The Bold Wallpaper Decor Trend That Designers Are Loving

Wallpaper has come a long way; first starting off as the floral wallpaper you'd see at your grandma's house to becoming a sophisticated trend seen in high-end restaurants and more. As its popularity picks up speed due to the many patterns to choose from, new trends have been popping up everywhere. For example, textured wallpapers are being used by designers to create bolder designs, such as putting up wallpaper made of leather material, per Roman.

Now, interior designers have moved on to the next big thing — applying wallpaper on the ceiling, per The Wall Street Journal. This idea came into fruition as design consultant Apollina Baker debated where to apply wallpaper in her children's craft room — eventually settling for the ceiling as there's no way (unless great efforts are made) the kids would be able to get paint splatters up there. Now, this has been a great idea that can be used in any room to elevate its design.

Quickly elevate your home

Applying wallpaper on the ceiling can be a quick way to elevate any room, but of course, this tactic will work better in certain scenarios. Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors says that if the walls of a room are already full with windows or doorways, then this could be the perfect space to apply wallpaper on the ceiling and introduce some color and pattern. The colors you introduce on the ceiling can be either complementary to or contrasting the other colors in your space, and the pattern is determined based on how busy the design of the room is. If the walls of your room have patterns and colors, maybe something neutral on the ceiling will work best to create balance. 

It's also advised to use wallpaper with larger patterns, as small-scale patterns don't look as beautiful from a distance. Geometric patterns are also great, as they don't point towards a certain direction and will look great from whatever angle you are looking at.

Benefits of wallpaper on the ceiling

There are plenty of great benefits to applying wallpaper to your ceiling, according to Lick. First, it can actually help make your room appear taller. In order to do this, you'll need to find a patterned wallpaper with a light color. Cool-toned shades, such as white or gray, will make your ceiling feel taller, especially if your ceiling color is lighter than the color of your walls. If you don't want to use just white or gray, you can also use light colors with soft tints of blue or pink.

Wallpaper can also have the opposite effect for those who want a room to feel cozy. If you apply a darker colored wallpaper, it will bring down the ceiling and create a warm feeling of intimacy. Dark, warm shades of blue and green can both be great options, or even shades of pink can work if designed correctly with the rest of the room.