The 3 Best Colors To Pair With Your Yellow Home Décor

Yellow is one of those colors that exude happiness, joy, and warmth. After all, it's the color of the sun, beautiful big sunflowers, and bright and crisp lemons. We love using color for home décor for this reason. In psychology, yellow is also one of the hues to elicit energy and excitement, according to Verywell Mind.

While this tint seems to evoke all sorts of positive emotions, there is a way to accidentally use it to evoke feelings of frustration and intensity, not in a good way. This is where color combinations come into play when looking at home décor. Certain combinations of yellow can elicit a completely different emotion or turn down the intensity. And while yellow is widely used for kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces like a front door, it's easy to get carried away. We've got the three best colors to pair with your yellow home décor that are not only beautiful but evoke a positive emotion.


Go with yellow and green for a nature-inspired, beautifully rich color combination. The mix is grown-up and sophisticated, with real thought being put into the feel of the space. According to Hadley Court, this color combination is all about vitality, as it combines the sun and the earth together.

We love a dark forest green with a sun-washed or mustard yellow for a stark contrast in home décor. An accent wall in dark green with yellow pops of color in the form of lampshades, candles, and even framed art can be outstandingly beautiful. Texture also plays a big role in bringing a space together. Fabrics like plush velvet and natural greenery are stunning in a room. If you want something a bit more vibrant but not too intense, try a mint green with a pale or golden yellow. The color combination is contemporary and perfect for a bathroom or sitting area.


A perfect example that brings out the best in both shades, yellow and gray mixed together are beautifully balanced in a bedroom or living room. According to Livingetc, the color gray has cool undertones, which, when used alone, can make the room feel cold and anything but homey, which is why adding a sunny yellow does wonders in warming it up.

Pair a charcoal gray with bold and bright yellow for a very cool and contemporary contrast. The combination is great for a small space to make a bold statement, like an office or small living room. It can also be a beautiful way to brighten up an area that doesn't have a lot of windows or natural light. If you can't paint the walls, using throw pillows and other décor pieces can do nicely. On the other side of the spectrum, a soft light gray combined with a pale yellow gives that farmhouse look that works in a kitchen or patio.


One of the prettiest combinations, yellow and pink, are great feel-good colors to pair together. While it can easily lend itself to an Easter-egg resemblance, mixing the two in contrasting bolds can make a room look modern, upscale, fun, and creative. Home Designing notes that pink is one of the trendiest colors for home décor, and while it's traditionally thought of for a girls' room, it's now seen in master bedrooms and kitchens.

Try combining a cotton candy pink with a pop of electric yellow for an office or kids' play area. The combination is energizing and vibrant, which is great for the focus needed for a workday. Yellow is a popular color for kitchens for its fresh and sunny hue, and adding a touch of pink is beautiful and opens up the space. A pink little girl's room is always beautiful, but adding touches of bold yellow to a pale pink wall adds a nice contemporary touch that can last through the years.

We hope you are inspired by these yellow color combinations and try some of your own!