The Least Expensive Coffee Tables At Target

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Target is one of the most well-known and loved stores, selling a variety of products, including but not limited to clothes, furniture, groceries, home goods, entertainment, electronics, and personal care products. According to YouGov, Target is the number one most popular department store and the 136 most popular brand overall, just below Purell.

A large part of Target's popularity has to do with how inexpensive the products are, especially items like furniture and home décor. Compared to trendier furniture stores, you'll usually find that Target offers comparable items at a much lower cost. While that isn't the case with every furniture item sold at the superstore, it is for things like coffee tables. Coffee tables aren't as necessary as some furniture staples like couches or beds. Still, they are highly practical and help tie a room together, offering a place to rest your feet, set drinks down, store items, display décor, and more, via Furniture & Mattresses. Coffee tables tend to be a little pricey, but Target has you covered with a handful of inexpensive options.

The vidaXL Coffee Table

The first inexpensive coffee table sold at Target is the vidaXL Coffee Table, which costs between $39 and $56. The price difference depends on the size of the coffee table — the cheaper option is smaller, measuring 17.7 inches tall, 13.7 inches wide, and 19.6 inches in length. The larger option is the same height but has a more oversized square shape, measuring 23.6 inches in both length and width.

This coffee table is made of solid acacia wood, finished with oil for a richer, smoother appearance. Since it is made of solid wood, the product description warns that each table will vary slightly in appearance. It also cautions against storing the table outdoors or in otherwise extreme conditions, as the wood can be negatively impacted. The table has a top level for displaying coffee table books, candles, etc., and a bottom shelf for storing more discreet items, like blankets, books, and more.

Jade Hollowcore Coffee Table

The next affordable coffee table offered at Target is Room & Joy's Jade Hollowcore, which costs between $38 and $42. This time, the price difference comes down to the color options. The cheaper of the two is the espresso finish, which is a very dark, warm brown. The other option is the black finish, which has a bit more visible grain.

The product description notes that the coffee tables are made up of particle board, a low-cost, lightweight fiberboard, via Simplicity Sofas. While this isn't the most durable material, it makes for an affordable and still attractive coffee table. The description also notes the laminate is made of MDF, or medium density fiberboard, which gives it a scratch and stain-resistant finish. The table is only 10 pounds and doesn't require tools to assemble. It is 17.5 inches tall, 39 inches wide, and 19 inches deep with a simple, square four-leg design. This is a basic coffee table for a variety of design styles with lots of room for decoration.

Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Up next for inexpensive coffee tables at Target is Room Essentials' Wood and Metal, which is offered in three different colors, each costing $40. The metal part is made of black-colored steel, which is used on the legs, and the wood part is made of particle board, paper veneer, and medium-density fiberboard.

The table has a sleek design while still being quite versatile for a variety of décor preferences. The three colors it comes in are black, espresso, and natural. Black matches the steel frame, offering a more modern, monotone option. Espresso is a very dark, coffee brown, and natural is more of a traditional, blond wood tone; the finish is designed to mimic wood grain, and there is a top and bottom shelf. The table measures 18 inches high, 31.5 inches wide, and 20 inches deep and weighs just under 21 pounds. The table does require assembly, but the tools are included with the purchase.

Room Essentials coffee table

The last and most inexpensive coffee table sold at Target is designed by Room Essentials and costs $35. This coffee table is also offered in three colors: black, espresso, and white. The black and white options are a little more sleek and shiny, but the espresso shade is a darker brown with a wood grain design. This table is made of medium-density fiberboard with a laminated paper veneer tabletop and only weighs 11 pounds. It is a classic four-legged design.

This coffee table measures 17.7 inches tall, 39 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. The assembly process does require tools that are not included in the purchase. This basic, versatile coffee table is perfect for dorm rooms or first apartments — both inexpensive and highly versatile. The acquisition consists of an automatic one-year warranty, too. Target also sells a matching Room Essentials side table for $25, offered in the same colors as the coffee table.