The Best Bedding Color If You Have A Yellow Bedroom

Yellow, the color of sunshine and smiley faces. According to Verywell Mind, yellow is warm and associated with optimism. This cheerful shade is also a great color to use in the bedroom because it can brighten your mornings and promote feelings of happiness. However, yellow is also very vibrant and bold. It really pops when used to style a space. Yellow is also known to increase energy levels, therefore, if your bedroom is yellow, you'll want to pair the color with a more soothing, calm tone. This is why choosing a muted color is best. 

According to Color Meanings, muted tones have less saturation and carry less energy. Because of this, they can have a calming effect when used in interior design. While yellow can look stunning in the bedroom, your vibrant walls may make it difficult to fall asleep if it's not toned down. With this in mind, this is the best bedding color for a yellow bedroom.

The best bedding color

The best color to pair with yellow in the bedroom is rustic orange. Livingetc says that rustic orange is an earthy and muted color that will help tone down the vibrancy of your yellow walls. However, another similar color you could pair with yellow is light brown with a red tinge. This earthy tone will bring out the warmth of the yellow walls as well.

As Color Meanings points out, the color orange is typically vibrant and energetic. You can use it to emphasize spontaneity and youthfulness, and this is why choosing a muted orange tone is best. If your bedding is bright orange in your yellow room, these colors will work together to create extra energy in your space. However, both these shades may also overstimulate your eyes and cause headaches or feelings of anxiety and stress. For a relaxing bedroom, the best color combination would be mustard yellow walls with muted orange bedding.

Other options to pair with yellow

However, yellow can also be paired with a number of other colors in the bedroom. For example, Emily Henderson recommends choosing cream or beige for a more minimalist appearance. Still, ensure you stay away from cool-toned whites because bright white bedding may clash with the warm yellow walls. Other options to add more of an interesting dynamic in your bedroom include delicate pale pink, serene green, bold teal, and sophisticated navy blue or gray.

You could also choose to add yellow bedding to your yellow bedroom. If only yellow in different shades was used in your bedroom, this would create a monochromatic space. Nicole Arnold Interiors says that monochromatic rooms can feel soothing and peaceful. Some believe that areas with only one color can look bland — but with the use of many different shades and textures, you can still create lots of fun interest. Also, because yellow is energetic and bright, you don't have to worry about your space feeling boring.