4 Colors To Paint Your Bathroom To Help Mute Your Pink Tiles

If you live in a home that was built around the 1950s, you probably have a pretty unique bathroom design. Pink tiled bathrooms were popular during the '50s and are still found in many older homes today. With the growing love of modern neutrals, many homeowners desire to replace these bright pink tiles. However, Save The Pink Bathrooms wants to change this. They estimate that 5 million bathrooms around the '50s were designed with pink tiles, inspired by First Lady Eisenhower's love for the feminine color.

If you're thinking about renovating your pink bathroom, you may want to think again. Pink tiles are vibrant, joyful, and a fun reminder of America's history. However, even if you decide to keep the colorful tiles, that doesn't mean you can't make other cosmetic changes to your bathroom. Perhaps you're looking for a color to pair with pink to mute the tiles' vibrancy. If that's the case, below are four shades you could choose.

1. Gray

Neutral gray can help tone down a loud pink because it's much more subdued. Impressive Interior Design says that gray will work well with a lighter shade of pink. To add gray to a pink tiled bathroom, try painting the walls, adding décor elements, or mixing tile colors (for example, a gray floor with a pink vanity).

However, you may be wondering why gray and pink can work together. After all, pink is a warm color while gray is cool-toned. Also, gray gives a more soothing vibe, while pink is more vibrant and bold. Stone Gable says that warm and cool-toned colors can be paired in interior design. To make them look more cohesive, you could pay attention to the undertones in each shade. For instance, if your pink shade leans more cool-toned, then a cool gray will work well. Or, you could have two shades with varying undertones to create an interesting tension.

2. Teal

Teal is a captivatingly bold color. It may be surprising, then, that teal can actually be used to tone down pink tiles. However, just like gray, teal is a cool-toned color that symbolizes serenity and calmness while also bringing vibrant energy. When teal is mixed with a warm-toned pink shade, the result is extremely interesting. To add teal to a pink bathroom, paint the walls, line the floors, or mix the vanity and shower tiles.

According to ZXI Interior Decoration, when teal is paired with a coral shade, the result is dramatic. This is because these two colors are opposite from one another on the color wheel, making them complementary colors. According to Simply Designing, to create a calm vibe in a space, you should use both a color and the color's complement. This is because when our senses are overwhelmed with one color, they desire to find the opposite color in a space. Therefore, if your bathroom feels overwhelmingly pink, try adding teal. Impressive Interior Design suggests combining teal with a soft pink because the blue-green color will look extra bold. When using this color combination, you could also add navy blue elements.

3. Green

Green can look extremely beautiful when paired with pink. Similar to teal, green is the opposite of pink/red, making these shades complementary colors. In a pink-tiled bathroom, green can create the serenity you desire. Also, green is a calming color that reminds the viewer of nature. Melanie Jade Design admits that she's never been a huge fan of the color pink — but when paired with green, she loves it. Painting the walls green in a pink tiled bathroom will create a harmonious appearance. Adding dark green tile to the floors in a pink bathroom can make the space look cohesive. Incorporating small gold elements can make the space feel extra luxurious.

Town & Country Living points out that, while combining green and pink could make a space look like a child's bedroom, it can also look sophisticated. An emerald green paired with a light pink will look gorgeous. Or, a mint green paired with pink could look more subtle but still stunning. Another fun way to combine these colors is with a floral wallpaper. This could be used to make a statement in the bathroom.

4. Pink

Combining pink tiles with even more pink can actually help them appear more muted. This will create a monochromatic bathroom. The Tile Club says that pink is delicate and soft, but layering different shades of this playful color can create a more dynamic look. A very light blush tone could even look like a neutral shade in a space. Pairing with white can also make pink appear more clean. To make your space feel more luxurious, add small elements of gold or metallic tones. If you're looking to create an even bolder look in a pink bathroom, use black hardware.

HGTV says that the vibes in your space all depend on the shade you choose. While a lighter hue will provide a more subtle and cheerful look, a darker tone will create a dramatic appearance. Pairing lots of different shades will provide energy and happy vibes in the bathroom. They also say that pink may look best in smaller homes or rooms, making it a great color to use in the bathroom.