporary frames keep the style relevant.

Bring in floral upholstery accent chairs

When decorating with accent chairs, maximalist taste is a must for a room like Rose's. Flora and fauna patterns are almost on every chair's fabric since this design was popular in the early 1900s. "The Victorian's, with their winter gardens and potted palms, also saw floral or nature-themed patterns as a respite from the increasingly gray world outside their windows," Director of Fine Art at 1stDibs, Anthony Barzilay Freund, told Vogue. "For the last few years we've seen growing interest in what is known as the Grand Millennial look; a youthful, hipster-influenced reimaging of your grandmother's decor."

You can add one of these statement chairs to a corner of the room or double the fun with two floral upholstery pieces at the end of the bed or adjacent to the sofa. There are many pieces of furniture to consider when decorating a room, but none are as flexible as an accent chair. The versatility is endless, and these furnishings can be dressed up or down and moved all around.

Enhance the room with vintage rugs

Continuing with that maximalist flare, bring the floral designs from eye level down onto the floor. Decorate your home to parallel Rose's living quarters by choosing a richly colored rug with a bold floral pattern. Flora and fauna designs were popular, as visible in the sofa, the chairs, ottomans, and rugs in the image above. While layering the floral design, much less matching them, is seemingly out of style, having one or two pieces with these patterns is chic and on-trend.

Rugs can transform a room and be an essential element of a design. "Selecting a rug that has a lived-in or vintage feel adds character," founder of Raymond Nicolas, Raymond Jimenez, told Martha Stewart. "I personally like when vintage-style rugs are placed in ultra-modern homes because they make the space more casual and palatable." Try to find area rugs in muted or faded tones since this dullness in color is what will enhance the vintage feeling.

Look for wood features and wicker tables

Wood is typically for crafting furniture. The material is everywhere from the sitting room, bedroom, breakfast area, and dressing room in Rose's quarters. Incorporate wood furnishings into your home on the ends of sofas, between two accent chairs, or at the entry. When shopping for real wood furniture, no piece is quite the same. Is a vintage piece of furniture worth buying? "Check to see if the piece is made of solid hardwood and not veneer," designer Liz Caan told PureWow. "Ask yourself how much you want to invest in refinishing and new hardware." These are essential elements to consider when shopping for vintage furniture. The material matters, as the better quality of wood, the more acceptable the price tag.

You can combine several wood types like pine, oak, and mahogany in one room or add additional furniture with texture, like wicker tables and chairs. This neutral tone complements wood furniture and will look great indoors or outdoors. The natural material will add softness, break up negative space, and give a contemporary feel to a traditional room.

Add drama with heavy drapery

A key feature in Rose's room aboard the ship was the window dressings. Floral drapes with matching valances were favored, as seen in the image above. Get the look by decorating with heavy drapes. They are charming decorations, especially when layered in bedrooms and living rooms. You could always stick to a solid color as it will last longer and transition with any future decorative preferences, per Crate & Barrel. Choose a color that complements your interior hues and focus on the fabric style. Cotton, linen, or velvet are possibilities for window coverings that will help reproduce the swanky vibe.

You can control light, warmth, and privacy in any room by decorating with a pair of window drapes over any window in the house. The heavier, the better. Velvet drapes will create an ambiance of smooth luxury in your interior, just like Rose's quarters in "Titanic." These curtains from West Elm are ideal for recreating the look. The density, soft-to-the-touch feel, and appearance will help transform your space from dull to luxurious. The style of drapery you choose will affect the overall mood and enhance the environment, so choose one that will impress every class on board.

Place fresh flowers in vases

There is nothing faux about the blooms in Rose's room. You instantly notice the height of the flower arrangement on the table in the scene above. Look a bit closer, and you'll see there are not just one but two stunning flower arrangements in the space. Long stem or short stem flowers are up to you, but fresh flowers in vases on table tops will introduce a pop of organic color into a room. Get the look of Rose's quarters and decorate the home with flowers. The peace lily is one of the best indoor flowers, per Jay Scotts Collection. These beautiful flowers grow well in indoor shade and thrive on moderate watering.

From the ceiling to the walls, natural and artificial lighting, mirrors, accessories, and furniture, find the pieces to complete a room representative of a first-class suite aboard an ocean vessel. Draw inspiration from upcycling furniture, adding molding to the walls, and decorating with fresh flower arrangements. Decorate your space like Rose's quarters in the "Titanic" with modern-day fixtures and furnishings inspired by the past.